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    Jim Sterling in court.

    You know, if this wasn't completely sad. It'd actually be really, REALLY funny. While it is really REALLY funny. The fact that we're even entertaining this notion is a big "F-Bomb" To freedom of speech. What needs to happen here is have Steam insert some sort of council that's designed to review...
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    Origin Being Re-branded to "EA Accounts"

    As I recall it was originally EA Accounts was it not? Then they rebranded as Origin a while back ago to handle there digital sales. Now there going back to EA? Anyone else slightly confused? Also not giving them any more of my money then I absolutely have too.
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    Zero Punctuation: Mortal Kombat X - Test Your Might

    anyone else getting zero sound out of this vid? I've checked other sources and it's just this one particular vid. Correction, Sound worked fine it was just conflicting with a equalizer extension. So I was forced to remove it. Yeah this new vid player. I can officially say I hate it.
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    World of Warcraft Subscriber Base Increases Despite Downward Trend

    I think our big problem is we're looking at it as the 900 lb. Gorilla. And as such expecting it to fail. After how long and despite the downward trend it's not going to. WoW well continue as long as it's profitable. Sure it's entertaining just not sure with all the competition out there right...
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    Dr Who: Kill the moon

    I have to keep reminding myself that this is a Doctor that survived Trenzalor. As we recall just prior to Season 8 The Doctor had all but lost his Companions and had become a paranoid shut in. Sigh Matt Smith really was a brilliant actor for the Doctor. But the fact of the matter is this. The...
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    The nemesis system in Shadow of Mordor is bananas!!

    My orc grog cup is only half full. Barely managed to make it to Shadow Flight. What a yummy ability. Gotta remind myself to not use up my Arrows just zipping around half the map in five seconds flat.
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    PC GAMING MASTER RACE, ASSEMBLE!!!! First time PC builder here, how does this rig look? - UPDATE #4

    I spent about 1.1k on my rig Not including the GTX 760 I bought as well as a new power supply a SSD and a myraid of other upgrades. But Regardless I'm playing Shadows of Mordor on High mode with little FPS drops. So I'm happy. Next Upgrades well be a cooling unit for the Graphics card and a bump...
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    Destiny Ushers in a New Era of Blatant Cash Grabs

    Well just making it a way to rake cash in is enough to wrinkle nose hairs. But the fact of it is this. We're used to games being for the gamers. Now if Bungie we're to make the game better. It'd probably be all fine and good. But there in lies the dilemma. We all know that the game cost upward...
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    Destiny Ushers in a New Era of Blatant Cash Grabs

    Just to be clear, As soon as I saw it's Dark Heart of a "Spunk Gargle Wee Wee." Er, I mean MMO in the Beta. I had to hold back my excitement on my guilds mumble server and slowly explain why Though. And then shortly after. Ran for the hills. Well I say run I mean slowly walk to the hills. And go...
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    Like PC Gaming? Don't buy from Steam.

    I bought Pacman Championship Ed. DX and Goat Simulator just the other night on steam for a steal. I have but one thing to say to your claims. Baaaaaa!
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    Games you think need more attention

    Sim City. The first three were fine in formula then we get the new EA. And they butcher it. In case any one's forgotten the garbage that was it's launch. And then the online Only debacle. And then only to find that they split the cities into square like blocks that didn't allow for much creative...
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    So if the Deus Ex: Human Revolution movie does go through...

    Neg, Adam Jensen has more of a texan accent. What about Raylan Glivens from Justified. Personally I wan't someone with more personality then a gothic door knob.
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    Poll: The Trek or The War

    I'll say it this once, Star Trek. But only because it seems a more logical step. Human beings in general are hardwired for friendships Don't believe me? Take a look at social media these days it's literally a sounding board for everything we have accomplished as a species. Now compare that to...
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    Cowboy Bebop

    It's still a favorite of mine right up next to anime's like Death Note and Ghost in the shell: SAC and Full Metal Alchemist. Enjoy it. :)
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    Assassin's Creed IV Wii U Version Won't Get Any DLC

    Kwii, Please get off your moral high horse. I was not stating fact it just seemed like a bad idea for ubisoft to put it on a system as bad as the Wii U. But hey if Ubisoft want's to spread out to that crowd as well more power too em. (Wish Rockstar would do that) *cough*