Jimquisition: Why the Wii U May Have Already "Won" Next-gen

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Jan 5, 2011
Jim expressed my views on the Bayonetta debacle more eloquently than I ever could.


This seems to be the mindset for most "h4rdc0r3 g4mrzzzz" when they hear of the WiiU. It's rather annoying. Sure it doesn't have the best launch titles, but we should give it a little bit of time because I've never seen a console who's launch line-up consists solely of truly groundbreaking games. Seriously, Why do so many "hardcore" gamers Poupon Nintendo?


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Sep 14, 2008
Nintendo is and always has been (since the mid 70's anyway) all about the games, and it's nice to see them stick to their guns and keep their focus on games, even though they're also dabbling in a bit of other media. For that, I applaud them.


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Nov 13, 2007
The innovation of playing a console game without having to hog the TV... that may be the key innovation that wins them this generation. I mean, there were already ways to hook something like that up, but to do it effortlessly, with the click of a menu item, on a feature that's already built in and advertised for? Most of us geeks have no idea how much difference that makes to the average market.

Now, what we need to do is convince third partiers to port over their 360/PS3 exclusives from last-gen over to the Wii-U. There are probably some bureaucratic obstacles, but it makes a great deal of business sense, getting some extra cash from a slice of the market that missed them last time around.

Of course, that makes me wonder what the next gen after this coming one will be like. MB and others have predicted that the console wars as we know them will end entirely after the Wii U/PS4/Xbox 720 have run their course. Because by then, smart-TVs and phones will have grown capable of playing any form of media including triple-A games, and third-party developers will start porting their games to those as well and draining the market share of consoles, so Sony and Microsoft and even Nintendo won't be able to justify a ninth gen of proprietary gaming hardware to their accountants.

Nintendo will probably drop out of hardware and become software-only, at which they'll do great thanks to the Mario/Zelda/you-know-the-list/&c. lineup. Sony and Microsoft will probably stick to making TVs, or they might drop out as well and leave the ninth gen with precisely two competing platforms: The Apple platform, and the bunch-of-other-companies-collated-under-the-flag-of-Google platform.


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May 13, 2009
Jeremy Monken said:
Smart TVs still aren't very close to providing a real hardcore gaming experience. They will, at most, have minigamey little app type games along the lines of Angry Birds or all the cheeseball Kinect games. That's the kind of gameplay the WiiU is likely to offer with a lot of its titles.

So how can the WiiU "win" when it's competing with the Smart TVs while the next entries from MS and Sony will be the hardcore traditional consoles we've come to know and love?

WiiU is trying to take on tablets, consoles and smart TVs all at once while doing nothing to appeal to someone that wants all three. Not to mention the buyers remorse it has to overcome with millions of dusty Wiis out there.

I'm betting on Microsoft in this round.
Lot of great points. This video was the first time in memory that someone pointed out the danger smart TV poses to consoles and I'm down with that. If the TV gives you access to something like Onlive, real trouble could be brewing.

The video was good in pointing out that Nintendo, bless them, is trying. That's interesting but.. you nailed my feelings on your next to last paragraph. I had a chance to pre-order a Wii U and didn't for exactly the reason you state: buyer's remorse as my Wii gathers dust. It's had its purposes (I brought it to a company party and people bowled) but, what a disappointment for the original gamer. Give me a proper controller any day!


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Aug 27, 2012
Who cares about all this superfluous bullshit? Consoles live and die by software, not by what other services they provide. Nintendo can't provide the experience I want out of a console, and I won't be buying from them.


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Apr 26, 2010
My thoughts. The real issue is AAA is becoming unwieldy... sorry IS unwieldy. There are only three or four franchises that can claim the AAA money needed to turn profit and break even. Now those names HAVE shifted- in the last year, even- but its always a crap shoot. Its not so much, as investors may have wanted, games are expanding so much as the top performers are performing at new heights.

