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    Hey guys, I'm a furry

    So you reported me to... prove a point? I don't get it.
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    Hey guys, I'm a furry

    Wat. Those strikes have been on my account for literal years. How long does it take them to be removed. If you're being ironic, then you're going awfully far with it - not that I think you're serious after going full capslock.
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    In Regards to Wild West

    Coast to Coast AM is great. I used to tune into that when I was at university. One guest claimed to be part of a research group that was working on time travel and power from frame-dragging. When asked if they had successfully traveled to the past and future, his answer was, "Short answer: Yes."...
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    In Regards to Wild West

    Well /leftypol/ is a given for you, and /x/ seems like kind of a wild card. >/mu/ Suddenly it all makes sense to me now. Yes, I think I understand you now.
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    In Regards to Wild West

    Let's all just go to /b/, /v/, /a/, /mlp/, /pol/, and /int/. Fuck /tv/ though.
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    Gangsta rap is by far the most influential and important music genre of the past 25 years

    Agreed, but something being influential doesn't imply it's positive.
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    Zero Punctuation: Ghost of Tale

    Wow, a Maus reference at the end. Then again, Yahtzee is the sort of git who would have read old indie comics, so I shouldn't be too surprised.
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    Overrated Classic Movies

    "Singing in the Rain" People only care about that one dancing number, and the movie was even built around it. The rest of the film is a typical cringe fest of a musical.
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    what are your top 10 games of all time? Name one game per franchise

    1. Superman 64 2. Yooka-Laylee 3. Metroid: The Other M 4. Candy Crush 5. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 6. Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) 7. I Wanna be the Boshy 8. Master of Orion III 9. Destiny 2 10. Drake of the 99 Dragons
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    Zero Punctuation: Kingdom Come Deliverance

    I never said anything about realism. He says the combat is *FUCKING TERRIBLE* yet I've seen and talked to enough people who say it's not that hard. Yahtzee's the first person I've heard who has had a problem with its technical aspects. Of course this isn't the first time Yahtzee has mistaken his...
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    Zero Punctuation: Kingdom Come Deliverance

    Of all the things to criticize in KCD. He could have gone on about the game still needs a lot of patching, the NPC's who have American accents, the lack of variety in NPC faces, the exploitable gameplay mechanics, the dodgy horse controls, and the lack of grand pitched battles. I was waiting for...
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    Can someone explain the 'good' Bloodborne ending to me?

    Item descriptions, lad. You must read them all. But here's the gist of it: Mankind has wanted a way to transcend humanity. Different people have different opinions on how to reach this point however. The College of Byrgenwerth seeks transcendence through insight. They think that if they...
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    Zero Punctuation: Okami HD

    Let's see, Postal 2 obviously comes to mind. Then there's that South Park game that was on the N64 and PS1 where you could piss on snowballs and throw them which is sort of like widdling on people. Could you piss on enemies in Conker's Bad Fur Day? That seems like the type of game where you...
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    At what point do you stop taking other people's arguments seriously?

    When the person fails to respond to your points after calling them out on it. When someone can no longer respond to you in a civil manner and argue against the points you have made, then they've lost.
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    Man killed by police after angry CoD gamer SWATs player for lost $1.50 wager match

    I'm amazed that this doesn't happened all the time. The next thing that we'll see is someone get killed live on Twitch. It's not a question of 'if' at this point.