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    Airline Wants You To Choose Seatmates Via Facebook

    Something is amiss. So who decides where to sit? Because if everyone chooses their seatmates there is bound to be conflicting choices. Or can only half the passengers pick their seatmates? I want to sit next to that attractive, bosomy, single, young lady from facebook. But I'm probably...
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    Buying a computer instead of building one

    Have you roughly calculated how it's going to be? How much time do you need to get the market info? How much money do you save when building it yourself? Then you could pay someone at the store to "screw" the parts together. Still cheaper than buying pre-built (in my country).
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    Recent thoughts on Steam

    Well, oddly you commented on the least interesting point. Steam just switches back to "Always automatically update" after some various amount of time (about 27.31 minutes). I got some reply from the support staff how avoid this "bug" but I haven't tried it yet. (No new updates, so I don't know...
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    Recent thoughts on Steam

    Now let's start with some positive things that come to my mind about steam: a) They have a polite and fairly competent support crew. b) They have a nice niche of independently developed games. c) If you want to spend money it's very easy to get into a shopping-spree. d) They have some nice...
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    The adventures of an Orc in Skyrim

    Do you took that answer spoken by my Orc of by myself? I actually like playing "different". So an Orcish Mage who wants to be chef is a nice touch in comparison to the stealing kajitt and barbaric nord or gay elf. *giggle* Well, to underline this let's just say they are not racially...
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    Here's a Picture of Catwoman Fondling Her Own Boobs (For a Good Cause)

    While I love Boobs and I like the thought, I really enjoyed this "unbooby showing" commercial even more:
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    Your favourite shout in Skyrim

    Interesting, again I'm a pervert against the norms here. I use "slow time" in most cases. As a dual casting mage I don't need that fancy fire or ice stuff. I always believed I cast more powerful versions of those. Especially against those pesky Draugr Deathlords. Slow Time, Incineration...
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    The adventures of an Orc in Skyrim

    It's rather easy: It depends on two things a) My mood. Hitting some rough times recently (you know, it's that time of the year) b) Reader base. People enjoying this is always a welcome change. The more people appreciate my work, the worse my mood can be to continue the story. Or if...
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    The adventures of an Orc in Skyrim

    So after a little break we have a new episode. I wonder how many people are really reading this? If you enjoyed it let me know, and if you like you can even take part in the interactive story development. It's in the appropriate Usergroup (free for all, zero commitment)
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    Please delete thread if you may.

    okay just forget about it.
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    Why Skyrim Should Have Been Delayed: An Argument in Pictures

    Please ask Bethesda (or even better: The Modding community) to make some Addon/DLC featuring this. I would pay for playing that... REALLY!!! Other than that: I have experienced occasionally gayish dragons like you, mostly after 4h of play - but with the 4GB Mod. and thus using more Ram it...
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    Poll: The greatest Captain

    Ah, so it's not a battle of captains but rather a battle of ages. You grow up with that captain so you chose him or her if you're truly unlucky. Other than that I pity all of those who can't appreciate the one true Captain Kirk who started the whole saga.
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    Poll: Optional Patch for Skyrim?

    Is this a thread about how the gaming experience is diluted because of some mental -well- issues? That seems a little - well - off track. What about suffering from paedophobia (fearing children). They are obnoxious and insulting and alomst follow the character in every major settlement...
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    Skyrim Fan Takes An Arrow in the Knee

    Well actually I'm more interested in her other tattoos (She has a lot of bare skin there, where are these tattoos she speaks so fondly of?) and mabye even her face, not her knee and some arrow on it. Other than that it doesn't look remotely close to the artwork of Skyrim, which is a pity really...
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    Poll: Does DRM ever actually affect your purchase?

    If Mass Effect 3 is "Origin Only" the series ended for me. Same goes with *sniff* (sorry just got emotional) Dragon Age 3. And if nobody else has the balls (or ovules) to do that well at least EA loses one customer. Most of the other wussies really deserve their Origin / Ubisoft DRM anyway...