Conflict between Palestine and Israel escalates


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Mar 21, 2009
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“After the settler stabbed him, the soldiers prevented us from advancing to him or giving him any help. He was on the ground for 20 minutes, bleeding out,” added Naeem.

Documentation by rights group Yesh Din, which monitors settler attacks in the occupied West Bank, showed a similar sequence of events.

“Settlers arrived at the scene and attempted to set up a tent. Friction ensued and settlers left the place. Immediately afterward, soldiers arrived at the scene, and later the settlers returned,” Yesh Din said in a statement.

After the settlers returned, violence again broke out, “during which a settler pulled out a knife and stabbed the young man to death”, the organisation said.

Settler violence and attacks are a daily reality for Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, where at least 600,000 Israeli settlers live in approximately 250 illegal settlements, according to rights groups.

The vast majority of investigations into attacks are closed without any punishment for the settlers.


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Jan 15, 2013
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Israel is introducing a raft of "security" measures in the West Bank which include... the instruction that foreign visitors must register if they have a romantic interest with a local. Not just for a wedding or co-habitation: merely having a relationship.

Other indefensible elements of the proposal include a near-complete ban on visitors from Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Bahrain, and South Sudan-- keeping in mind that a majority of Jordanian people are of Palestinian heritage, meaning this bars them from even visiting their own ancestral home or where their relatives may still live.

Despicable fucking dystopian shit.
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Oct 20, 2022
Lets be fair at this point Zionist Israel is basically the same as Nazi Germany. Lets do some math... ( Lets bare in mind the current state of that area of the world had nothing to do with anybodies religion but because the influx of European ( white ) migrants from Europe started to "segregate" various areas, which caused deportation, and after WWII ( fall of Ottoman ) they literally dumped a bunch of "refugees" straight out of concentration camps into that area with a bunch of UN troops. Keep that in mind )

1. We had/have a virus called COVID. Not cool.
2. Relocated people just because of their religion/race? because they see these citizens as the enemy. You know who did that? Germany when they "relocated" Jews, Gypsies, or anybody they felt "fit the description". It is called a "ghetto". A place where nobody wants to be, a place where you are tossed away and await destruction.
Just like Nazi Germany. It is the year 20XX not 193X
3. They did this during some Holy Holiday. Now in the USA we do not mess with people during their religious Holidays. That is insane.
4. People started to throw stones, they responded with bean-bag guns. Something like that
5. At random a bunch of ( what I assume ) hand-made mortas came from Gaza-Strip.
6. Israel countered it with anti-missile tech ( Go tech ). Two people reported was killed ( some sources says twenty injured ) but they countered it clap clap go Zionist Israel.


7. Israel pulled off a 9/11 and down a civilian apartment building. Imagine a building filled with babies, parents, children, grand parents and more who live just like you.
Being blown up by the same missile used in Ukraine.

.................................... So keep this mind 20XX Zionist Israel literally relocated people because of their religion/race into ghettos and pulled a 9/11 where grandpa and grandma was living playing with their little grand-children.


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Jan 4, 2023


Unsurprisingly, with an increasingly hardline, pro-settler, right-wing government, Israeli settlers are feeling ever bolder attacking Palestinians. Palestinians appear to be increasingly turning to militias again. Increasing violence looks very likely.

One might note the impotence of the IDF (although at least this time they don't appear to have joined in) in this rampage. Apparently the action of the IDF in this incident was described as "faulty". But realistically, the IDF is around to protect Israelis, not Palestinians. A violent confrontation between the IDF and settlers would be a titanic controversy. IDF soldiers standing by as Israeli settlers attack innocent Palestinians and wreck their homes is merely regrettable.


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May 28, 2020
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I'd add he's doing all that so he can overtake the court system to avoid being prosecuted for corruption.
I'd just like to point out, this is explicitly the issue upon which the national camp, Likud, and Netanyahu ran during the election.