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    lacktheknack Assassinates Terrible Songs Episode 4: Pitbull, Money Boy, Günther, Someone Else

    Hurrah, it's back! I am at once overjoyed and feeling terribly guilty for inflicting this on another human being. But considering that you've now introduced me to that Pitbull song, I'd say where even.

    The Walking Dead Season 2: No Going Back Review

    SPOILERS. SPOILERS. See the posts above you in the thread? See how they all written by people who have a basic level of courtesy? Emulate them.

    Sexy character designs done right

    Because frostbite? Sexy is awesome. But when sexiness is done in a way that breaks one's suspension of disbelief with a sickening crack, the bad outweighs the good. If you want to include a tribe of arctic nudists in your fiction, you better have a good explanation for it or it's going to be...

    Games you like but are ashamed to admit you like?

    Good point. Once you've crossed the pornography threshold, you really have no reason to censor yourself any further. That can lead to some seriously awesome stories. I find it a little odd that video games with any explicit sex are automatically pornography, even if they contain less than one...

    Game of Thrones: Adaptation Decay

    Nope: Also, Fixed.

    Games you like but are ashamed to admit you like?

    I wonder what it says about my taste in games that I completely believe you on that? OT: While I'm not exactly "ashamed" of any games I play, there are some that I would never bring up outside the internet. In real life, I at least have the excuse that I want to be a game designer, so people...

    Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: PewDieBait

    How can you be be both a preteen and a manchild? O__o I'm guessing it would require some Butterfly Effect-style time travel.

    So About Game of Thrones Last Night...

    Because, as messed up as that subplot was, it made sense within the context of the story. Even the whole horrible, gratuitous and completely unnecessary Ramsey Snow torture-porn thing at least made sense. With this, they're throwing out an entire season of character development for a fairly...

    So About Game of Thrones Last Night...

    It wasn't something that would happen, but it did. Context won't help, I'm afraid. On an unrelated note, "It's almost romantic in an incesty, fucking your twin next to your dead kid kind of way" is the best sentence I've read this month. Congratulations, Colour Scientist!
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    So About Game of Thrones Last Night...

    Rape. Absolutely, incontestably rape. Cersei is clearly horrified and keeps on saying "no" over and over again throughout the entire scene.
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    Game of Thrones Season 4 Ep 3 Review "Breaker of Chains" - Rape & Betrayal

    Then explain to me what about the television story "demanded" that this scene be portrayed in this way. 'Cause all I saw was everything we knew about Jaime's character at that point in the show being thrown out in the name of cheap shock value. I don't care how it compares to the books, I've...
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    So About Game of Thrones Last Night...

    With one episode, they managed to kill all of my enthusiasm for what had been my favourite show of all time. I'm done with this fucking series. Oh well. Off to the books I guess.
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    Dragon Age: Inquisition Box Art Revealed

    Very nice! It's a bit busy, especially compared to Dragon Age: Origins' cover, but it's absolutely a step above the standard fare. Covers seem to be decreasing in importance as we move into a more download-focused market, so it's very nice to see that some companies are still putting in the...
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    Would you have played the Demon/Dark Souls games if there was no online?

    Having played Dark Souls on Xbox without a subscription to Gold, I would and I have. It's still a fantastic game, even if it makes the Covenants a bit vestigial-seeming. Also, welcome to the Escapist, enjoy your stay. If you keep out of the basement and never utter a certain name that can be...