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    So a black actor is considering role of Johnny Storm and nerdrage has turned racist again.

    I don't necessarily think it's racist that people don't like a man of a different skin colour to be cast in the role. If I go see a movie where I already know how the characters are supposed to look, I notice if even the hair or costume is wrong, and to me, the same goes for skin colour. That's...
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    Miracle of Sound: Khajiit Like To Sneak (Skyrim)

    I like it. Very Rammstein, both vocally and musically. Was that intentional?
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    So, If everyone with HIV/Aids dies,there would be no more HIV/Aids.

    I enjoy the slippery slope argument as much as the next guy, but the difference between the flu and aids is that one comes from just taking a walk in the rain, or simply being alive, while the other has to be contracted from someone who has it. So it doesn't really fit. There are other...
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    Help for an RTS newcomer?

    Go through his archives and focus on his Newbie Tuesday videos to begin with. It's a thing he started not too terribly long ago, so it shouldn't be too overwhelming. Edit: Also, I'd suggest over youtube.
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    Poll: Osama: Biggest news since Hitler's death?

    I don't see how it matters at all that one attacked America and the other didn't. Anyways, I kinda miss the "I don't really care" option in the poll. Yes, he allegedly were behind the 9/11 thing, but what has he really done since then. The perceivable influence of Bin Laden pales in...
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    My mother is a cheating ****, what to do?

    Yes! Very well said. Edit: The following paragraph seemed directed at BonsaiK, when it was in fact directed at the OP. If it was your own significant other being unfaithful to you, then it might be your business. But even then it seems like you're the kinda guy who'll get mad at the guy...
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    Should "Cracker" be a racial slur?

    I haven't oppressed anybody, why should I take crap for what someone else did when I wasn't even alive. Just because we share skin colour? Please.
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    Rumor: Leaked Concept Art Hints at New Valve IP

    Whoa, hold your horses there, Bantha. I'm gonna have to see some numbers on that one or call shenanigans. There's no way Team Fortress 2 dominated the online FPS genre. Not with so many people playing the more serious shooters.
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    3 year old throws console in garbage, Parents do the same (to her)

    Hey, you don't mess with us gamers. We're a hardcore bunch who will straight up murder you. Amirite? Seriously though, I am just surprised that people keep getting surprised by these stories.
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    Poll: Should dueling be legal?

    Yeah, I concede. With a realistic view of people/society in general, you are totally right. Legalizing duels would do more harm than good. Probably only harm. So... yeah. Edit: Been good discussing with you though. :)
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    Poll: Should dueling be legal?

    Sorry if the following is a messy read, it's getting late. Of course, if it comes down to it, still in the case of some dude hitting on your girl, if he doesn't get the message, my I'd first attempt to just go somewhere else. If he persists, I guess a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...
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    Poll: Should dueling be legal?

    Ooh, I like how you structured this. Very nice. That said: 1. I wouldn't kick his ass. I didn't kick his ass last time some guy hit on my girl, and I doubt I ever will, I don't think violence is a proper response to anything but violence. You can always move on, or make it clear with words...
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    Poll: Should dueling be legal?

    First off, how would you solve the problem of someone hitting on your girl now, when duels aren't legal? Do that even if duels are legal, it wouldn't have to affect your life. The reason I think duels should be legal, but have all of the safeguards to stop it from being abused, is because I...
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    Poll: Should dueling be legal?

    Alright, fine. If you feel that you lose face just by refusing to fight someone, that's your problem, I personally don't feel ashamed if I don't agree to engage in violence just because of some stupid disagreement. Also, if dueling became legal, I see it as having a bunch of rules attached to...
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    Poll: Should dueling be legal?

    Learn to say no, perhaps? I am wholeheartedly in favour of duels, since both parties would have to agree, and I am a strong proponent of personal liberties. I think that if two people want to fight each other, either till death or submission, that should be allowed.