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    What do you think is the sexiest accent?

    Definitly the Cape Breton accent. This is how everyone around here, me included, speaks:
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    Rarest/Most expensive object you own

    I have a book titled "Notes on the SOVIET GROUND FORCES" from 1978. Its a cool little book that outlines every detail about the Soviet military ypu can think of. I found it at work the other day cleaning out the unit library. By the way its from the Canadian Forces and was handed out as a...
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    What does your username mean?

    Well, I'm a Combat Engineer in the Canadian Forces and my rank is Sapper. The Ze is just a bit of flair I tossed in there =) What is a sapper? "-he is a man of all work of the army and the public- astronomer, geologist, surveyor, draftsman, artist, architect, explorer, mechanic, diver...
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    Life Lessons Learned From Games

    Yeah, but cement makes up almost everything. Sidewalks, buildings, roads, ancient underwater roads, and even large cement slabs that one could drop on someone to kill them. Why get rid of such an awesome way to kill someone?
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    Life Lessons Learned From Games

    I've tripped overt them enough! BREAK THEM ALL!
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    Life Lessons Learned From Games

    And thus, another person was added to the government de-population list. Anyways... My Lesson? No use using the door, just make your own!
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    Life Lessons Learned From Games

    Oh come on, really? What do you have against cement slabs? They don't deserve that kind of insult! OT: Shotgun to the face of a fat guy = Non-Lethal. Stab to the back = Lethal.
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    Poll: What broke MW2?

    This, in my opinion its a waaaay better game.
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    Worst way you've been woken up

    On a course in the military I woke up to this sound: about 13 times in one night. God did I hate my SQ course...
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    Apocalypse Lane: Episode 47: Dirty Rotten Cyborgs

    "Looks like your princess is in another goddamn castle." God I love Marty, his little comments like that make the show for me.
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    Splinter Cell: Conviction Review

    Personally I loved the "instant game over level" because it was a nice throwback to the style of the old Splinter Cell games. I completely agree with your assessment of the interrogate feature, it's nice to have a bit of controll over the cutscenes.
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops Trailer Induces a Flashback

    If they can pull off what the seem to be alluding to then I will be very impressed.
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    if you had 30 minutes where the laws didn't apply, what would you do?

    Personally I'd take up the old Viking ethos of rape, pillage, and plunder. Odin be praised.
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    Looking For Good RPGs

    I was looking at Risen but I can't find it in any rental stores around and I'm hesitant to buy it. I've played Divinity and I didn't mind it but it didn't really wow me. I've also tried Nier but just didn't like it. Thanks though!
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    Looking For Good RPGs

    Hmm... I might try it, thanks! I'm glad you noticed =)