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    Poll: What Do you Know About Autism

    I probably know more dinosaur names than facts about autism, at least. Autism is some sort of mental condition people are born with. I think it leads to issues with picking up on social cues and a big focus on a few topics that interest them, and it varies from a very minor thing to an...
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    Zero Punctuation: Persona 5

    Also, high school is a pretty good audience to shoot for if you want to sell something to people with disposable income and a ton of free time instead of disposable income and a crushing job. The Young Adult market is lucrative everywhere, and I don't think it's a coincidence that a ton of...
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    Gamers: What impresses/interests you most about a game?

    What impresses me is polish and personality. There's such a massive difference between something like Just Cause 2 and say, Punch-Out!! Wii. They're both great games, but one is a basically personality-less explosionfest with a fun mechanic for moving around, and the other is a real neat...
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    What do you like/dislike in a protagonist?

    I like it when they're proactive and do stuff in the world rather than be all introspective.
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    What are you hoping to find in The Ringed City: the final Dark Souls DLC?

    I want to fight the serpents. Back in Dark Souls, it seemed like Kaathe and Frampt were manipulating events from behind the scenes. But you never got to fight them, or even kill them like NPCs. In Dark Souls 3, they seem to have founded one of the factions. I would be happy if the final...
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    So what's anime like these days?

    Nice, glad it worked out.
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    Visual Novels with LEGIT interesting/make me to care Protagonist

    Tsukihime's Shiki Tohno is pretty good. He suffers from amnesia, which is always a bit of a chore, but I like how you learn more about him for every route. He's got a good amount of depth, and he matters as a character to the others. He's not just some random personalityless dude's viewpoint...
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    When was the last time you couldn't finish a game cause it was too difficult?

    Dark Souls 2's Fume Knight was a nightmare on NG+1 and I still couldn't beat him when I tried again last year.
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    So what's anime like these days?

    I haven't watched No Game, No Life, so I can't speak for that, but I adore modern fanservice-heavy comedy anime like Keijo!!!!!!!!, Konosuba and Prison School. It's a good time to like that stuff, because there're lots of shows that do it well. So I can see why he's into them. But... They aren't...
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    I don't get the joke if it's anything beyond the mix of bishonens in shojo stuff-moves and the wrestling move, but I laughed, so I feel like I got it enough.
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    Unsung Story Raises Ruckus With PvP That Kickstarter Backers Don't Want

    FFTA isn't a remake. I'm a backer, but this kind of stuff isn't really that frustrating. Development is going to take years at the best of times, and with kickstarter, it's always you gambling on what you want to see made. If anything, I'm just annoyed at their lack of updates. On the other...
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    The Big Picture: Legend of Many

    What's the point? I love Zelda, but it's about the dungeons, the music, the gameplay, the visual design. There's no point in reskinning a fantasy show with those characters, especially if it's on a low budget and has to rely on dialogue to carry it instead of wonder, action and exploration. I...
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    Attack on Titan Crossing Over with Marvel Universe in Japan

    Cool! The military in Attack on Titan are already Spider-Man with jetpacks and large knives(which is super cool), it's why everyone were pestering the Spider-Man 2 guy about it during the kickstarter for Energy Hook. I'm not really into the constant spinoffs and crossovers superhero comic...
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    Robert Downey Jr. To Be In Cap 3, MCU To Get CRAZY

    Did people like Civil War? I haven't read anything from that part of marvel history, so I looked it up on Wikipedia and I don't think this looks any good at all. And the World War Hulk thing, what's that all about? I don't believe any of the characters would act they way they do, certainly not...
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    Would Marvel Actually Split Avengers 3 Into Two Films?

    Well, I sure hope this won't be the case? There are already a ton of characters. I would expect say, Avengers 2 to cut out a few of them, like Hawkeye. Not introduce a ton more for the final crossover fight against Thanos.