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    Poll: Can periods create a false sense of attraction?

    There've been times when I've internally thought 'damn, that is a handsome dude.' Course there would be no no way I'd go for it regardless of any confluence of events leading to it. I think it happens to everyone and no one really wants to acknowledge it. Just some evolutionary holdovers...
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    Poll: ST Federation or 40k Imperium - who would win in a war?

    Transporters tend to go spotty in little more than bad weather; with all the interference of plasma guns and radiation weapons, it's unlikely the teleport option would be available. Such tactics have never been utilized by the Federation anyway. They've come to the brink of losing to the...
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    How do I further my writing career?

    Before anyone can answer what you *should* do, you should tell us what you *want* to do. Do you strictly want to review games? Do you want to do something more creative? Do you want to have a 'career' at all? Some outlets will let you submit articles unsolicited (that's how I got started...
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    Poll: ST Federation or 40k Imperium - who would win in a war?

    The Imperium all the way. The Federation only engages an unknown vessel when it is absolutely necessary (even going so far as to let the enemy get a few shots in before returning fire). IoM would microwave the Enterprise with LasCannons before Picard got his bald ass out of the chair...
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    Poll: Teaching children to shoot guns

    If the child lives in a nation wherein they will have the right to own such a weapon (US), then it is only sensible that they are taught safe and responsible operation for that weapon. I'm a Scout myself and learned how to handle a rifle at 12 and I think that's about the right age to start.
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    Should one not write a story if it's offensive or plays upon sexist themes?

    I would almost agree if all criticism was created equal. There's a difference between criticism of technique and criticism of the message. The OP is concerned about criticism of message, and THAT's when you tell people to 'F' off. The author should be concerned about whether his message is...
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    Should one not write a story if it's offensive or plays upon sexist themes?

    Going to join the chorus here, but yes: write what you care about. The question isn't 'does the world need my voice too', it's 'am I saying anything worth hearing'. Shock people. Disturb people. And if someone has a problem with it, tell them to read something else. I'm an author...
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    Got Laid Off - How Long Till I Need ObamaCare?

    If you're not earning income, you should be exempt from fees for the months in question. You can claim a 3 month "hardship exemption" otherwise.
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    Is South Park getting

    I've been loving every second of the current season. It's fantastic.
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    Just watched Japanese Force Awakens Trailer: Have a theory

    I think Finn's parentage has been spoiled in Marvel's run of Shattered Empire (#4) which is advertised as the run up to TFA. Theory below.
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    Poll: Alternate Viewing of Return of the Jedi | Luke already evil?

    I think that's a real stretch of a theory. It's fun, don't get me wrong, but it assumes more about intent and motivation than I think are safely evident. If anything, I think Luke's lack of training and subsequent attempts to revive the Jedi Order will have spawned Kylo Ren and his ilk...
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    If you could live in a fictional world, which would it be?

    I will certainly agree that the Federation is one of the most incompetent governments in fiction next to the Galactic Empire, but a lot of your problems seem to stem from one of two places: 1. Frontier living 2. Technological advances. The Federation gives a fair degree of autonomy to its...
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    If you could live in a fictional world, which would it be?

    Probably Pokemon. I get to explore the world with a half-dozen buddies to get me out of scrapes. I imagine I would have attempted to be a trainer when I was a child, but would have spoiled for more cooperative/less violent uses for Pokemon later in life.
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    What Would The Reaction To A Female Bond (007, that is) Be?

    I wouldn't be for a gender swapped Bond at all. 007 exists as his own microcosm of the quintessential male power fantasy. Bond is not a 'character' so much as he is an idea; a globe-trotting, morally ambiguous, enigmatic, sexual tyrannosaur --who just happens to be the only man for the job of...
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    Shamshamalan is making Avatar 2.

    I recall YMS' take on Shamamee: "Maybe he's trying to pull a Jean Claude Van Damme by making a bunch shit in a row, then making something that's *not* shit and have people go APE SHIT." But for reals: Shamyma doesn't know *how* to do a story like TLA. His strength is slow, creeping build-up...