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    The Big Picture: Wunderpants - Wonder Woman's New Clothes

    I think emphasizing sexuality is entirely dependent on the intent and execution; Think Bayonetta vs. the sorceress from Dragon's Crown. Bayonetta is a carefully crafted shot across the bow of the 'male gaze', since it's clear she dresses however the fuck she wants to because she likes it...
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    Let's Look at Art

    Okay, I'm the kind of sick degenerate that thinks rape jokes can be funny. But fucking hell, every other word out of his mouth is RAPE this and RAPE that. I used to think PDP was just annoying and banal; now I see he's actually pretty fucking scummy. Can we like, start a crowdfunding campaign...
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    Goat Simulator Launch Trailer Is a Dead Ringer For Something

    I don't, but it's not like I can't hate them for what they are and what they represent. (the lowest common denominator of the Let's Play genre, the ruination of Youtube's ad revenue model for legitimate content creators, etc.) You can't search for game content on Youtube without getting their...
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    Goat Simulator Launch Trailer Is a Dead Ringer For Something

    Cute...but just knowing that the joke of this game is going to be beaten to death and beyond by banal garbage-mongers like Pewdiepie and his ilk just makes me too cynical to laugh at this.
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    The Big Picture: A Disturbance In The Force

    I was neither happy nor angry to see Abrams announced as the director for Star Wars VII and I wondered what had Bob in such a row over it. Now I understand why. As a movie I really liked Star Trek, but as something part of the Star Trek mythos it fell pretty flat, with only the pitch-perfect...
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    The Big Picture: Is The Hobbit Too Long?

    I'd have to completely agree with what Bob said. It's long, but held my interest the whole time. Then again, I could eat this fantasy stuff up all the time, so I might not be the best metric for judging it.
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    Pandaria Player Livestreams Passion on TwitchTV

    Nice article writing. Too scared to actually write the phrase HAD SEX WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND?
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    15 year old girl kills herself after persistent bullying

    Apparently she was a BIeber fan, as the 'belieber' (ugh) contingent on twitter is so intent on pointing out. Maybe she offed herself after realizing just how terrible Justin Bieber is. Seriously poor taste joke aside, there's a lot of blame to go around for everyone. She shouldn't have been...
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    Jimquisition: Monster Boobs And Plastic Children

    Definitely one of his better episodes, but runs the risk of opening up a HUUUUUGE can of worms in terms of culture clash. Too often, criticisms of systemic problems in a culture are shouted down as prejudiced, bigoted, or downright racist. Gang/thug mentality in black neighborhoods, anyone? And...
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    The Big Picture: Depth of a Salesman

    I'm just sick and tired of getting GI hocked at me when I go to Gamestop, especially when I looked at it recently and its news was lacking at best. It's a vestigial mouthpiece of Gamestop.
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    The Big Picture: Depth of a Salesman

    In my house, we got Gamepro and Nintendo Power. My younger brother always dug into NP first. I always preferred Gamepro because I wanted news for more than just one platform, but NP was just as much a necessary fixture to me as a kid. Now both are gone. P.S. - Fuck GameInformer.
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    All Men Cheat

    Answering this question requires having or having had a girlfriend or SO at some point, or at least being able to get a date once in one's life. Having thus far failed miserably on both those counts, I wouldn't know. But this inane, pointless conversation seems to be the norm on this site.
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    Our Little Pony

    Man, I WISH I could get hated on like that. >8/
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    Diehard Webcomic Fans Invent Fake Anime

    After reading these comments, I am sure of one thing. I am staying faaaaaar away from anything related to this Homestuck thing or whatever Touhou is. Obsessive fandom is a scary thing, and I want no part of it. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go keep working on my Castlevania themed sonic...
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    Escape to the Movies: Prometheus

    I have my reservations about Wreck-It Ralph. Yeah sure all the things about nostalgic video games are sweet (I almost fell off my chair when I realized KANO and a ZOMBIE FROM HOUSE OF THE DEAD were in that Bad-Anon meeting) but everything beyond that seems too clean. it's pretty obvious that...