Now comes the threat of cheaper consoles eating up the real electronic winners in terms of profitability (the casual games and apps and so on) whether its the Ouya, Steambox, SmartTv, cheap PC with TV HD hook up, Roku, what have you. So where does that leave those at the edge? Funny thing is if they doubled all the stats on their current consoles the Video game consoles would still be lagging like cripples behind middle PC gaming rigs. Competing with them is just a losing game, if the PS3 is to be a lesson,. It won every battle it set out for itself and still managed to lose the war. It helped set the new next media standard but afterwards streaming took up and most are sticking with DVDs as they still consider them new and affordable. Most couldn't master programming for the Cell or the cost of putting out the level of polish and game was too much for scaling down or intricately advancing. And so in practice and then in theory the PS3 was outclassed by cheaper PCs people already had they were price competing with. That or due to similarity and third party and other factors the PS3 and 360 pretty much ended up resembling each other too much with only minor key differences (free online service or paid with lots of features and updates and matchmaking and etc)

The WiiU is Nintendo going sideways yet again. Its decent but its more features with an eye to the gamer who's an adult with kids if not the whole family, but not leaving behind the family. More importantly there is the issue of price. People are balking at the WiiU's price and then comparing its value/features, what's the PS4 or Nextbox going to cost and what can it offer to compete and what will those features cost? Sony can't afford the PS3 to be less than 200 dollars still. MS is experimenting with subsidized payment plans ala the cellphone. Even if they are the same price as the WiiU they'll have to be more powerful and offer significantly improved experiences because of it at launch. The PS3 has some AWESOME game experiences... but it took I'd say two to three years for it to really be anything but shiny PS2 and it still hasn't met its potential but its still outmoded in the ebusiness as a blurayer and online service provider and gaming device.

Now to be fair the real cool thing is Nintendo has left themselves a lot of room here. What happens say in a year they put out a SKU that has no gamepad and can slash their price and then sell the gamepad seperately. What if they can in three or four years put out a new upgraded box but let you keep the rest of your rig/gamepade and its more comparable to the PS4 of Nextbox?

The main thing is that for likely less, if not similar cash, as new console the hardcore gamer seems to have their heart set on the economic market of Steam and the App store with their computers that will already be guaranteed to be more powerful than the Ps4 and Nextbox or at least more economical. Sony tried the highest end emachine, it backfired on them in numerous ways. MS is more a service and entertainment hub provider Why bother with the highest end of tech?

I guess I'm seeing the WiiU as doing good with first to the next gen market. And MS and Sony in a weird place of at best eclipsing Nintendo but not putting out a higher end product. Not pushing the limit, so much as further raising the ceiling as Nintendo is doing. Depending on how the third party relations work that might not be much of a change as Warren Spector noted. Its time for developers to develop for the most popular console and then scale up than for their private supercomputers and only go down as far as they dare let their vision be compromised.


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Mar 7, 2009
- Consoles are slowly evolving into PCs

- PCs will always be more convenient to do multitasking than consoles

- Sony will go for 5K as it's differentiating feature, which will fail because it's too far advanced to be of practical use

- In the end it will come down to console exclusives, which Nintendo has always done better then both Microsoft and Sony put together

- Wii U has a 1 year head start, which proved to be quite an advantage for the Xbox 360

- Nintendo will finally get online multiplayer right, which will be huge since it has so many potentially amazing first party multiplayer games

- Microsoft has next to no big first party games anymore and has proved it by announcing a whole new Halo trilogy and another GOW

- Xbox Live still costs $60 a year and now there are 3 free alternatives

- Sony has retired most of it's series' and they now literally have 1 big exclusive coming up

Nintendo will win. They have the advantage and the right mindset. You can see with the recently announced exclusivity of Bayonetta 2 on Wii U that they're going for exclusive content, which at this point is the only thing that matters in the console wars anymore.


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Aug 18, 2009
While I see Jim's point, I think the wolf he's crying isn't as bad as we think. Sony & Microsoft have a strong line of IP's that will keep the next gen nicely justified in the living room. I agree that the whole "entertainment hub" side of consoles are under threat from smart TV's that integrate such apps in there; but, realistically, I wonder exactly how much of an overall threat that poses to next gen's viability.


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Mar 17, 2010
BWAHAHAHA, I've been saying, "Wait for it... the WiiU may yet win next gen" for MONTHS now. They all said I was crazy, yes they did, crazy, yes, but now I have Jim Thank-God-For-Him Sterling on my side.

Validation... it smells like napalm in the morning.

kuolonen said:
Lex Darko said:
Dear Mr. Sterling,

The escapist updates its site with new content around lunch time everyday (if on the US east coast or on EST/EDT). This means the first people to see your videos in this region are likely to be eating while watching. Now as entertaining as your videos are, seeing zoomed in pictures of piles of fecal matter is not conducive to keeping down lunch.

