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    What is your GOTY so far?

    Doom. It captured the quick, mechanics-based combat and relentless exploration that keeps the original game entertaining to this day, and it was handled with such a wondrously refreshing self awareness. From the Doom Marine's utter refusal to give the slightest hint of interest in the storyline...
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    Is Asui Tsuyu the best designed monster girl

    Correct. Undeniably correct. Tio close second. Please, don't encourage it. I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Q. Bee; I like her design in that she's specifically meant to be false. That face is camouflage, her actual eyes are the compound ones. It shows a bit more thought put into the...
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    Anti piracy in PC games?

    DRM's.. realistically not going to work most of the time. More intrusive, more elaborate, and deeper security measures that involve themselves in the entirety of the game, forcing every aspect to be online and verified all of the time, cause problems as we've seen with Diablo and Sim City...
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    So has any game made you feel "wow this is next gen stuff right here"

    Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I bought it with my Wii, and upgraded from a GameCube. Now, I realize that either of these systems weren't exactly synonymous with graphical fidelity to rival their.. erm.. rivals.. but those lighting effects. Half-Life 2 was like that as well. I remember...
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    Why is there no Twilight game?

    Who would you play in the game? Bella? She's designed from the ground up to be shallow, vapid, and utterly featureless so as to be phenomenally easy for the book's target audience to identify with. The kind of people who read the books wouldn't want to play as Edward, or any of the other...
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    Rainbow Brite Reboot Revealed in First Trailer

    So.. Penny Arcade did that thing with sexy Strawberry Shortcake, and got into a legal thing with the owners of the IP. Thus, they did one for Rainbow Brite, on the premise they figured it would never make a comeback.. this is going to make for an interesting spectacle.
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    was the first full priced game you bought worth the price?

    Vampire: The Masquerade, Bloodlines. Full price retail version, $50 plus tax. I'm one of roughly seventy-two thousand people who can say that, and it's never going to be any less satisfying. As first games bought go, I think I win on general principle.
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    Poll: What is a friend to you?

    Someone that I can outrun when the zombie apocalypse occurs.
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    "Monkey Selfie" Erupts into Copyright Battle on Wikipedia

    Honestly, he lost me twice. First, the whole.. Hitler/Stalin.. thing.. and then on the revelation that he's actually changed his story since the original photograph was released - drastically, in fact. A monkey grabbed his camera and hit the button while it was pointed at a good angle turned...
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    Activision Teases the Return of Sierra Entertainment - Update

    I love you. Unconditionally, and forever. I have never encountered anyone who even vaguely knew of this beautiful game's existence. If Sierra is coming back.. well, we may just get Outpost 3. Or more Metaltech games that aren't mired in Tribes. A new CyberStorm or Earthsiege game. Think...
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    Why do some people prefer to play the bad guy if given the option?

    There's an episode of Red Dwarf, titled Angels & Demons. At one point, an evil version of Rimmer has Lister cornered with a holo-whip. He goes on at length about all the horrible, horrible things he intends to do to Lister, which culminates in being asked why, just why he's so damnedly evil...
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    Poll: Fallout 3 or New Vegas

    Both, as some have said. Fallout 3 is the very, very typical hero's journey. You wander across the wasteland following your father, always just a few steps behind him, and that's.. about it. Sure, there are tons of storylines and sidequests, but the main plot is steady as a rock regardless of...
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    Best child protagonist?

    The characters of a very, very strange D&D campaign I once participated in.. Recette, Calvin, and Andrew Wiggin have already been mentioned, though I think that Andrew's sister Valentine should count as one as well given that she has a couple of chapters from her perspective as well. Perhaps...
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    Your first game with each system

    Hm. Well, I can only dredge forth vague memories of the Atari age, despite knowing that I did spend an awful lot of time with one. So we'll skip that. I'm also pretty certain my older sibling drafted me into matches for multiplayer before I got my hands on their consoles, but I'm not going to...
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    One-handed Mouse-Only Computer Games?

    I thought about Diablo? But in that game you have to neck potions, swap weapons, change active skills, and utilize Shift for stationary attacking... it ends up with you having just too many buttons to fit on a relatively standard mouse - that is, one with two buttons, a clickable scroll wheel...