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    Please Understand, Nintendo is the Bad Guy

    Shamus, if you made a youtube video of yourself singing off-key oldies in the shower? Chances are someone would sue you. :P
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    Grey & Cory present the next episode of "Why be funny when you can just offend people?". Latest submission: Offend people who are offended.
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    GOG Offering Customers Chance to "Reclaim" Physical Games

    What, you think someone who's willing to pirate a game never buys a legitimate copy of anything? Literally everyone I know IRL pirates stuff once in a while, yet they also still buy digital stuff. It's really not that black and white.
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    Shock Value

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    Shock Value

    Wow, that is some really great artwork for the dad. Clashes fantastically with the inane things he's saying, well done! (No irony, that's what makes the joke funny for me)
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    ... I need to get into comic writing, if this is considered "funny" enough to be worth money, then I can write jokes that good, too.
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    #005: Vampire Fortress

    I feel that if the intention is to convince us that this comic will be different from Critical Miss, then this strip is doing a very bad job at it. It honestly feels like total filler for the actual story line, and the filler consists entirely of what you'd expect from a regular critical miss...
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    #003 - Brunch

    Am I the only one who would expect a drug addict who's been shut in for several years to be a lot less.. well-groomed?
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    Frozen Handegg

    Either I'm going senile or they changed the punch line.
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    Is The Dress Blue or White? Why The Internet Just Lost Its Mind

    I saw white and gold for exactly as long as I thought the lamp behind it was a REAL light.. Then I interpreted it as "just a picture" and it became blue and some weird gray/brownish colour.
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    A low framerate is not lag per se. Random rendering delays are lag. I think when someone is talking about "lag" with regards to bad performance of a game, they're referring to rendering delays. You know, when for 0.1s the whole game just freaks out and either stops rendering or renders...
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    How Far Is A Yard in Diablo 3? Shorter Than You Think

    The youtube video says nine yard tall. Nine foot tall would be tall indeed, but not exactly monster size.
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    The Plight of the Masters

    If my FPS counter were that big I'd be distracted, too.
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    Can We Stop Climate Change While Still Living Comfortably?

    @Metadigital: Thanks for taking your time to post here. It's good to see some reasoned thought on this, rather than just the usual bullshit. Well, it's realism. It is realistic to assume that humanity at this point is going to fuck itself over. All data points this way. He's not criticizing...
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    Slow Down! Scientists Can Now Reduce The Speed of Light

    ... How is this news? These findings were available 50 years ago and have been used as criticism for Einstein's theories.