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    Death Threat

    I might have misunderstood the term.. but isen´t "Chola" a very derogatory term? To the Oxford dictionary Hooo : "Pronunciation: /&#712;t&#643;&#601;&#650;l&#601;&#650;/ Etymology: American Spanish, < Cholollán , now Cholula , a district of Mexico. Thesaurus » a. An Indian...
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    Death Threat

    "Some Chola girl"... Yes She's the racist ...
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    Being spoken to in your native language

    I´d love it if someone walked up to me and tried speaking Danish, but that never happens :P People think its like speaking with rocks in their mouthes.
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    Does this site ever give you a headache?

    MY headache stems from none of their videos playing. and Ive followed all the steps in the help guide.
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    Minecraft Menu Drops the N-Bomb

    Its a bit funny.. in a "coffee splurt oh no he did'nt" kinda way. But also lame.. still.. opening minecraft : "YOU ARE A N*GGER!" would have made me laugh, then again I'm white probably not so funny if you are on the reiceving end of that insult.
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    Iran Sentences Game Developer To Death

    Its been said many times.. but What The hell is a former Marine/US citizen doing developing videogames in Iran. Oh and Also.. -> Iran and the Us are having beef over the oil transport n what not.. This probably has something to do with it.. Now Iran has leverage: "keep your ships out and...
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    Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Rap

    That rap is so Skyrim that it's Skyrim all over.. Man I'd like to Skyrim that rappers Skyrim!
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    Why are people buying Skyrim?

    Normally I would wait for the cheaper GOTY edition, but this time I IZ IMPATIENT! GIMME DRAGONZ!
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    Anyone planning to 100% Skyrim?

    Im gonna Skyrim all over my Skyrim! You dont believe me? Lets Skyrim it out! I'll Skyrim the Skyrim outta you! Damn Skyrims, doubting my Skyrimming (heh) abilities.
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    Africa in gaming. An example from CoD MW3...

    I think you have a valid point and I applaud you for noticing it. I think that anyone who isen't a white anglo-saxon male should have a problem with how they are presented in most video games. (Im looking a you women, Eastern Europeans, Russians, Irish , Germans, Chinese, Japanse...... )
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    [IGN]Top Five Reasons Dark Souls Will Eat Skyrim's Face

    Damn.. you dont like IGN inhere do you? Alot of rage towards a game that´s never going to threathen the sales of Skyrim.. Just take a chill pill, smoke a joint and relax.
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    Take the 'For the Emperor!' Quiz!

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    Take the 'For the Emperor!' Quiz!

    SPAEZ MARIHNS! I love them! I am already in fanboy mode before this game even comes out.
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    Kinect Star Wars Delayed Until After Christmas

    Better it's delayed, It might even be fun! Beer + Star Wars Movies + this game = Fun night
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    I'm buying a boat, and she'll need a name. Suggestions?

    Queen Anne´s Revenge? The Enterprise? the Millenium Falcon Cheesy and cliché but it's your boat so go crazy!