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    That game you're always in the mood to play

    All of the games below deliver hours of fun to me : Rome total war - Hands down , this is the best game with the best replay value . Running with rifles Star wars battlefront 2 Star wars republic commando (A simple campaign but so good that its just as fun the 3rd time) Skyrim...
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    Ashes of the Singularity is Full-Scale War

    I agree to every word you said . My point was that even in old games , you could still have infinite units with the help of mods even if base games had their limits . I thought I made it clear in the last line .
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    Games you love that you turn into... chores?

    Has anyone here played the Fallout New Vegas : Dead Money DLC ? That's true mental torture... Every single second of that DLC is pure torture... Anyone who has played it , knows what I mean... The whole DLC is based on the idea die-reload-retry. At the base level you have an explosive collar...
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    Idea: Lets make a game

    Well... Changes can always be made... As for the English part... I know what language I am speaking... If you think I talked down to you then I apologize... The thing is that you don't give much significance to the fact that when English isnt someones first language , errors are bound to...
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    Ashes of the Singularity is Full-Scale War

    Well... Sins of the solar empire(2008) Supreme Commander Forged Alliance(2007) Rome total war(2004)[best game from the total war series] Almost all the single player battle are of 10k units. Have been doing full scale war for a long time... Though I admit you do need mods...
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    Movies that everyone you talk to seems to think are bad but you think are actually pretty great.

    Wait wait wait . Are you saying that there are real people who hate Starship Troopers ? Thats not possible ! Or are you talking about the whole series ? I do admit that the sequels are trash but the original is pure gold .
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    Movies that everyone you talk to seems to think are bad but you think are actually pretty great.

    I agree that Jonny depp was a terrible choice but the songs made up for it .
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    Shooters! I Need Shooters!

    SW republic commando The chronicles of riddick : escape from butcher bay both are highly recommended
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    Movies that everyone you talk to seems to think are bad but you think are actually pretty great.

    Charlie and the chocolate factory . I have not seen the original that everyone says is better but I have seen the remake which imo is quite a entertaining film .
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    Idea: Lets make a game

    English is not the first language of every person in this planet... I like my sentences to have a long pause when I end them . Get rid of your narrow minded attitude.......................... Rpg maker is a great choice . There is nothing vad in making a medieval game . There are plenty of...
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    Recommend me a good JRPG that ISN'T Final Fantasy

    Pokemon ? Its Japanese and a rpg..... Its really a good series if you can look past its childish design... Emerald is the best imo , followed by fire red.... I highly recommend it. Others which I have not played but often hear of are.... Chrono Trigger Harvest moon Golden sun...
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    8 Games that Have Amazing Stories

    For the first time... Good list.... Glad to see planescape torment here.... Thought you would pick only popular ones only like the other lists... I would also like to mention , Mafia : City of lost heaven.... Excellent story, music, game play, characters, great ending and the most...
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    Female form appreciation

    I said almost every due to the mud golem girl... She reminds me of something when I look at her....
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    Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

    Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you ! I did check that game once but when I saw clowns and a different level design , I though that this game couldnt be the one I played but after seeing some gameplay of it , I found out that it was indeed the one I was searching for . Thank you once again .