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    Breaking: NASA Says Water Flows on Mars - Update

    and that is why it says key-ingredient in the artcile..... the article contiunously states there MIGHT be life nowhere it is stated that water = life
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    Bioware, Please Make A Plus-Sized Female Dragon Age Character!

    The only thing is that typically in games, heroes are running around everywehre, fighting, jumping, I mean their workouts are quite insane. Thus portraying them as oversized would make it a very strange thing. That said, there is a point here and Bioware should look at athletics for inspiration...
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    DING! The Escapist Turns 10!

    Congratulations, I wish all the best in the next 10 years. However, as a long time user, I cannot help but think of all the things I used to come to the escapist for which have all left. The Jimquisition, Loading Ready Run, MovieBob. These were the main reasons for me to come and I hate to...
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    Feed Dump: Random Acts of Toilet

    Beej was on a roll!!!! :-D
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    Feed Dump: Foxy Mating Habits

    brilliant episode! Great chemistry!
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    Feed Dump: The Return of Evil Alex

    The italian cuisine is actually really well established in Germany. That combined with cheap (and good) vegetables makes for amazing pizzas in Germany
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    Space Probe Will Soon Land on Comet - Update

    Holy hell they actually managed it! I'm completely in awe of the planning and dedication necessary for this project.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Professional Stabbists

    Kathleen really writes the best dark scripts. Great work guys I loved it!
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    LoadingReadyRun: Third Wheel Dating

    What a great episode!
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    Australia Finally Uncensors Left 4 Dead 2

    In other news: Australia finally legalizes women voting and admits the world might not be flat. Seriously, I lived a year in Australia and loved the country and the people, but some parts of it are just mind boggling.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Football: The Whole Story

    I love the thought of British amradillo's! Great joke!
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    World's Best Pizza Not in Italy, Nor America

    First of all Italy, did not invent the pizza, they named the dish which already existed hundred of years. The main influence on the pizza as we know it comes from Turkey. It is not a vegetable. No matter how stupid US congress is, it never was and never will be a vegetable. It is a dish which...
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    free will

    FUN! The real question is, does it matter? When you started the thread, I'm sure it felt like it was your decision, free will might be this feeling of control or more. Plus, as we scientifically progress we find more and more particles, universes and little bits. Each one smaller and bigger...
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    Why wasn't Kingdom of Amalur as praised as Skyrim or Dragon Age?

    Interesting post, and while my experience with the game is very different than yours I can definite;y see where you are coming from. Only the comparison to Dark souls seems strange to me, very different games in my opinion, very different focus. 1. The story in Koa was for my taste too much...
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    So people think I'm gay...

    This is of course a completely useless reaction and not helpful at all. Just because you have a problem to a greater degree doesn't mean it's not a big deal. More than that, it seems quite smart of him to take it up now rather than wait for years of added pain before he is 'allowed' to talk to...