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    Titanfall 2 Confirmed, is Coming to PS4

    Unless they actually package the next one with a game I couldn't care less. The multiplayer-only AAA thing runs out of steam to fast to really be worth my money.
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    Pre-Purchasing Evolve on Xbox One Lets You Skip Grinding

    Like other posters here I am very displeased with the progression skipping. I like Disgaea. so to me removing a good grind (there are some grinds I would be glad to see go) is removing a selling point. As well as throwing in elements of P2W. Though there is one other thing in this article that...
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    Three EA Games Free This Weekend for PlayStation Owners

    Strange, I just went through the store to check on these games, and they're still marked at full price. Did someone forget to update the store or something?
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    Cause of Global Warming's "Pause" Since 1998 Revealed

    Kind of his point; a lot of "news" organizations, like Fox, conflate weather and climate to try to sell you a bunch of bullshit. kind of like comparing: an unexpectedly warm year/ the general warm trend, with an unexpectedly cold year. e.g. disproving global warming with the polar vortex.
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    The Last of Us Remastered Will Have Cross-Buy Add-On Content

    I think you may have made a typo. OT: that's pretty cool news; I may actually get the remastered edition.
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    SWAT Raids Counter-Strike Player Live on Twitch

    Not quite, a few of them have to be left to the guy who robbed a place and checked his Facebook profile at THE SCENE OF THE CRIME and didn't even close the browser window before he left.
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    FCC Chair To Revise Horrible Proposed Net Neutrality Rules

    Actually it wouldn't even require legislation. All it would take for the FCC to have authority over this would be, for them to reclassify broadband internet as a 'common carrier service' (if I recall correctly). The reason this wasn't done already is cause Wheeler is either: a soulless corporate...
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    Extra Credits Team Debuts New Video Series "James Recommends"

    I just have to point this out; it's not 'the swappers,' it's 'the swapper.' I sometimes get the feeling, that I spend too much time on the trivial things.
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    Texas Juvenile Probation Chief Blames Games, Rap Music For Youth Violence

    So does the right to bear arms now extend to: pistols, rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, and thermonuclear-flying blue turtle shells? Cause I'm pretty sure that 'Mario Brothers double dash' (<--da FUCK?) has caused more than it's fair share of violence with that little tragedy. And what the...
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    Washington Tax Plan Would Punish Violent Game Makers

    Most political coverage I've seen places the highly optimistic window for any tax reform sometime around 2016. The more cynical would place it after 2019. Several analysts that I have read from say it's unlikely that any major bills will be passed at all in the mid term election year (this...
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    Zero Escape Conclusion Put on Hold Indefinitely

    Fucking managers! I loved virtue's last reward. The game had an excellent story and thoughtful puzzles. Japan may be one of the biggest markets in the industry, but there are other places to make money. How well did the other localizations do? Cause there could be other markets you could...
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    KH1.5 Unknown Boss fight

    I beat him on proud mode with some difficulty using the oathkeeper. the first thing I would reccomend is being highly aggresive, as this reduces his chances of using that one move. While I fought him I also found that using gravity damage on him made it likely that he would follow up with the...
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    Fallout: Shadows of Boston Shows Up on IMDB

    Yeah they're both real words; and both of them are incredibly stupid. Though another terrible title, that I only heard about from game grumps a while back, was "Totally Rad."
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    Is PS+ worth the money?

    When I load up the PlayStation store right now and go to the playstation plus section, the first four things to appear are: Metro: Last Light (was $49.99, FREE) Biroshock Infinite (was $39.99, FREE) Brothers a tale of two sons (was $14.99, FREE) Borderlands 2 (was $29.99, FREE) That's...
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    Fallout: Shadows of Boston Shows Up on IMDB

    Are you forgetting such terrible titles as 'Revengence,' and 'Warfighter?' Shadows of Boston is terrible name though. On the topic of the title's authenticity, yeah it's a fake.