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    The Mass Effect: Andromeda EA/Origin Access Will Limit Your Access to the Campaign

    this would only be the case in competitive multiplayer
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    There's an Official Resident Evil Candle, and no, it Doesn't Smell Like Blood

    You know what's a great idea? Designing a candle specifically for burning within arms' reach when the user is wearing goggles that blind them to their surroundings and then display a series of jump scares.
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    The Nintendo Switch Features a Paid Online Service and a Companion Mobile App

    I guess offhand, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Spla2n, Bomberman, Street Fighter, and Puyo Tetris. Not sure about Arms. At some point, Smash. So, a lot of the announced launch titles?
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    Scalebound Canceled as Microsoft and Platinum Part Ways

    Same thing happened with Journey, don't see anybody continuing to complain that it was an exclusive...maybe there's a bias here???
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    Blizzard's 2017 Overwatch Plans Include Adding a Server Browser

    talking out of my ass here because I don't play this game, but wouldn't less ults make the ults even more central to gameplay? it would increase the coin flip factor.
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    Report: Nintendo Switch Isn't as Powerful as a PS4

    They've put themselves into a tough situation, but they're making the same mistakes to try to get out of it, it seems. Rushing anything to market has never really worked out for them.
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    Adventure Time Miniseries Reveals What Happened to The Humans

    you didn't see the part where he got mad at his arm for attacking susan strong and it tore itself off and fused with finn sword and formed into grass finn which you can see in the intro sequence with marcy and pb somehow the level of crazy shit seems to have stayed the same
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    Super Mario Run Cannot be Played Offline

    "I want Nintendo to abandon their core strategy and go mobile" "no, not like that" also, why do you hold nintendo to higher standards than all of the other companies that you've presumably given money to over the years that have already done things like this while at the same time thinking...
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    Let it Die is Now Available for Free on PlayStation 4

    They're probably preparing a longer review for a different post.
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    Pokemon Sun and Moon's First Legendary Distribution Event is Live

    because soft resetting for stats is a lot easier if you don't actually have to fight and capture the giant scary monster every time also because every additional story event takes development time
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    The 5 Best Changes Pokemon Sun and Moon Made

    minor tip: you can make a pokemon shut up and stop yelling for help if you hit them with an immobilizing status (paralysis, sleep, freeze is unlikely but also works) major tip: how rotom dex works is you poke specific locations on it - direct center of the screen opens the region map -...
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    Build-A-Bear Unveils New Sonic the Hedgehog Plushes

    it's supposed to be the plump version, this is "eyes mostly separate entities" sonic the sound chip doesn't feel right because it doesn't play long enough for it to start getting increasingly impatient
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    You Won't Be Able To Transfer Old Pokemon To Sun And Moon Until January

    I think they're purposely delaying the change until January to give all the kids waiting for Christmas a chance to catch up so that they're not behind on the meta.
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    Nintendo is Banning 3DS Consoles that Played Pirated Pokemon Sun and Moon Online

    No lawsuit will be sereved because in addition to admitting in court that you somehow obtained a copy of the game before it was available to the public and implicating either yourself or others of illegal activity, Nintendo gets to decide who connects to their servers no matter what, and even...
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    New Pokemon Sun and Moon Video Shows Off New Ultra Beasts, Z-Moves

    shaped more like a combination of cords and synapses (that has 173 special attack stat) ultra beasts are supposed to be extremely bizarre in appearance