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    Sexiest Accents?

    That's really a French accent :)
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    I NEED more music, and good music too.

    I recommend Nirvana, Harry Chapin, System of s Down, Dream Theater, etc.
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    Most Overrated Game

    Modern Warfare 2, easily.
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    Poll: Fallout 3 or Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion?

    Fallout 3 is a "better" game. Oblivion is far more interesting and pleasant to be in. Both, Fo' Sho'
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    Mass Effect

    Well worth the money. Streamlined enough to be user friendly without sacrificing a bit of RPG goodness, The conversation wheel is also fun to use and personally, I enjoyed the combat, especially if you play as someone with biotic powers. Also, the world is very well realised. The sound, voice...
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    Poll: Direct X 11 or PhysX?

    I am about to buy a brand new Pc. I can only afford the Ati 5850 or the Nvidia GTX275. One is Direct X 11, the other is PhysX. Having seen the recent Batman as well as Borderlands etc. PhysX makes a noticeable difference while Direct X 11 probably wont be used for a while still. Seeing...
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    Poll: Nationality of Escapists?

    Africa, a whole continant, doesn't even get a place. Wrong. And yes I know there aren't many other Africans around here but still, a whole continant.
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    Games that deliver more than you expected.

    Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (So much better than everyone said); Defense Grid; Dark Messiah (Really great medieval game); Prince of Persia
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    2009 - WTF? man, WTF? Like I'm seriously, WTF?

    To clarify... I was not drunk A, and B, I never said Modern warfare 2 was delayed. What I said was that because of its announcement, every other game has gone running scared. Also I never meant that this year is terrible, just a let down when you look at what was initially supposed to release.
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    2009 - WTF? man, WTF? Like I'm seriously, WTF?

    Should mention that I only have a Pc :-( Good sir, I was not drunk in the slightest, just ranting a bit. ;-) Also I wasn't meaning there is absolutely nothing this year, just a lot less than expected. Especially when compared with my initial expectation for this year to ROXORZ!!! To...
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    2009 - WTF? man, WTF? Like I'm seriously, WTF?

    So there I was, staring doe eyed and slobbering at the games being released this year. My brother and I smugly congratulating each other on predicting 2009 as great since 2007 was great and it takes two years to gestate all the sequels and upcoming IP's we wanted. Then...BAM, Modern Warfare...
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    Most disappointing game?

    Agreement on Fear 2 and Wolfenstein. As far as RoL goes... It just didn't tickle my happy places. I'm an rts whore, Starcraft being my all time favourite (never played multiplayer). What I loved was well rounded characters, great storyline and interesting units and abilities. Not to mention...
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    Building PC

    Here's a nice site that lets you build a pc with everything you want. In rand prices but you can always convert.
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    BrainHex: What Sort of Gamer Are You?

    Seeker: 17 Mastermind: 15 Achiever: 9 Conqueror: 7 Survivor: 4 Daredevil: 1 Socialiser: 0 Scarily accurate, especially the exceptions bit. Makes me wish they could develop\tweak games based on how someone scores on a test like this. A kind of custom fit game...a man can dream.
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    1000 Things We Learnt From Fallout 3

    167) 1940's music was much better than today's