California Senator Wants Fewer Guns in Games

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Jan 17, 2012
thethird0611 said:
I just want to put this out here man, but Criminologist actually dont see an increase access of guns as a direct link to violence. They see a correlation between the two, but it isnt a direct link between the two.

Trust men, I seriously just learned about it this week from a Criminology course from a Criminology professor over that -exact- topic.
Is that on the individual level or the national level? Because the omnipresence of guns in America has a greater statistical effect than "access to guns". For instance, the cultural obsession/glorification of firearms changes the likelihood of their use, and the nature of said use, not to mention that while there may be no direct link between access to firearms and the rate of violent crime, I'm willing to bet there's a direct link between access to firearms and the rate of violent crimes which result in the death of the victim.


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Mar 27, 2011
I think we're getting outraged over the wrong thing. Sure, she's blaming video games on real life problems, but let's take another look at this. She wants the government to step in to make there be fewer guns in games?

How the hell would that even be managed? Are games going to have quotas on the number of guns they can have, or is it going to be a quota on how many gun games can be released per year?


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Jan 16, 2010
Two things.

Firstly the source given uses the term "assault weapon" several times without getting it wrong or saying "assault rifle" by mistakes. Journalists, take note.

Secondly, this seems to be calling for reduction of guns in games, not a change in how the guns are portrayed. Surely if you want to go down that road you should draw a distinction between playing as a police officer who is forced to shoot criminals in the line of duty, and playing as a criminal shooting police offices for lulz?


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Jun 18, 2012
StewShearer said:
Senator Dianne Feinstein has suggested the government should pass in-game gun restrictions if the game industry doesn't self-regulate.
Doesn't the video game industry have better self-regulation than any other form of media?

I don't know about you guys, but the day video games stop being a scapegoat can't come soon enough. Then again, the day politicians stop being idiots can't come soon enough either, but that's not gonna happen anytime soon.

Mr. Omega

Jul 1, 2010
Really? Nobody posted the obvious Carlin vid?

Going after fake guns/games gets cheering crowds and plenty of bribes "campaign donations" from pro-gun lobbyists.

Going after REAL guns gets you jeers, death threats, rape threats if you're a woman and the full financial opposition of the NRA come election season.

It's all about where the money and PR is. Plus the gamers are far less probably to try and assassinate you for even considering passing legislation.


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Feb 8, 2008
Hmm... she wants to restrict the game industry. Odd... I don't remember people at Sandy Hook being attacked by DVD and Bluray discs.

Also, if you are treating it that way I want to use the 2nd Amendment to protect my right to bear digital arms.


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May 29, 2011
Silly California. Your politics are just as crazy as Texas, but on the other side of the political spectrum.

...actually, I'm from Oklahoma, so I can't really make fun of other states' crazy politics, can I?


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Nov 18, 2009
V da Mighty Taco said:
F said:
And I want fewer politicians talking about guns in games but we can't all get what we want.

I also wouldn't mind a unicorn...just sayin.
Here you go!

Captcha: "wing it" Psychic Captcha strikes again![/quote]

HURRAH! Thank you. :D

Now if we could only get the politicians to stop with game talk too. :/


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May 2, 2011
United States
FEichinger said:
Dear, America ...

your obsession with guns has caused this. You allow children to touch real guns, teach them how to shoot them and glorify it with your insane defense of the 2nd Ammendment.

Fake guns are not the problem. They are a safe way to live your gun obsession, without harming anyone. This does not teach anyone how to shoot a real gun. It does not make them violent sociopaths. It does not give them access to guns. It is just fiction.

If you want to reduce gun violence, don't do it by removing a harmless alternative. Think about why people get guns to begin with. Think about what causes people to be paranoid enough to want guns to begin with. I can tell you, it's not arcade boxes and video games.

It's a state full of idiots. A state with legislators focused on personal gain. A state with a justice system that is flawed from start to finish. A state that refuses to act in favor of its population in fear of "socialism" and "oppression". It's a state full of parents who act without thinking and hand their children items they should not have at all.

I don't disagree that you have taken far too long to fix this. It may well be impossible now. But don't stomp your feet like a child and pretend there is something else that is responsible, other than your own faults.

Best Regards,
Dear, Europe.

-_- Mom, shut up.

Yes, a lot of people here in our Gov. are messed up, corrupt, or stupid but we are not the only country that can say that.

Hell, Berlusconi got convicted (not accused, convicted) of felonies, and still ran again for prime minister (getting about 30% of the votes).

No one is perfect, no matter what even some of our own people may say *COUGH*FOX*COUGH*.
We are trying, and will keep trying to be better, like every other nation is also trying to be better.

Love, U.S.A.

P.S. We will see you later for tea. We are bringing
and some may also be bringing beer.


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Dec 29, 2009
*person shoots bunch of people with a gun*

"Get the pretend pixel guns out of video games, but don't do anything about the real gun because that's un-Amuricahn!"

