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    BTJunkie "Voluntarily" Shuts Down

    Does BTJunkie remove a copyright-infringing torrent from their listings if its legal owner files a complaint? Because if they don't, well, there's a big difference right there. There's also the fact that corporations use YouTube as a legitimate method of advertising and many companies even...
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    15-year old Stabs Bully 11 Times at Bus Stop, Gets Away With It

    Having just finished reading Ender's Game, I can't help but draw some parallels here. In the book, Ender winds up killing two people in self defense. Children like himself. He doesn't mean to kill them, only to defend himself and make sure they never bother him again. He doesn't even know...
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    Man Sues Sony for Changing T.O.S. to Prevent Lawsuits

    The mind-blowing irony of this whole thing is that frivolous, pointless class-action lawsuits like this one here is the very reason Sony created the clause in the first place. If people don't like Sony's policies, stop using their products. Has the world really gotten to the point where...
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    Square Enix Wants a New Final Fantasy Every Year

    People really need to brush up on their Final Fantasy history, because this wouldn't exactly be unprecedented for them. Final Fantasy VII - 1997 Final Fantasy Tactics - 1998 Final Fantasy VIII - 1999 Final Fantasy IX - 2000 Final Fantasy X - 2001 Final Fantasy XI - 2003 (2002 in Japan)...
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    Rogers Ordered to Stop Throttling Games

    In BC we have Shaw as a third option, which I use. Never had any problems with them. I've used both Rogers and Telus in the past and had major issues with both of them, including frequent outages and terrible customer support.
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    NASA Says Don't Worry About Falling Satellite

    Wait wait, I've seen this movie. A small rural town gets wiped out by a supervirus and Michael Douglas almost sets off a nuke.
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    NASA: "Apollo 18 Is Not a Documentary"

    If anything, it's gotten better. When The War of the Worlds radio play was first broadcast in 1938, nearly two million people believed it was the real deal. Compared to that, a handful of conspiracy nuts who think there are moon zombies out there is hardly a big deal.
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    Mystery And Controversy Surround Slavery The Game

    There actually a lot of evidence in the video alone that the game doesn't exist. 1) The game supposedly has an AO rating from the ESRB. The ESRB does not have a listing for Slavery the Game or any title with the word Slavery in it whatsoever. 2) At the end of the trailer, it shows PS3 and...
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    Domino's Plans Lunar Pizza Joint

    They don't have to actually build the place, they just have to SAY they built it. Really, who's going to go up there and check?
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    Razer Unsheathes the Blade

    Actually, I think it's price tags like this one's $2800 figure. I think I'll blow $300 on a 3G Vita to get my portable gaming fix, thanks. The biggest stigma that hurts PC gaming is the price associated with it, and this thing just makes it look even worse than it actually is. If anything...