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    Stuff you were sure would never catch on

    Assassin's Creed. I played halfway through the first one, got stuck, and set it aside. "Whatever" I said, "I doubt they'll make a sequel." Shows how much I know...
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    Incest, explain your stance without bringing up genetics.

    If you don't factor in genetics, then incest is perfectly fine. Though I suppose that's like saying that the Nazi's were a fine group, if you forget about the racism and antisemitism. I can't really advocate it because of the genetic reasons, but if two mature adults choose to take that...
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    may the forth be with you

    My favorite movie is Empire, but my favorite scene is the Battle of Mustafar at the end of Episode III. I hear a lot of people complain that it's too over-the-top and stuff, but that's what I like most about it. It's also, in my opinion, the best done lightsaber fight in any of the movies. And I...
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    Poll: Which is more diverse: Fantasy or Science Fiction?

    I voted Sci-fi. Although both genres have a set of common tropes, science fiction seems to have a greater variety of them. Everyone can tell Terminator and Star Wars apart, but most fantasy just looks like a reboot of Lord of the Rings.
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    girl thinks boston bomber suspect 2 is cute and makes twisted video on youtube about it

    It's not really what she said, but rather how she said it. Just her tone of voice and body language and stuff. Idk, maybe it's just me. The part were she says "cute people do evil stuff all the time" doesn't really help her case though. She said it in a very dismissive tone. But as many...
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    girl thinks boston bomber suspect 2 is cute and makes twisted video on youtube about it

    Personal favorite: "It's cute how your Daddy ignored you and your Uncle molested you and the only way your sand ****** loving ass can get the attention your ugly flat chested ass craves is by making vapid worthless videos on YouTube. I hope you choke on a cock and die, slut." -BeaterWRX...
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    Poll: Police State USA: Boston Area Raids

    Now, I watched the video you posted and agree that it's wrong to order someone out of their own house with and AR in their face. I agree that's the type of thing you expect in some totalitarian state, so I see were you're coming from. But, I think you're forgetting that this suspect killed...
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    Things to think about that blow your mind.

    What's always blown my mind is that, because light and sound have a finite speed, we observe everything after it happens. Yes, the stars we see in the sky are actually images from several thousand years ago as was already mentioned. But let's take this a step further. Say someone sitting...
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    Star Wars: The Dead Republic (closed, started)

    Nar Shaddaa Orbit "Alright." Regi said from the cockpit. "Here we are. Nar Shaddaa." Ian entered the cockpit to look at the gray sphere in front of them. It had taken nearly 2 days of hyperspace travel, but the crew of the Essence had finally arrived. The moon seemed to match the...
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    Star Wars: The Dead Republic (closed, started)

    Circumtore System Ian stood up on his speeder bike as it drifted along the halls of the crowded spaceport at a walking pace. His duffle bag, containing his carbine, spare ammo, and extra clothes, hung from his shoulder. "Bay 42, bay 42." Ian mumbled to himself as he maneuvered the bike...
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    Star Wars: The Dead Republic (closed, started)

    Ian Galam walked out of the transport ship and into the hanger of the Circumtore Space Station with a duffle bag slung across his chest. He had finally made it to Hutt Space and away from the Empire. He knew he wasn't totally out of the woods yet, he was still wanted after all, but he was...
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    Star Wars: The Dead Republic Signup Thread (Closed)

    Seconded. I don't have the Guide to Warfare, but the other two are extremely valuable to any Star Wars fan. They're also very useful as a reference if you play a lot of these Star Wars RPs.
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    Star Wars: The Dead Republic Signup Thread (Closed)

    This is basically a copy-and-paste of my character from Star Wars: Kestryl. I never really got to expand on him though, so I'm exited to be able to use him again. If there's anything you guys want me to change, I'm all ears.
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    Poll: RP Ideas, you choose. (Interest Thread)

    I voted Horror on the Eastern Front. I like WW2 history and horror, and it sounds like a cool idea.