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    RIP Monty Oum 1981-2015

    This fundraising is coordinated by his coworkers. They are a third party in this. THEY ARE NOT HIS FAMILY. His privacy is his family's issue. If you're not okay with never knowing don't donate.
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    What happened Top 5 with Lisa Foiles?

    She's making videos for the UFC now. Hopefully making a better paycheck. Based on Facebook looks like her plans are taking a break from the silly internet videos, focusing on her writing, and then starting some new internet comedy thing at some point.
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    Johnny Gat Goes to Hell in Saints Row Standalone Expansion

    Probably more good mindless fun, but I'll always have a sadness in my heart when there's a new Volition game that isn't FreeSpace.
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    Inferior technologies that just work better than the new stuff

    They discontinued the 818s?!?! I'm glad I bought two last time, and still have a back-up.
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    Batmobile Abomination

    I bought a better car, and it accelerates faster. What an abomination... I bought better food, and it tastes better. What an abomination... I hired a better contractor, and they used better materials in my house. What an abomination...
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    The X1 has lost Microsoft 400 million

    That's largely because it's an American console, and most of the games you're suggesting are likely Japanese. The Japanese are nationalistic and xenophobic. Microsoft would gladly have them put all their games on the Xbox.
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    Would you buy a "gaming" HTPC?

    Let me address your all your issues - Laptops are shit - Laptops are shit - Laptops are shit - Laptops are shit (Seriously, my decent 5 year old desktop kicks my decent new laptop's ass) - DVI to HDMI adapter, or just a card with HDMI out - Wired 360 controller is great - I usually...
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    Poll: Does video quality affect your opinion of a movie?

    That's a whole can of worms in itself. Higher frame rates lead to limited shutter speeds. That leads to higher sensitivity, that leads to more noise. You make darker scenes more difficult. You also reduce the artistic use of the motion blur you get with slower shutter speeds. Games can give...
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    Poll: Does video quality affect your opinion of a movie?

    Pixel count at this point is far less important than dynamic range. That needs better cameras, better compression techniques, larger file sizes, and higher quality TVs. Sick of shitty, blocky, shadows.
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    Do you have any weird hygiene quirks?

    You should definitely be careful with that. You may end up with receding gums, and wear holes in your enamel. Having teeth that aren't up to your excessive cleanliness standards is far better than what you're likely doing to them. Clean is one thing. Destructive is another.
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    Doom Reboot Info - Many Demons, No Regenerating Health

    60 fps is perfectly reasonable considering how Rage ran. The engine scales itself down to maintain a constant fps. Even on my aging system Rage was locked at 60. The big issue is that they were targeting 30fps! Another sign of the massive shift behind the scenes.
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    Anybody know these video game journalist's qualifications?

    Right... good luck with that lack of bias. How are you qualified to document their qualifications? Mostly they're just video game fans. They're on the internet. Some people like to listen to them, and some don't. Doing background checks is sleazy. Should Ashen's degree affect how I...
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    Google's VR Headset is Literally Made of Cardboard

    This is like someone claiming that they don't need a car by demonstrating that they can walk next door... And another situation for people to demonstrate that they really don't get what HMDs are for. It's really not that tricky of a concept.
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    Steam Summer Sale started today

    If you're talking about theme? They are both post-apocalyptic, but one is very American and the other is very Russian. Game play? VERY different. Metro is a standard linear FPS (an amazing one). Fallout is an open world RPG with FPS combat. You can do the combat real time or pausing for every...
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    If you are not into Shooters you should still definitely play...

    Doom 2 Old, but delightful. Download a source port, copy doom2.wad into the port's folder, and enjoy. But use the classic control scheme. No mouse. Arrow keys to move, control to shoot, space to interact, alt to strafe. It's a point in gaming history everyone should play. Edit: and wait...