I'm in no way asking or suggesting you censor anything. Only asking that in the future instead of using a picture of fecal matter consider using an alternative such as: a photoshoped picture of a cow standing in a pie a crust, a picture of a toilet or a zoomed out picture of a landfill. Trust your viewers to get the meaning without showing us something that induces gagging.

Thanks for your time.
I would like to sign this petition.

I have some distasteful memories involving me eating curd and unsuspectingly opening a video with Jim dressed in drag.
Um, am I the only one remember the gay erotica? After that, I'm not sure Jim can do anything that will make my stomach turn. I'm told that The Escapist video age-gate system was specifically built for that video.

I just watched this video (fecal matter and all), and now I'm off to make some lunch.

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Dec 3, 2008
gardian06 said:
See the thing is it has been said [By who?] that about 40% of people buying an XBox360 do so for XBLA,[citation needed] [clarification needed] and then later realize "I have this system, and I can buy game disks for it",
Yeah, could you address those above issues?

and if they can get the same, or similar experience on just their tv that means that Microsoft loses 40% of current market share,
Assuming people are quick to shift away. Of course, with so much content already tied to Microsoft, that's not likely to be the case. Hooray specious reasoning.

Microsoft, or Sony back away from the thing that gives them more profit then the selling of their consoles, and with more consistency.
If almost half of their base comes from people they sold on other things, it's hard to say that they're backing away from the thing that gives them more profit. Especially since that's direct money, and especially since they were getting that money directly.

Again, assuming your own number is true.

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Sep 12, 2010
"ergh nurgh nurgh neerrgh neeeurgh!", Jim Sterling

I can respect that.

Jimothy Sterling said:
Incidentally, I'm surprised you haven't jumped on the premium user custom title thing to declare yourself God's Present to Gaming, or Nathan Drake's Waifu or something.


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Sep 5, 2012
Glad to have met you too Jimmy my boy.

So how was the drink during the shindig? I never thought I would share a cheers with Jim Sterling.

P.S. Oh God, my sides.


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May 18, 2012
I like what Nintendo is trying to do with the Wii U, but I don't think it's going to be as focused for gamers as we'd like to think. Many of the hardcore scene do prefer to have a controller, but a good many I know of don't seem to be very fond of touch screens. Especially touch screens that are required to play the game. That being said, I'm all for it. I play on my android like crazy, and I've been playing my DS for years. I recall being skeptical of being able to enjoy Metroid Prime: Hunters, but was pleasantly surprised at how natural the controls became after about 10 minutes of play.

It's a mixed field, but I expect the same, if not more success that the Wii had. While motion controls and touchscreens are nice, we all know that buttons respond much better, and they are what have been the deal breaker for many potential Wii customers in my opinion.


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Aug 3, 2011
Was that the telebugs cartoon? Wow. :) Im old fashioned, i want a phone to be a phone, a console to be a console and a tv to be a tv. I game on my console, i have a dvd player for dvds and a pc for everything else.

The WiiU will suck cos the only games worth buying are Mario, Zelda, Pokemon and Metroid. Only games people buying a Ninty console give a shit about. Everything else is crappy time killer stuff.


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May 16, 2008
Obligatory [http://www.redstate.com/erick/2012/04/20/the-annoying-commoditization-of-technology/]; You may think Erick Erickson is almost as much of a bigoted homophobe as I, nevertheless I think even the most hardened atheist (*cough* Jim Sterling *cough*) will agree with him on this point:

It has become so cheap to mass produce so much electronic, plastic crap that no thought seems to go into the actual function of the device beyond loading it up with every damn option imaginable. Advertising all the bells and whistles on the device may make for a plethora of advertising options, but it makes actual use of the device crap.
And here's the thing, (this also applies to non-android phones in general but Windows Phone/Windows RT in particular; proud owner of a Nokia 900 btw) remember your computer from the late 90's? With a fresh instal of NT4 or 98se and a midrange voodoo or ati Rage, remember how responsive it could be? How much you could do with it? The TV you currently own in all likelyhood has a builtin ARM SOC computer about as powerful, and it certainly has more memory and much more memory bandwidth if it does have a full-fledged SOC, but it is needlessly locked down.