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    #169: Coming Back Up

    Well, technically it lasted more than 3 months...
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    Passengers - Moral Choice Time!

    Stockholm Syndrome: The Movie, folks!
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    Zero Punctuation: Paper Mario Color Splash

    Just ignore that guy, he's unstable and obsessed with Yahtzee. He does this all the time.
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    Don't Breathe - Okay, Movie, Whatever You Want

    He's not blind, nor is he in Daredevil.
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    Mass Effect 3's Ending Won't Affect Andromeda

    No, but it you know what it will affect? Its sales.
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    Star Wars Battlefront 3 Fan Remake Reportedly Steam Bound

    Looks atrocious, and will be sued into oblivion without a shadow of a doubt.
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    #108: Duel

    I like that Gunny can already tell that the rebels don't pose a threat to SHARD. "Yeah, these guys are idiots, don't worry about them."
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    Dick Souls

    Soooo... The Internet?
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    Dick Souls

    Kind of off topic, but it only just occurred to me: where is Critical Miss set?
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    Are Games Losing My Interest, or Is it Just Me?

    Yes it is. It's still not saying the same thing as what Critical Miss is making fun of. CM is making fun of people who ask "am I the only one". Yahtzee is asking if he's the problem, or is it the games? If you think that comic applies here then you are wilfully misinterpreting either Yahtzee...
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    Are Games Losing My Interest, or Is it Just Me?

    But Yahtzee didn't ask "Am I the only one?" He asked if the games are the problem, or if he is.
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    Charlie Sheen, Whoopi Goldberg to Star in 9/11 Action-Drama

    I suspect a large amount of the hatred for Goldberg stems from the fact that she is a rape apologist who defended Roman Polanski.
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    Iranian State TV Aired Medal of Honor Gameplay, Thinking it Was Real

    In 2011 ITV aired a documentary which showed, so the claimed, members of the IRA shooting down a British helicopter with a mounted machine gun. Said footage was taken from ARMA II
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    The slowest game beginnings ever?

    Heavy Rain. "Ok, that's one son down. One to go and this thing should finally get going." Pity the game that followed was also terrible. God I hate David Cage...
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    Waiting for KOTOR 3? Check Out KOTOR 1 Remade in UE4

    Yeah, this is absolutely not legal and these poor fools will be receiving a cease-and-desist letter in the very near future. And what do you mean "Waiting for KOTOR 3"? Does anyone actually think KOTOR 3 is happening? It isn't.