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    Interrupting People

    I have a bad habit of trying to finish people's sentences, because I've come to the conclusion they're making their way too before them. This would probably be slightly better if I was right more often. I tend to do it with people who don't have english as a first language too, where I try to...
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    Lightsabers and Colour

    Qui Gon is my favourite jedi, so I think I've always liked the green sabers over blue because of that. I would probably like it to be a curve hilt like dooku's, with a long, thin blade. Basically a light rapier.
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    Chaos Forces in Total War: Warhammer are a Pre-Order Bonus

    The best part is I love dwarves so much I would drop insane amounts of money on this high king edition, but I'm Australian so I get an automatic fuck you instead. I know the shipping costs and such would be alarming and that's probably why they're not doing it but still. Alas.
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    Watched my brother play a couple hours of it. As a star wars based shooter, it looks...well, alright I guess. I'd play a bit of it, maybe. As a battlefront game though I'm not sold on it at all.
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    Does Your First Anime Still Hold Up?

    Fullmetal alchemist is still fuck-awesome, so yes. Yes it does.
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    What Are You Playing "This Weekend." - Hopefully Never Ending Thread

    Rocket League, it's more or less all I've played since I bought it.
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    Poll: How do you personally feel about the term cisgender?

    Unfortunately these days my knee jerk reaction is to associate it with radical tumblr people and instantly get annoyed, but I can see how it could be a useful term to differentiate between transgender and...well, cisgender people. As long as it's not prefaced by "die" and followed by "scum" I...
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    Poll: There are only 2 genders....right?

    Maybe some time ago I would have answered differently but I frankly no longer care and just agree with people these days.
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    Poll: Have you ever bought a game you knew nothing about before seeing in the store?

    Yep. Monster hunter. All I knew about it was that you hunted was the best gaming decision I've made in years.
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    Blizzad reveals new characters for Overwatch

    I like both. I have a massive thing for gunslingers, so Mcgree looks awesome, and Zarya looks fairly neat, though after seeing an edit of her with blonde hair I wish she had had that.
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    Games you love that you turn into... chores?

    Monster hunter, I guess. It gets annoying if you need to upgrade your weapon, and the part you need only has say, a 3% drop chance. It's even worse if it's a monster you hate fighting.
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    How do YOU organize your steam library categories?

    Genre. Horror, music, puzzle, rts etc. Works pretty well for me.
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    your posting/typing speed....

    62. And I AM a native english speaker. So pretty meh, really. Oh well, fast typing wouldn't do me much good, I think long and hard about what I'm going to say before I say it.
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    *Good* Modern Single Player Shooters (PC Preferred).

    The new shadow warrior was pretty damn great, shooting and slashing your way through demons and shiz. Get that.
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    What do you go to thats makes consistently makes you happy?

    My room, kinda just nap for a while with the fan on. Or I play Dynasty Warriors. Because killing a billion peasants is pretty stress relieving.