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    Favorite Hyrule Warrior? Anyone you wish was added to the game?

    I'm not too far in the game, but of the 5 characters I have so far Impa is by far the best. Link is really fun with the fire rod, but boring as can be with a sword. My roommate and I are faily dedicated to only playing story mode on coop so I haven't unlocked a lot of stuff yet, but I snagged a...
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    Have you ever played a game that made you cry?

    Nothing gets the tears welling quite like marathoning the Mass Effect Trilogy with Tali as love interest (I even eschewed romance entirely in the first game for her) and then getting the worst ending on Rannoch. I've never turned a game off and redone things in Mass Effect, but I couldn't take that.
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    "I Don't Like X Because of the Fandom;" Why?

    I used to hate it when people said they wouldn't try something because of the fandom, and then I started liking things with rabid fans and I kinda started to get it. I got into Sherlock, Doctor Who, Homestuck, all of these things before they got big and loved them, but eventually the association...
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    Pope Francis Describes Internet as "A Gift From God"

    I'm writing an article on this guy right now and I've interviewed several people of various faiths or nonfaiths about their thoughts on him. Doesn't seem to matter who you are or what you believe, everyone really likes this pope.
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    How is Battlefield Different From CoD?

    Just picked up battlefield, and so far I've noticed that trying to play lone wolf will get you killed pretty quickly. Vehicle play is also a much bigger factor, I suppose the larger map sized have something to do with that though. I feel like I have more options in BF, like there are more ways...
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    Cheat Codes: what happened and do you care?

    Seems to be a lot of debate about whether people "need" cheats or not these days. Has anyone here ever needed cheats? I always used them after I finished games for fun. Unlimited health, ammo, God Mode, the ability to do things you only wished you could do running through the game initially...
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    Why do PC Gamers Oppose Using a Controller?

    I just recently made the switch from console to PC, and I have to say that having an xbox 360 controller to use has made the transition way easier. I just got the Humble Origin Bundle, and I doubt I'd be able to play Burnout without one. I'm trying to make the switch to mouse and keyboard for...
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    Supposedly Difficult Bosses That You Found to be Easy?

    REPLYING TO YOUR REPLY OF ME. Yeah, as another guy said, you just have to kill it fast. It's pathetic unless you actually let rollout build up. I had a huge problem with that girl. May have just been the way I built my Jensen though. As for Sephy in KH2, I had a hard time with him in...
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    Supposedly Difficult Bosses That You Found to be Easy?

    Whitney's Miltank in Pokemon Gold and Silver for me. I don't even remember what II did to beat it, I just recall taking it out in a couple hits and not caring.
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    I just ordered my first ever gaming-capable PC. What are the first things I should do with it?

    I've been a console gamer my whole life, more out of necessity due to price than anything else. However I've just saved enough to order a top specs Lenovo Thinkpad, and the gaming possibilities at this point are endless. I've always wanted to take part in Steam sales, mod Skyrim, play PC games...
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    Agents of SHIELD TV Series | Thoughts?

    I know, it looks so cheap! Isn't this wonderful? They're not just putting Whedon at the helm of a TV show, they're actually making it look like a Joss Whedon TV show too!
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    Smite's controversial 'Grapist' match of the day

    I love a good rape joke as much as the next guy but naming a gametype that every single player in the game will see after a rape scenario is a bit much. These things are funniest when kept on the down low, away from people who are sensitive to the topic or who can have terrible memories...
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    Your favorite philosopher

    I don't think it's just because they're proud of their beliefs, we Christians tend to like Bill Nye and De'Grasse Tyson enough (though Nye has been pretty irritating lately). It's the fact that folk like Dawkins thinks religion is some awful blight on the human mind that drives us away from...
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    My decent into digital only.

    I definitely prefer physical copies, they suit me much better as a person. I'm okay with digital downloads if I can burn them onto a disk and store them somewhere away from my fragile, aging computer, but if they're tied to an account... Well, I really hate the idea that I could have the right...
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    Hey you! Dumbass! Tell us about your gaming idiocy.

    Nope. Sorry. I absolutely need to know how you did that. Sounds like good times! Anyone remember that mossy dragon thing in the middle of FF12, in the middle of the forest bit? The one that releases a bunch of spores which infect your whole party with like, 4 random status issues each or...