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    Experience the Founding of Westeros in Game of Thrones: Genesis

    Hey, just wondering why you think it would be an RTS? I figure something more like the Total War series would work (try the fan Middle Earth mod for Rome Total War - the elves are unbalanced as hell but overall a pretty good job). And the report does say that it won't rely on the books...
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    Critical Miss: The Bad News...

    Apologies if I'm missing something, but why are the strawberry milkshakes brown?
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    Poll: How often do you think about Death?

    What I find more interesting is the concept that we could be the last mortal generation. my children might be immortal. Is that not crazy? On topic: No, I don't think about death much, there is too much life to think about.
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    What is your "That Book"?

    Well I guess allowing people to be weird together is the main point of the internet. I also found it helpful that Tolkein separated out the Frodo and Sam chapters from the others, meant I could ignore them on later read throughs. Though even they weren't as bad as the songs... Well I've...
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    What is your "That Book"?

    Well I guess I'm just feeling patient. It's weird, if a film is three hours and I think they could have told the story as well in one and a half, I'll get bored and reduce the film to a quarter of the screen and do other stuff. But if a books a couple of hundred pages over I'm quite happy to...
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    What is your "That Book"?

    To be honest I'm not finding it that bad a read so far - a little slow, but since I'm stuck at home with nothing to do for two weeks I can cope with that. Now that sounds like a heavy book. Been a little while since I delved in to philosophy (unless you count fear and loathing I guess) so...
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    What is your "That Book"?

    I'm currently at a royalist dinner party after dearest Ed has been seized by the gendarme. The friend who lent it to me is amazed I haven't heard the story before, so thank you as I'm trying to keep everything spoiler free :) Yeah, it's quite a nice technique, it makes it feel more like...
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    What is your "That Book"?

    Great book, my computer broke so I decided to read it, and no longer cared that I couldn't get on the internet. Made me want to get a motorcycle and hit the road. I wish I hadn't read the foreword before the actual book though - totally spoiled it :/ They should really put those things as an...
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    What is your "That Book"?

    I just started reading the Count - I guess you guys reckon it's worth sticking with? I like it when Dumas completely breaks the fourth wall and says things like "well dear readers...". It's like nothing I've read before tbh. Characters seem to lack subtlety thus far but it's fun all the same...
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    Poll: So. Stones or Beatles?

    Stones. The whole cult around the Beatles confuses me somewhat, most of their songs just irritate me. Except for Come Together and a couple of the other ones John wrote, they're pretty good.
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    Why is WWII taught so extensively in most countries yet WWI is just glossed over?

    erm I was actually taught a lot more about Unification of Germany (Bismarck), Weimar and the road to war (end of Weimar republic to the invasion of Poland) than I ever was about either world war. I guess my teachers thought actual wars were dull, but the causes and repercussions much more...
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    Hellgate Beta Servers Up (With a twist)

    Can I ask what hellgate actually is? The bell it rings for me is Hellgate:London, which sounded entirely awful (Shamus Young did a great review of it on his site)
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    Poll: are you bespectacled ?

    I do, and so do most of my friends who are guys, the girls don't however. Is there something that guys do that increases their propensity towards near or short sightedness? This made me giggle :D Well done for not inheriting crappy genes? I must've only had like a one in four chance of...
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    Extra Credits Addendum: Discussing the Role of the Player

    So forgive me if I misunderstand, but if a system has constraints then any work derived from these restraints cannot be creative? So lets say I'm a painter, but the only paints available are blue and red. Lets say the paint manufacturers are terrible around here, or maybe the lord who has...
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    So, I just quit smoking...

    Haha it is quite possibly the most fun disease to have whilst being drunk. I'm gonna give up in July, but right now? I'm gonna go smoke :)