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    The Big Picture: Batfleck

    Funnily enough, Bob's Boston accent is particularly present in this video. Where'd you park the car Bob?
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    The Big Picture: In Defense of "Booth Babes" (sort of)

    I'm not saying the concept is flawed but the term "white knight" is now so overused its kinda broken. I really haven't seen a "white knight" in the creepy sexual sense since high school. And I have NEVER seen it used on the internet in that sense. I have only ever seen it used on forums to...
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    The Big Picture: In Defense of "Booth Babes" (sort of)

    So what else did he say? What exactly is "white-knighting" about this video? Don't call women in industry "glorified booth babes"? The term "booth babe" is kinda reductive and sexist? That calling them moronic for not really knowing about what they are selling is kinda unfair? Sometime...
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    The Big Picture: In Defense of "Booth Babes" (sort of)

    "Oh no! A person is suggesting that people should afford trade show models respect as human beings even if they do not respect the work that they do. Even takes the sex-positive stance that states that if the work is there to do it's not the person doing the work at fault, or even that that...
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    Why Mass Effect 2 was, and is, the superior out of the Mass Effect trilogy. [No Spoilers]

    You can't compare Resident Evil to Mass Effect. One of Resident Evil's charms is that its story and writing are retarded. Resident Evil has never really been about the story. It's about the survival horror and lately the shooting. Mass Effect was always story driven however, and seems to try...
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    Jimquisition: I'm Going To Murder Your Children

    Right buddy. Because some random YouTuber's opinion, even if it is completely on the money, is somehow justification for the vitriol directed at Hepler.
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    Update: GTA V Coming to PC, Says Nvidia

    Then change the headline on your website, for pity's sake. The headline is now completely misinforming. Why is it still as it is?
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    Kickstarter Co-Founder Warns "Think Before You Stretch"

    Oh thank god somebody involved pointed this out. What does a stretch goal do really? It makes your project more expensive with no definite increase in market. Sure you get more money upfront, but who is to say you wouldn't have gotten the same money with the smaller project. If a...
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    How to Talk About Games #1

    To be fair, if they had fucked that up Randy Pitchford would probably still be chained up in the Valve dungeon.
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    Escapist Podcast: 104: Dragon's Crown & Stifling Innovation

    For those people who don't use iTunes or CSS. Don't know why they don't put it up on the post if they aren't going to advertise on it.
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    The Ebert of Videogames

    List of people who talk intelligently about video games. - MrBtongue (Tasteful Understated Nerdrage) - Chris Franklin AKA Campster (Errant Signal) People who write intelligently about video games. ?????????? Shamus Young????? But he mostly rants about stupid plot doors, or plot armor.
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    The Big Picture: Celebritoons

    As always when you post this sort of thing, I sit there asking ------Where do you find this stuff?------ ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ...
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    Escapist Podcast: 102: Open World Games & Batman in Man of Steel Sequel

    For those of you who don't have itunes and also have trouble with the RSS audio version is here.
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    Escapist Podcast: 101: More Pacific Rim & Game Franchises

    Could you guys perhaps provide the mp3 in a more accessible way? I don't use itunes and the RSS link you've provided leads to a bunch of xml gibberish. True if I text search through the RSS XML I can get to ...