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    Electronic Arts Voted Out of "Worst Company In America" Poll

    Isn't it sad that videogame and TV companies get voted the worse while some corporations are just plain destroying the planet? Monsanto should win every bloody year.
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    Aliens: Colonial Marines Loves the Corps

    "We fight for the title of toughest motherfuckers in the universe". Oh, fuck you, I hope you die. This trailer is so bad I don't even want to get close to the game. The only thing I liked about the last Alien game is you could play as a xenomorph and kill some of these idiotic marines, it's...
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    Russia Considers Crackdown on Violent Games

    First: Let's ban violent videogame. Next: LET'S BOMB DA SHIT OUT OF CHECHNYA.
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    Media Mogul's Bullying Costs Him Dearly

    The Daily Star is a newspaper for fat cunts anyway.
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    Board The Last Express for iOS

    Kids, it aint so hard, I managed to beat it when I was 11 and with a medium level of English. I recall surviving Viena as a rather twisted puzzle, but asides from that it's fairly easy. I beat it 4 times back in 1997, its one of my favourite games ever, and it withstands the pass of time, except...
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    Woman Demands Royalties on Destroyed Jesus Fresco

    Wow wow, people, most of you are waaaay misinformed about this. I live in Spain, in fact I don't live far away from Borja, and over here the perspective on this news is... well, different. So let me set a few points. 1. The original painting was not a priceless, valuable or fantastic work of...
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    Jimquisition: Rape vs. Murder

    Um... yes, I agree with your points Jim, but you are missing a part: what about a game that features rape story wise but is not about that? Should that be taboo too? For example, the first quest in Game of Thrones involves chasing a rapist (he raped another dude) and killing him. No problem...
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    The Big Picture: Tropes vs. MovieBob

    "Sexual self-image fantasies FOR YOU" Hahahaha, loved that. You're on fire this week, congratulations.
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    Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, Ending DLC Details Leak

    BioWare already said the ending would be additional scenes... this is hardly a leak.
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    The Big Picture: Rock of Ages

    I remember this film, I used to like it when I was a kid: Anyway, I don't remember much, but the cast has some good names in it, John Goodman is awesome. Maybe it was a shitty horrible film not worth mentioning...
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    Mass Effect 3 Director Addresses Ending Controversy

    I haven't really finished Mass Effect 3 so I haven't seen the famous ending, but dude, if you made a decision, have the integrity to stick to it. I'll have to see the ending before confirming this, but basically... I think you have to be a pussy to change your work based on fan reaction!
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    Jimquisition: Lazy, Boring, Ordinary, Art Games

    I suppose he must have reviewed The Path. That game has some good moments, but the truth is that the "gameplay" is quite boring, it involves walking around a lot, but unlike Dear Esther, it's aesthetic qualities are so-so, so while in Dear Esther walking feels like a discovery, in The Path it's...
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    Jimquisition: Lazy, Boring, Ordinary, Art Games

    The game never instructed how to play it right because it's not a game, and thus, it is not supposed to have any way of playing it right. No one is reviewing a game when reviewing Dear Esther, which is closer to contemporary art than it is to videogaming, even if superficially it may not look...
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    Jimquisition: Lazy, Boring, Ordinary, Art Games

    Well, not really, I don't enjoy Starcraft 2 at all and it's not Blizzard's fault, I just don't happen to enjoy strategy games. Dear Esther is very enjoyable, just not as a game, but as an aesthetic experience. If you want a game, you won't like it.
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    Jimquisition: Lazy, Boring, Ordinary, Art Games

    Good. Talking about free games, I highly recommend Cart Life, it is a free game and it is so absolutely awesome and complex I couldn't even start to talk about it. Try it out, it's worth it. Most art games have really simple gameplay, Cart Life is quite complex in comparison, but it's very very...