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    Lets Talk The Big 3 (Anime shows)

    Watched the anime for a while. When It got to to point where the show was "Use 15 minutes to recap previous episodes, then give one minute of new footage" I gave up and switched to the manga. No more filler and, while it still goes on for-fucking-ever and least the plot moves forward with...
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    No Backward Compatibility? So What?

    Which would you rather have, a console with a few games, or a console with an entire library of games already available, most of them on discount?
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    Opinions You Just Don't Understand

    I never understand people people who post the abbreviated name of something without context and expect people to know what they're talking about. Also: S.F.C. I can't understand why anyone would willingly watch an S.F.C.
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    Jimquisition: A-LIE-ns: Colonial Marines

    As far as i know, this wasn't actually a playable demo, more of a "Let's show you guys ten minutes of *cough* actual *Cough* gameplay." From the look of the actual game, most of this demo might have been pre-rendered.
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    Zero Punctuation: DMC: Devil May Cry

    That's the only part I have to disagree with you with. I figured out mid way through my fists playthrough you can switch weapons at any point in combo and continue on. Since then I've been having fun finding out more efficient and nearly limitless ways to string together combos, some better than...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Junk in the Trunk

    Hilariously, the other tab I had open was "Body found in Car in Ottawa river".
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    Feed Dump: Surround Sound Coffin

    You sure? "Can I hook it directly to a super soaker?" was pure gold.
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    Cultural Thievery

    Not only that, but if you look at Qi Baishi's paintings, he seems to have an obsession with making things flat, This is about as much atmospheric perspective as you'll get from his paintings. Blurring things out like the third alien in your original pic is not something you'll ever find in a...
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    Feed Dump: Mustache of Choice

    An island that disappeared. How much self control did it take for you guys to not make a predictable "Lost" joke?
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    Escape to the Movies: Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Two

    "Genie, I want to watch a movie where a guy punches the ground so hard it causes a Volcano to erupt." "Done." -later, at the premiere of Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2- "I hate you genie."
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    I Wrote That Crap!

    "Ten Nights of the Weed" Ok, someone needs to make that movie ASAP.
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    It's Midnight...and there's someone outside your window

    Wonder how the fuck he's hovering 3 stories above the ground.
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    Soul Sacrifice Makes You Murder Your Co-op Buddies

    Knowing my friends, this game'll probably force me to punch some of them in the face. Pass.
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    The worst INDIE game you have played

    The last level in braid was pure art. I'd describe it as poetry in motion. Everything else in that game: meh... Now I have to agree that braid is the worst indie game I've played as well. While other indie games have kept me entertained from start to finish this one only entertained me at...
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    Best out of context quotes.

    "Do bears live in the Vatican?"