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    Zero Punctuation: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

    Reading too much into it, Yahtzee? This is a game where you literally wear the skin of dead people to fool and cheat others. You can't read enough into it (no, seriously... so much fucked up shit going on in this game, it's delightful)
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    Bleach: oi vay

    Assassin Classroom is so good it's ridiculous. And I should hate it. The stake is "destroy the world" which is the most boring of all stakes and it's a school setting and I've come to LOATHE school settings by now because it's fucking copout for easy appeal to their main audience, AC is such a...
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    Your favorite "alternate version" of Videogame Music

    Oooooh, this is fun. 8D Spontanios covered some zelda songs in a really creative way. This one's my favourite and supports the already haunting tune of Majora's Mask song of healing I don't know...
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    PS4 vs Xbox One Comparison: Graphics, Specs, Differences

    Well, DUH! You got them PS4s as freebies *ramble ramble* OT: not buying either of them for now because if the first year of being a 3DS owner taught me ANYTHING it's that early adopter get shafted big time. And while I'm glad I kept my 3DS around because it's a beast right now (and I can...
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    Super Mario 3D World Reveals Secret Unlockable Character and Game

    Really, I always thought she's high as a kite D: Still, some of these things aren't new if you played 3D land on the 3DS. Still awesome, though, seeing some of the better concepts expanded upon. Also, it seems like Mario out-sonic'd Sonic O_o
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    Pokemon Art Director Wants to Simplify Pokemon Designs

    simpler? Am I the only one who found Gen VI to be exactly that? The designs are sharp and clear and really really fun. And they're all good designs. There ARE some pokemon I find incredibly stupid (wtf aromatisse, just wtf) but that doesn't change the fact that they're well-designed. Really, I...
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    Capcom Discusses Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Localization

    Yes, yes and yes (saw a trailer where Phoenix was attacked by the bird. It reminded me of the good times with Franziska's whip)
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    Layton 7 Coming to Mobile and 3DS, Ditches The Professor

    I was already suspicious about that Layton Brothers game but at least it had its charming art direction and some inkling of semblance to its roots. Plus, detective games are freaking awesome (miles edgeworth 2, I will always miss you T_T). This one looks and feels like blatant cash in. Though...
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    Wonderful 101 Demo Comes Available [UPDATE]

    This trailer made me so happy. It's colourful, it's crazy, it looks like pure fun. It's the perfect fit for a Nintendo console. Christ I want that D:
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    Target Slashes All Vita Prices To $199

    3DSXL has a vastly improved battery life (about 3 hours more) also feels a lot nice in your hands than the original one (aka, no sharp painful corners that yahtzee's always complaining about). OT: Well, about damn time. Now this shit needs to reach Europe and with humane memory prices the...
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    Zero Punctuation: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

    Then you'll love Luigi in this one. There are quite a few moments inside Luigi's head that really make him more of a loving and faithful brother than any other RPG appearance before. I don't want to spoil too much but I found the moments of him protecting Mario really heart-warming. OT...
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    Zero Punctuation: Deadpool

    pssssst, hey, hey yahtzee, in regards to comedy games:
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    Atlus and Nintendo Team Up to Give You Money

    I sure hope you linked your 3DS to your club Nintendo account BEFORE downloading FE or else there's no registering going on anymore :C
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    Atlus and Nintendo Team Up to Give You Money

    true enough, but we got buy three, get one free and give away Monster Hunter 3U for free to a new 3DS player so I think we had our fill on free shit from Nintendo. Seriously, though, Atlus, WTF >:C I need SMT IV. NAO!!!!! (also etrian Odysey :c)
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    Trailers: Layton Brothers: Mystery Room - Launch Trailer

    so they're blatantly use Layton's good name as free promotion... I'm strangely okay with that but only if there's a sufficient amount of winks and nudges towards the good old professah! Plus, layton brotherS implies that there's one more Layton Junior around somewhere. Wondering what's he up to?