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    The Last Thing We Need is Developers Policing Mods

    How quickly people seem to forget - this is a repeat of the NWN mod days back in 2002. BioWare had a hands off policy for content and people did whatever they wanted. Heck, one of the most common jokes about mods have been that the first mods will always be nude models for the characters. Heck...
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    Agents of Cosplay: Jessica Nigri: Better Know A Cosplayer

    She won a contest to represent Juliet for Lollipop Chainsaw, so was paid to be a model at various tradeshows and exhibitions during the promotion of the game. I'll guess she's done other modeling jobs like that given her popularity. Plus cons will pay for guests to come to their convention to...
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    Agents of Cosplay: Jessica Nigri: Better Know A Cosplayer

    I was, there really wasn't that many people around taking photos of her whenever I walked by the WB booth. But it's not like I was there all the time though.
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    EA Has No Intention Of Releasing Remastered Mass Effect For Current Gen.

    There's also the issue of licensing. For something like UE3, you have to pay for each console platform SKU. I recall the UE3 license is like $500,000, so that's $1,000,000 just to be allowed to release it for the XB1 and PS4. Then pay employees for a year or two to port and integrate as chances...
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    The Woes of Payday 2 on Anything Except the PC (Crimewave Edition Xbone Gamertags)

    Hmm, I wonder if it could be a network issue? It sounds like it's sending a join request to the host server, but stalls while waiting for an acknowledgement message to be sent back that never comes. I don't know what your house network is like, but you can try DMZing from your router to your...
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    Trauma, Healing and Gaming Part 2: Triggers and Trigger Warnings

    In some cases, yeap. It's being diluted to the point that in some areas, it means "I don't like what you're saying, but I have no counter so I'd rather you shut up and stop talking to me." I've seen extreme body (re:fat) acceptance bloggers saying they're triggered when someone orders water...
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    Turkish Mayor Sued over Creation of Giant Robot Statue

    Looks more like a Zaku from the Gundam series, not Transformers.
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    8 Video Game Easter Eggs You Should Go Find

    Fun fact, there's an actual Jar Jar in carbonite prop in LucasArts/ILM reception area.
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    So that Borderlands: The Pre Sequel Ending (Spoilers)

    Her picture is on Jack's desk though. And she was helping Jack with the hiring in one of Nisha's ECHO recordings. My thinking, orbital drill to make it easier to get to the vaults, as well as the usual eliminate opponents without danger. You got it, it was a ploy to get them to hook up...
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    Storage capacity of modern consoles question

    Well the primary issue is that there's a cost issue on the hardware makers for how much to supply for each console. Higher HDD capacity results in higher purchase cost. Given that they often try to sell the hardware at a loss to make up in the game sales, they have an incentive to make it as...
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    What's a sequel that isn't made yet that you would like to see?

    I'm still waiting for a sequel to Star Control II. I want my Star Control ]I[ dammit! ;)
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    Dragon Age 2 post mortem

    This is what confuses me, people follow certain project leads and figureheads of a studio, but don't follow the actual developers on the actual game project (and in particular, how it differs from one to another, especially a sequel).
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    3DS Game Recommendations?

    Prof Layton vs. Phoenix Wright Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies A Link Between Worlds Bravely Default I haven't played this yet, but I hear it's good: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
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    What is your (realistic) Dream Job?

    Hey, topic was what was one's dream job. Didn't specify if one was able to accomplish it too! XD You'd be surprised how general programming knowledge is probably more useful to game development than what you might get from a game dev school. Memory management, error checking, good coding...
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    What is your (realistic) Dream Job?

    Game Developer. Oh wait...