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    Cheating to save time

    I do on occasion but I tend to feel bad about it afterwards, i mean it just feels like a bit of a hollow victory.
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    Your age and your thoughts

    25 year old guy here. Who feels like hes pretty much failed life in the last 25 years and doesn't see that chainging anytime soon. But at least I have a soul crushing dead end job which i'll probably never escape and a bit of money in the bank for the inevitable debt when I either try to...
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    eShop Purchases No Longer Locked to Console on Switch

    THANK YOU. Thats one of the main reasons ive been boycotting there consoles as of late.
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    The Long War 2 Mod is Now Available for XCOM 2

    That moment when theres advent soldiers who automatically overwatches and theres two more who can and will chuck flash bangs your way on gatecrasher and this is just veteran mode. I havent even started the main game but I see this is going to be a fun mod. :p
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    The Long War 2 Mod is Coming to XCOM 2

    Yay, i was looking for a reason to replay this.
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    Blizzard to Take "Aggressive Action" Against Mei Ice Wall Exploiters in Overwatch

    I dont understand why people are saying that you shouldn't be banned for this, i mean come on, this pretty much makes you invincible and lets you shoot people through the map. Im sure they arent going to ban people for just doing it once or twice by "accident" but people who are constantly...
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    Nintendo is Banning 3DS Consoles that Played Pirated Pokemon Sun and Moon Online

    What kind of idiot thinks to himself, hurr durr I just pirated a unreleased game from a giant company who will probably sue the crap out of me as a example if they find out. I know I'll play it online on there servers.... thats a fantastic idea obviously i will never get caught! To the Pirate...
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    Take Sombra For a Spin Right Now on Overwatch's Public Test Realm

    Quick play is now one hero per team. Great, well I guess I can say goodbye to actually being able to try her, and actually being able to not play the healer for once. Woohoo.
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    Never Stink Again: New Kickstarter Aims to Market Deodorant for Gamers

    What a bunch on condescending bullshit. Because gamers are all the smelly little fat stereotype who dont know how to take care of them self and they clearly need a "special" gamer deodorant to entice them to have basic hygiene.
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    UK Game Store Charges People $6 to Test PSVR For 10 Minutes

    No one is really surprised. Game love to gouge prices out of pre-owned stuff so why not charge for a demo why you are at it.
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    CS: GO Patch Monetizes Sprays, Makes Them Limited Use

    Seriously? They are joking right? *sigh*
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    Disney is Rebooting The Lion King

    Milking old franchises? I guess you could say thats just the circle of life.
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    Blizzard Reveals the In-Game Items You'll Get With the Blizzcon Virtual Ticket This Year

    That bastion skin looks amazing. I sorta want it.... but im not to sure if i want to watch the event and im not paying that much just for one skin.....
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    Ubisoft Shuts Down Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Servers

    Awww the game was pretty fun. But then again, i played it along time ago.... so.... I missed most of the p2w and the patching fiasco people have said above. Its really sad when a game dies like this, it pains me to think that they are lost to time.