Cyberpunk 2077 Review thread - Umm....

Zykon TheLich

Elite Member
Apr 20, 2020
Well, I gave it a go. I played 88 minutes. I will not be playing any more.

Only saw 1 very brief T-pose but there was something wrong with the audio, I was honestly starting to wonder if it was deliberate, whether you were meant to start out with a dodgy audio implant or something.

But aside from that it just sorta felt sluggish. Like I was playing some sort of low budget cyberpunk shooter from the early 2010s. Sure it looked ok, but just felt off. It became apparent pretty quickly that it wasn't really an RPG, or at least not one with the sort of freedom I like, and if that's the case it's at least got to have gameplay that feels good, and it just didn't.

Refund request put in but it's probably too long since I bought it. *contemplates reinstalling FONV/4, shudders at the thought of installing all the mods again, goes back to playing Total Warhammer*