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    Cause of Global Warming's "Pause" Since 1998 Revealed

    I believe the 99.99% confidence refers to his statistical analysis, not necessarily his own opinion on the matter... So essentially, he has a really good "p" value.
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    Newly Discovered Planet Has Longest Yearly Revolution

    This is more of a "Look what we can do!" Kind of announcement rather than "Look what we found!" Cutting the required transits down to 2 means we can find new planets much faster than previously, since it would be a whole year less waiting.
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    UAE Announces Plans for a Mission to Mars in 7 Years

    I see a lot of people lamenting the US space program and how we are being surpassed... Really? We landed an atomic rover armed with lasers on the surface of Mars 2 years ago using a rocket powered sky crane. We're so far ahead in the probe department it's not even funny at this point. Not to...
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    Satoru Iwata Re-Elected as Nintendo President

    Why on Earth would they discontinue the Wii-U? I've used mine more since Mario Kart 8 than I had the previous 9 months combined. Sure, we'd play Mario when I had a large group, or Nintendoland for some drunken hide and go seek, but Mario Kart + beer = a good time.
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    World of Warcraft's Night Elf Gets a Face-lift For Warlords of Dreanor

    But my Blood Elves need some love too! Yeah, not as much as the poor vanilla characters, but help.
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    Speed Runner Beats Ocarina of Time in Less Than 19 Minutes

    To me, beating the game means he beat the story missions, i.e. beat the required dungeons. I'm not taking away from what he did, I certainly can't do it, but I feel the wording takes away from the people who beat it "legitimately." "Oh, you beat it in 3 hours? Well it says this guy did it in...
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    Speed Runner Beats Ocarina of Time in Less Than 19 Minutes

    I take issue with the claim that he "beat" the game. No. He did not beat it, he reached the end of the game, but by skipping most of it, I can't cell it beating. Especially since it abuses where kid Link spawns after saving to effectively warp. Yeah, this is it's own category, but the...
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    Gauntlet Gets a Major Facelift For Steam

    B. F. G. BWOOOOSH! And then everything died.
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    Metroid Prime Dev: Wii U is a Powerhouse, We're Making a New Game For it

    I meant that playing it in the future won't be a nostalgia trip. I play Mario 64 and I'm transported back to getting the N64 and plugging it in for the first time. I play Sunshine and I have fun, because the GC was a pretty solid little machine, but it isn't nearly the same. I also feel that...
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    Metroid Prime Dev: Wii U is a Powerhouse, We're Making a New Game For it

    Depends. I enjoy Mario 3D World, but it's more like a Mario Sunshine than 64 or Galaxies. A lot of fun, but not quite the same nostalgia trip. That said, it's only just over a year old, so I'm gonna give them more time before expecting a classic that will last throughout the ages. Hopefully the...
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    Quantum Mechanics May Be Proven by Distant Quasars

    All I got from the article was "For Science!!!" and I'm OK with that. It shows that I made the right choice in dropping engineering and pursuing Geography as a major.
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    Pachter: Nintendo Should "Consider Getting Out of the Wii U Business"

    I work retail, and I'm still selling Wii-Us after the holidays. No one wants an X-Box and people want PS4s, but I haven't had any in stock since Christmas. Meanwhile, I keep selling 5-6 Wii-Us a week, sometimes more, occasionally less.
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    NSA Building Quantum Supercomputer To Crack Encrypted Data

    Simple. Most of us just assumed this was already happening years ago, and I imagine your own country has their own version, just not a Snowden to go full traitor and release information.
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    NSA Building Quantum Supercomputer To Crack Encrypted Data

    I would guess the NSA/CIA/DARPA has all kinds of fun little gadgets and doodads that the private market is still working on. It's one of the benefits of existing in a country that likes to dump billions more than anyone else in to the Defense budget without a noticeable rise in performance. Iraq...
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    Blizzard Warns World of Warcraft Players About "Disker" Trojan Virus

    Because every MMO fan knows that Blizzard emails are always something to click on. Granted, when they are actually from Blizzard, your're fine, but the number of scams using some form Of Blizzard is astounding...