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    Are Bioware style party RPGs dead?

    Bioware has become shit because it's another soulless cog in the machine that is EA. RPGs do well, shitty RPGs not so much.
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    New Fallout has been announced.

    Just wait for more paid mod bullshit they keep trying to push with their broken ass games. After the last mess that was Fallout 4, I'm definitely giving this a wide berth. Still can't believe they gave a fallout protagonist a voice actor with one shit voice and so many bad dialogue options.
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    Alright FarCry 5, you have completely sold me.

    Apparently the online co-op is implemented really bad. Only saves the host progress so the second player gets left behind and gets no credit for any of the story missions in their own game. Link here for the latest news from Gamespot...
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    Never Enough "FUCK YOUS" For Bethesda

    After the shitshow that was Fallout 4, this doesn't surprise me at all. Get ready for a future of paying for mods. God, that makes me taste bile. Fuck, I hope Obsidian gets another shot at the IP. Bethesda can crash and burn.
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    PUBG devs threaten "action" against Fortnite Battle Royale

    More competition the better. Will force PUBG to keep a good tmeline on their updates and not get lazy. Fornite does play like shit though. Accuracy of weapons are tied to their rarity. Is it legal for Fornite to directly reference PUBG in their advertising? That's the only possible...
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    Bojack Horseman season 4

    Agreed. Thought it was a look into the future, but goddamn, that one line at the ending and the dark realization kicks in. Great episode.
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    Hellboy to be Rebooted, with Neil Marshall Directing and David Harbour as Eponymous Superhero.

    Shame, nothing can replace the voice work of Perlman. Understandable though, as Ron is up there in age, and all this costume work takes a toll on the body. Hope it's good. They should at least bring on Del Toro as a consultant.
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    So, Google Image is racist, apparently.

    Globalist conspiracy to subvert white culture. /tips tinfoil fedora
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    Poll: Shadowbanning/Stealth Banning; Agreeable or No?

    It's a disgusting measure to silence people who don't agree with them. Twitter is a shithole for doing it, and I hope it comes back to bite them in the ass.
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    Total War Warhammer 2: Gameplay teaser and other news.

    Wonder if they'll fucking sell the blood and gore dlc for the umpteenth time?
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    Metro Exodus Announced!!

    God, just imagine how great a new Stalker game would be. Metro is a pretty decent series though, both 2033 and Last Light were good. The best parts of the games are always the atmospheric creepy shit you find in the radiated subway tunnels. Hopefully they don't have you above ground too much...
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    For Honor base down 93% in only 3 months

    Great combat system marred by late patches, and a complete lack of content. They built an okay core, and that's all they had. Not enough armor, not enough characters, not enough modes, not enough maps. And the Peer to Peer servers are fucking awful. The fact they couldn't even support some...
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    Great Sci Fi TV shows (except Star Trek)

    Farscape is really great.
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    One Love Manchester, the most important modern concert in the UK?

    As long as the funds raised make it to the victims of the attack, I'm fine with it. There's always a bad habit of these things having money skimmed off the top.
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    Why no Third person game today ever come close to Max Payne 1 and Mafia 1?

    I enjoyed Max Payne 3 more than the first one by a large margin, although 2 and 3 are really close in my opinion. 3 is just so full of good technology moments because of Rockstar's attention to detail, that I can forgive the sorta crappy story-line and cover system. I do agree though that...