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    Diversity in Fiction - Question

    Like a lot of others here, if I'm told what race a character is, I expect that to matter in the story. Otherwise, I'm assuming the character is like all the other characters in the story. And without such a context, I'm going to assume that it's white because it's the closest you can get to a...
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    Telltale Games CEO Steps Down

    Job Stauffer definitely belongs in HR
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    A hopefully non-controversial thought on character diversity in media.

    I absolutely agree. What I can't respect is when people invest so much of themselves into what should be the most shallow element of their identity (race, orientation, etc.) that they ascribe any value whatsoever to the fact that some character is a girl. It's cool to normalize things by...
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    Never Stink Again: New Kickstarter Aims to Market Deodorant for Gamers

    I really don't think anyone would dispute that...but the only people I can think of who will fund this is people like us who go "chyeah some of these people really need it!" and give a penny for giggles
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    Are you A Closeted Sports Fan?

    Nah, I'll watch it a bit sometimes if that's what everyone is doing (like the last basketball season, with the Warriors, since I live in California). But it isn't something that I've ever understood how to feel much of anything about. I did like extreme sports like skateboarding when I was...
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    Poll: Would you rather play terrible, but functional game, or good but but buggy/glitchy game?

    I voted for the bugless option because glitchy games really, really turn me off. If it doesn't work well, I probably won't have the patience to finish it anyway. But I'd really rather just not play.
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    "It's an Acquired Taste."

    There was some aspect of the thing in question that they found fascinating, despite the surrounding unpleasantness. Maybe even something like the romanticizing of the idea of partaking in the thing. Call that shallow if you like, but if ultimately the result is genuine appreciation, then what...
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    Poll: Which Group of People You Should Never Make Fun Of?

    Terrorists. It'll only blow up in your face.
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    French Education Minister Wants Niantic to Remove Rare Pokemon From Schools

    They should put all rare pokemon exclusively at the Marianas Trench
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    Konami Announces Metal Gear Survive

    They say stoop Konami says how low
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    Poll: What can't you walk away from

    I'll never be the first to throw a punch. I don't even think I've ever hit anyone like that. I'll tell people off, but I haven't really had to do that since junior high. So if there is something I can't walk away from, it's something I can't even imagine right now. I mean really, I cannot...
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    Poll: Sound of Silence...Which Version is Better?

    Oh god, somebody used to play the Disturbed one at my usual pool hall every time I was there so I cannot stand it. I also like the Nevermore one for being out-of-the-box.
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    What do you want to see in TES VI?

    - more voice actors, who speak faster than someone making a speech on a podium might speak - more complicated leveling systems and skills (better to be like Oblivion than like Skyrim, I think) - more gear, with more modifiers I agree with a lot of what has been said, but I think these are...
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    Ranting Thread

    I hate unnecessary noises. This spans from saying obvious, trivial, stupid things to going "ohhhh" when you're sitting at your work desk working on something that nobody else is involved with. Breathing too loudly also counts, so hard. I wish I had my own office.
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    Poll: You have to fist fight the last game character you played as, how does it go?

    My Diablo 2 barbarian. He does crap damage without a weapon equipped so I think I win!