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    Kojima Says His New Game Will Appeal to Fans of AAA Action

    Hope Sony isn't making the laundry list for Kojima too tight or they'll risk restraining his creative process and fun in the process. As with any artist, they should let him do his thing unrestrained.
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    BioWare's New Secret IP Revealed On A T-Shirt at GDC

    Uh, do you even Bioware? Composition of a good Bioware game: 10% Story and getting lost driving in moon craters 90% Fucking your blue alien GF on top of a giant killer robot Let's not change the basic recipe of success here.
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    BioWare's New Secret IP Revealed On A T-Shirt at GDC

    They've earned my love through many good past titles, so I will certainly give them the benefit of the doubt and expect good things. It looks kind of like seasons are a thing, in a futuristic setting. Maybe they'll be brave and attempt to make a world with changing seasons.. which is probably...
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    New Software Tech Allows Believable Manipulation of Faces in Videos

    Ok.. but that's not nearly as fun as having flesh marionettes for actors and you know it.
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    New Software Tech Allows Believable Manipulation of Faces in Videos

    I had a discussion today with my brother about how sad it will be when legends like Schwarzenegger and Stallone are gone. Now we just need to prop up their corpses and the software will take care of the rest.
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    Bloodborne Is Getting A Dungeon Run-Inspired Card Game - Update

    I read the word Bloodborne and was like "aw yeah DLC bring it". I'm very sad.
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    Dark Souls Mobile Game Slashy Souls Released

    This is insulting to the dignity of the franchise and I want it.
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    Konami is Hiring For a "New Metal Gear"

    Well that settles it, Konami and what is left of its ok reputation is being ran into the ground by a psychopath.
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    Hideo Kojima Officially Leaves Konami, Forms New Studio - Update

    Just thinking about it makes me giddy. But don't suppose Kojima has access to anything in the MGS copyright bucket? How perverse considering the entire series is his precious brain child. So glad he didn't get discouraged by the shitty treatment he got, part of me feared he might throw in...
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    Germany Just Activated the Largest Ever Fusion Reactor and We're All Still Alive

    I wonder how much energy is needed to contain that plasma donut. And if one of these devices were to crack open, shit happens, how much damage would the release of a 100 million degree hot plasma cloud cause?
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    Disney Wants to Release a New Star Wars Every Year Indefinitely

    All I'm reading is: "Alright boys let's attach our vampiric tentacles to the franchise and suck until all that is left is a husk that tastes like cardboard, then move on to the next victim. THE HUNGER CAN NEVER BE SATED." Please put a leash on your suits Disney.
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    Official Mega Man Movie Confirmed

    Chernin, please be someone who has played the games and has any love for the franchise please be please give a shit pl... Ok. Big challenge. They have to market it to a huge audience who has never touched a mega man game before. Good fucking luck, but I do pray you can pull this off while...
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    Google Removes Forced Google+ Integration For YouTube

    Thank you Google.
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    Kickstarter of the Century? Half a Million to Save Armstrong's Spacesuit

    Why would you want to preserve an outdated piece of hardware? Is it going to spontaneously combust unless they bathe it in a tub of cash? I just fail to see why we should care.
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    Fire Emblem Fates Will Introduce Same-Sex Marriage to the Series

    As long as they don't make a big deal of the sexuality of each individual character and avoid cringe worthy awkwardness and stereotypes, I'm really happy with this.