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    Escape to the Movies: 300: Rise of an Empire

    '300' worked for me as a fantastical Homeric epic as spun by Dilios (David Wenham). In that context it was a wild bit of fun, and endlessly watchable. Everything I've seen about 'Rise of an Empire' seems to be from the school of "All that and MORE MORE MORE!" sequel making, so I've not been...
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    Winter's Fail

    I've said this on other sites, but initially this movie stuck out as an experiment to determine if it is possible to die from suffocation by Oirish. But wow... Thank you for this, Bob. From the first time I saw the trailer on the cable VOD channel, I was curious to know just what the hell...
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    The Big Picture: The Big Picture of Boston

    "Please obey all traffic laws and traffic signs" I will when Bostonians will...
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    The Big Picture: The 90's Didn't Suck

    I can't believe people actually get worked up over Bob's frequent quote of that line, but then this is the interwebs... Anywho... as someone who actually experience through the 90's (was in jr high in 1990, graduated university in 2000) I couldn't help but join in. Yes, kiddies, 'Animaniacs'...
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    Let's Watch The Man Of Steel Trailer

    Had not realized until now that Michael Shannon is playing Zod. I think I'm more excited about his casting than I am about Cavill's...
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    Escape to the Movies: Skyfall

    Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw and Judi Dench. This could be the newest Adam Sandler movie instead of the latest Bond film, I would still be excited. All spy/action stuff is just icing on the cake at this point.
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    TLC why!?!?!

    I'll take either of those over History's Evangelical Bible Channel period.
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    Can Americans Make Anime?

    Hmm... attempt at rational discussion about anime... Be careful - the otaku don't like it when you play with their toys...
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    Escape to the Movies: Ice Age: Continental Drift

    Really liked the first movie, mostly ignored the sequels, but "voiced by Jennifer Lopez" has officially killed this franchise for me.
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    The Big Picture: Batman Revisited, Part 3

    I wouldn't blame Schumacher for derailing the franchise after the disaster of Batman Returns.
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    The Big Picture: Tropes vs. MovieBob

    Once again - well done Bob. I don't always agree with everything Sarkeesian says, but I value her opinion and I'm grateful that someone is willing to examine pop culture and point out aspects we might to easily overlook. Y'know - just like I don't agree with everything Bob says in all his...
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    The Big Picture: Last Starr

    They threw so much crazy stuff at us as kids (especially in the 80's) that it's hard to sort out what really happened and what's just an amalgam of fuzzy memories and fantasy blended together. As soon as I saw that cyborg humanoid horse with a gun, this one came back to me... I don't know...
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    The Escapist's New Background

    Thank you kindly! All that white hurted my poor little strained eyeballs... Now is there anything you can do for my carpal tunnel syndrome...?
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    Poll: Your opinion on meat products

    I'm not morally opposed to the eating of meat and other animal products, but I think responsible consumption is important for the sake of your own health, animal welfare and the benefit of the world at large. I have a minor in animal science and the way a vast amount of meat is produced, I...
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    so....Not having children=Selfish?

    I've never understood the "its selfish not to have children argument" but then that sort of nonsense if usually being spouted by someone with such a limited understanding that most of what they say is ridiculous. If you decide to remain childless, there's no end to the amount of bullshit you'll...