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    [POLITICS] Robert Mueller Testifies before the House

    Weeeeeell...not exactly. Mueller made it clear that he was following the policy of the AG that you couldn't indict a sitting President, and that he could be investigated after leaving office. When the only reason you're not in deep shit is because you're in an office that prevents it, it...
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    How does everyone feel about the final fantasy 7 remake

    Meh? I mean, if there's a demo, and I can try out the combat for myself, maybe I'll get hyped, but...I have trouble caring when they're like "hey, yuo loved the let us screw with every element that made it a hit!" That's dumb. How is Cloud supposed to get his pizza out of...
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    [POLITICS] Overwatch's newest hero causes controversy

    I'm offended. I'm not a villain because I'm insane, I'm a villain because society laughed at my plans to make living dragons! I'll show them all! Mwahahaha...errrr..... I don't get how this helps the "asylum": look in the first place, though. Typically, mental health hospitals don't...
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    Modern Warfare will have White Phosphorus. Thoughts?

    Oof. Poor choice of words. I always find it curious that people will look at games that in the real world wouold qualify as attrocities or war crimes, but that one thing comes along that somehow is too far. For my part, I can't see myself caring. But I haven't played a CoD in years, so...
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    What are some things you "should" be ashamed of, but you're PROUD of it instead?

    Didn't know I was a supposed to feel shame over this one. ONechanbara has been a fun series, fanservice trappings aside. I rarely post anything to Facebook, and then it's mostly because it can hurt my employment to not have a Facebook presence. However, the main reason I have a Facebook...
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    [Politics] Trump and Concentration Camps

    They never start with gas chambers. "First They Came" doesn't even start with "First they came for the Jews".
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    The Last Starfighter was better than Tron. Fite me.

    I never actually seen Tron. Just here to give some Love to TLS
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    What are some things you "should" be ashamed of, but you're PROUD of it instead?

    This sounds like about a third of my music library. Make Porn Great Again I lov e it! Also, to be fair, I'm Gen X, but because I'm on the tail end of Gen X I have more in common with most millennials. My ex, however, was greatly amused that I technically shared the same generation as...
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    What are some things you "should" be ashamed of, but you're PROUD of it instead?

    Sounds inefficient, but whatever works I guess. I wonder if any news sites have created one nof those ": how millennials are killing the ______ industry" for hard tack porn. Or porn in general.
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    What Does It Mean To Player Character?

    You have to admit, it's impressive how board game designers get the frame rate so consistent and smooth, though.
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    I finish my AC Odyssey and give my final thoughts(Spoilers Abound for everything)

    Reading this thread makes me wish the grind hadn't broken me. Maybe I'll go watch a LP of the game or something.
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    What are some things you "should" be ashamed of, but you're PROUD of it instead?

    Oppression chic That's a god point. We need to start printing out porn in case electricity goes away. Pront the movies frame by frame. Instead of a water or fuel-based economy, we will have a paper economy! Poor organisaton? Tsk, tsk.
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    [Politics] Trump and Concentration Camps

    And we're okay with people being raped in order to "deter" people? That may not be the intent, but it's sure as hell happening and we're not doing anything about it. In fact, policies of these camps and the US government seem more than intent on causing harm by refusing things as simple as...
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    [Politics] Trump and Concentration Camps

    When I last posted, people were justifying the physical and sexual abuse of children because they were "ill;egals" (Which not all of them are, but that's still not the part that horrifies me). Perusing a couple of pages, it looks like little has changed.
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    Escapist heading in "a new direction"

    If this doesn't call for a "hold my beer, I don't know what does.