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    Jimquisition: Jimquisition Awards, Part Five

    Nice! Now I'm curious: will we once again get a '10 Shittest Games' episode? Or are you simply going to observe quality this year?
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    Battlefront III Died Just Inches From the Finish Line

    CUNTS. That damn close to having Battlefront 3. That damn close. I wonder what the 'financial reasons' were.
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    I liked the Mass Effect 3 ending.

    It depends on which ending you're talking about. If you're talking about the original, I personally believe that the Mass Effect community had a point, which they made obscenely clear and screamed at every opportunity. If you're talking about the new Extended Cut, I agree. My only problem...
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    Ubisoft: Wii U is "Surprisingly Powerful"

    Even if we don't know how well the Wii U does with 3D games, we can at least rest in the knowledge that the 2D games will look and run great. Perhaps it might end up allowing 2D games to take up a sizeable chunk of the AAA game lineup. On the Wii U, at least. If they're quality, it'll likely...
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    New Elder Scrolls Online Screens Emerge

    I still want to know more about the gameplay. I could care less about the screenshots-gimme gameplay details. Is it gonna be traditional Elder Scrolls based, or am I going to be playing with a hotkey piano and grinding for days on end? If they go traditional Elder Scrolls based but also put in...
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    Borderlands 2 Will Be Insanely Well-Armed

    It doesn't really matter to me how many guns they have. The game as a whole needs to be way more substantial than the first Borderlands was, considering that the first barely had a plot, they mostly abandoned humor after the first zone, and it came down to shooting the same exact poor sods over...
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    *Spoilers* Mass effect 3 extended cut

    It's not completely certain where Shepard is by the end. It has to be kept in mind that the room Shepard was in collapsed and parts of it exploded. We could be seeing the underlying material or something. That's really the only part of the Extended Cut I dislike. They fleshed out so much-why...
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    Mass Effect Extended Cut Question

    I thought it was funny they even put that in. I knew some people wanted such an ending, but I didn't think they'd actually put it in. To get the new ending, either pick all Renegade responses with the Catalyst, or when you're supposed to choose between Control, Synthesis, and Destroy, shoot...
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    Mass Effect Extended Cut Question

    Edit: Clicked quote twice. Cause I'm a dumbass.
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    Mass Effect Extended Cut Question

    Edit: clicked quote twice. Cause I'm a dumbass.
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    Mass Effect Extended Cut Question

    Well, the Catalyst doesn't actually die. That's just one of the two new triggers for the new ending. Basically, in the new ending, the Catalyst and Reapers shit all over everything. You can't even see it coming, really. It's hilariously abrupt.
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    Mass Effect Extended Cut Question

    There's only one new ending. It actually made me laugh twice, because there's two ways to get to it, but either way it's hilarious. Not that it's badly done, just what it is is quite funny to me. You'll probably want to go through Destroy again. There's not much to the new ending. Most of...
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    Mass Effect Extended Cut Question

    Most of the changes occurred from Shepard getting up and going to the Citadel. As for what they did... They covered most of the plot holes the original had. The Catalyst, while still feeling sudden and completely out of the blue, is easier to accept this time around. Shepard doesn't...
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    *Spoilers* Mass effect 3 extended cut

    I could live with her being alive or dead as well. I just can't comprehend why they would leave that like it is. Sure, it's implied that she's alive, but why not confirm it if you're going to imply it heavily?
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    *Spoilers* Mass effect 3 extended cut

    That's probably the biggest thing that keeps me from liking the Extended Cut more. I can't comprehend why they would flesh all the other stuff out, but not this.