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Jun 19, 2011
canadamus_prime said:
But we don't want fewer real guns in the hands of people now do we?
That's a pretty unfair statement. Feinstein is also one of the Senate's staunchest gun-restriction advocates. Now, if say... a Republican would be trying to restrict guns in video games, then that would indeed be hypocritical.

Broken Blade said:
What an idiot. And she's MY f*cking senator. Why do people keep voting for her?
Because apparently you failed to vote in the primaries.

CriticalMiss said:
'Out of touch old woman angry at vid-yo-gayums' would make a better headline. How do these people get voted in to power?
Believe it or not, there are more pressing issues in a society than video games. If I saw a candidate who embodies everything I believe, except on the issue of video games, I would still vote for that person, because hell: when else are you going to find someone who embodies everything you believe?
And on the matter of Feinstein, I'm not saying I agree with everything she stand for, but she is none-the-less an impressive woman, who has done much for women's rights, immigration and gay rights. Would I vote for her in the primaries? No, probably not. But she'd still win, because she's so popular with the voters.
So I would still end up voting for her in the senate race. Because, after all, a Democrat is still always better than a Republican. And I would much rather have a Democratic senator who battles against real guns, than a Republican senator who leaves digital guns alone.


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Oct 1, 2012
Any time soon death, you can start doing your job, please?
It's starting to get annoying that people keep attacking videogames and insulting something I'm passionate about. Because the moment I get violent suddenly I'm speaking for everyone that plays games, and it's obvious that games made me violent. But if you were to say, get violent because some one started insulting guns, it would be wrong, but they wouldn't pin the blame on guns but the person. Well exception of few states. I don't see Oregon being the type of state to be anti-videogames.
**waves Oregon flag left and right**
Go Oregon

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Jun 19, 2011
Zhukov said:
*person shoots bunch of people with a gun*

"Get the pretend pixel guns out of video games, but don't do anything about the real gun because that's un-Amuricahn!"
Feinstein is against real guns as well. Also, don't be sarcastic. I know it's lowest form of something... Oh, and stand up straight!


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Apr 13, 2009
Zhukov said:
*person shoots bunch of people with a gun*

"Get the pretend pixel guns out of video games, but don't do anything about the real gun because that's un-Amuricahn!"
The only thing that stops a bad guy with an imaginary gun is a good guy with an imaginary gun. Oh, if only a teacher at that school had been carrying a BFG 9000.

...seriously, Dianne, just because you've had a long day at work and the games industry is easier to push around than the NRA doesn't make it a good idea. Go put on your big girl pants and deal with the real guns, please.

Andy Shandy

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Jun 7, 2010
I swear to god, every time a politician talks about games, the statement is stupider and stupider.


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Jun 16, 2010
DVS BSTrD said:
FEichinger said:
RatherDull said:
I don't think it is the gun obsession at all.

I'm not in favor of the "Govment dun take our guns hurr durr" bit everyone in my state is spewing, but the reason these shootings keep happening is far more complex than anyone seems to realize.

If I had to point at one thing and say 'That is the reason," personally put the focus on mental health and depression. After all, there is a proven link between depression and shootings.

But state of mental health in the eyes of the public is in such a poor state. People just ignore it or assume it doesn't exist and that it's all made up. But depression is a real thing and it is not the victim's fault.
Oh I fully agree. In fact, I don't think there's a specific one reason at all for people to consider actively shooting people.

But the situation throughout the US in general is definitely what makes it easily possible to actually happen. That's where I was going with that. :)
Because the Right goes out of it's way to prevent the government from enforcing the few gun laws we actually have. And of course banning assault rifles is just a slippery slope to tyrants disarming the populace. Seriously, Fuck the Second Amendment.
......and the left keeps getting in the way of actually doing anything other then just more gun laws, like say a COMPLETE OVERHAUL OF THE MENTAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM!
in all fairness we dont need more gunlaws, we need the ones we have to be enforced. I live in Wyoming which is a pretty sparcly populated state yet we have more guns in our homes then pretty much anywere, yet we have very little gun crime. Why you may ask? I beleave its because the people out here not only enforce the gunlaws on the books but go the extra mile and teach their kids(when they're ready) how to use their guns safly in either defence or for hunting.

All that said i beleave if they did put anything new in gun control it would be better to require classes and a full phyc evaluation before you may percuse a handgun or assault rifle as these weapons are made for the sole perpose of killing other human beings and as such sould not be avalible to just anyone.

edit: anyone else notice that the vast majority of the people who try to pass these things are
A. from california
B. demicrats

or is it just me?


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Jun 8, 2011
Why not ask the gun manufactures and industry to self regulate themselves? Why don't all the manufactures require shops to do background checks all the time and not skip them at gun shows? Oh wait that is right they make money selling guns, so they more guns they sell the better as far as they are concerned. I find it amazing everyone expects the games industry to 'self regulate' and if they don't well they are evil. Yet every other industry out there actively fights any sort of regulation yet they aren't at all corruptors of the innocent and eaters of babies.