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    The Walking Dead Season 2: Amid The Ruins Review

    Great episode. Waiting for the next one is going to be tough. Kenny Jane A bit unrelated, but was there a teaser clip for episode 5 at the end? For me, it went straight to the choices and credits, and I don't know if it was a glitch, or intentional. Also, the Telltale pet names...
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    Going into System Shock 2 for the first time, is there anything I need to know?

    Whenever you're sure that there are no nearby enemies/hazards, it never hurts to study the map. It's useful to remember the quickest routes, in case you need to backtrack for supplies (I remember having to do that a few times to get elements for research). Plus, it always helps to have a...
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    Let's talk E3!

    MEGA HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I find this incredibly odd though, because I just bought that game off ebay 2 weeks ago. But seriously, it is an AWESOME game. I don't have a ps4, but my brother has a vita. SOLD. (Although I would like the original on GOG...)
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    The Walking Dead Season Two: In Harm's Way Review

    Having just finished, I can testify that the ending is extremely dark. Quoted for 100% accuracy.
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    The Wolf Among Us Episode 3: A Crooked Mile Review - Yes!

    I feel like this is a great time to say that The Wolf Among Us is also on sale on Steam right now. OT: Just finished the episode. So far, this has gone from a game that I had no interest in, to one I can't wait for more of.
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    GOG Launches Halloween Horror Games Promo

    Ain't that the truth. I shudder at the thought of calculating how much I've spent on their sales. Still, I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream is on sale, which I've been waiting for. I highly recommend the first Gabriel Knight.
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    The Complete Bastard's Guide To Journalism

    My favorite part is the wording. "Our confidence that we can consummate this transaction has diminished." There seems to be less blood than last time. Is the goat defective? No wonder Satan doesn't want it.
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    Zero Punctuation: System Shock 2

    Great review for a great game. I agree about the sound of the cameras, but the sound of a monkey scared me just as much. They could shoot fireballs, were a small target, and I'd almost always have to run down a hallway to smack them with the crystal, only to miss and get ***** slapped by it.
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    Recommend me some older games (I've only known current gen all my life)

    It depends why you hated Bioshock. The story is different, but you still use audio logs to learn about it. There isn't a moral choice to make, since everything is trying to kill you. It offers a lot more character customization than Bioshock though. Also, everything is scarce (money, health...
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    Anti-Game Critic Says "This Generation Will Give You Massacres"

    It looks like Lt. Col. Dave Grossman has also co-authored a science fiction novel, where "sentient wooden ships travel beneath canvas sails in a universe that is corrosive to technology." Elves and dwarves are also aliens. OT: Actually, the source article sums up my reaction pretty nicely:
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    Zero Punctuation: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

    I remember playing the first Luigi's Mansion when I was 7 and being too afraid to finish it. I finally played through it 2 years ago and loved it. This is now on my buy list. Also, Yahtzee isn't the only one to make homoerotic jokes.
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    Miracle of Sound: Dream of the Sky (BioShock: Infinite)

    I was already going to buy Level 3, but this song... It makes me mad that I won't be able to until tomorrow. This song is genius, like always.
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    Designer Leaves Board Game in Desert for Future Players

    The article on Polygon mentioned that it won the award based on audience voting. He must have had a very good presentation. He grossly underestimates the Internet. The only thing the Internet loves more than cats are treasure hunts [citation needed].
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    Boy Scouts Roll Out "Game Design" Merit Badge

    That's pretty cool. If this was 2 years ago, I would have definitely tried to earn this badge. I wonder if D&D-like games would count? Somewhat related: my Scoutmaster was a guild leader in WoW, and that caused some of the older scouts (myself included) to join. On more than one occasion...
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    How Would the NRA Make a Videogame? It Already Did

    You know how it is, you shouldn't vilify a group for a mistake they made in the past. They were young and needed the money. Besides, Crave told them that a professional would handle the 'filthy' parts. The best part, since it wasn't a big production,they weren't worried that people would...