Let's rage about gamers


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Sep 3, 2012
I'm not saying criticism and having standards is bad, but I tend to dislike how some people seem to feel almost pre-disposed to be cynical and suuuuuuper critical. As if they need justification for having the audacity to like things, or need to have a different or cynical view on a game lest they be just like the filthy casuals. And on top of that, they sometimes just insult others who find value in it.

EDIT: After thinking about it, on the other side of things, there seem to be other people who just can't deal with the way other people see a game. You know who I mean, people who herald things as the Citizen Kane moment of video games.


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May 31, 2013
I'm going to come out of my cave and say that I dislike pc gamers who will defend a game to their death just because they own it on the pc. They seem to think that the pc is an infallible platform and any game that is released on the pc, especially an exclusive, is the greatest thing since sliced bread.


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Jul 9, 2012
I personally hate how gamers have turned from groups of people who are really enthusiastic about games into the gamers of today that are snarky, rude, and hostile.

Take any thread in any forums about gaming, pick a subject, read the posts and there will always be completely hostile gamers.

I have no clue why such a joyful and fun medium brings out the worst in people.


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Mar 17, 2010
The only really bad gamers I've run into were mostly on shooters which is why I don't play them anymore. In general though it would have to be those that become the load to the team. I don't mine if you go off solo are only int it for the loot, etc. But it becomes a bit tiresome when the party dies or the match ends a major defeat because someone didn't want to play flag guard or stop running off into mobs.


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May 1, 2012
rawrr...everything shit today...drm...pc master race....ponies...casual...hardcore....sexism....misogynism....sequels..
..girrl gamerrs....greyish brown....

did I forget something?


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Oct 30, 2012
shrekfan246 said:
sanquin said:
You know...this thread isn't meant for you to give your opinion on other gamers. It's meant for pointing out types of gamers that you get angry about. If you can't be on topic, don't post. -.-
Maybe it's some little trait that you hate,
I may be wrong, but
gamers need to stop bitching about everything and just have fun.
Sounds like
some little trait that you hate
to me.

And coming from that "Worst games you've ever completed" thread, I have to agree. Come on, somebody said Bioshock Infinite is the worst game he's ever finished because it "missed the point" of the original (ignoring the fact that it wasn't trying to ape, copy, or otherwise follow the original and that Ken Levine and Irrational Games are free to do what they like with their gorram franchise).

I don't mind bitching about the legitimate problems, like say when Microsoft was trying to make us submit to a mandatory 24-hour online check-in just to use their console. That's justified. But all of the nontroversies that surround every single game that gets released these days? They're tiring. They reek of false senses of entitlement. They sound like tantrums coming from spoiled four year-olds, and that makes me sad for the state of the community that I am a part of.

I'm sick of people declaring that a game is going to be terrible when all we know about it is the title. I'm tired of people crying "sexism" whenever a woman is shown in anything, because it's apparently impossible to put women into anything or any position without it somehow being sexist. I'm tired of people raging on and on and on endlessly about how reboots can never be good, or about how [Game] this or [Franchise] that is "killing the industry", and how there's a looming AAA-industry crash that they hope will happen so the indies can take over as if it would somehow bring about a golden age of innovation (which isn't always a good thing) and customer-friendliness to the industry, ignoring that that's not how economics works.

Maybe I just need to stop looking at Gaming Discussion around here, and stop looking at comments on Destructoid or Kotaku or IGN or wherever else. Maybe I just need to ignore the entire gaming community, because from what I can see the vocal part of them on the internet does nothing but complain, and I'm tired of complaining.
Substitute complaining with Doomsaying and I'm right there with you. Seems like everywhere I go lately... game forums, MLP forums, music forums its just negativity and doomsaying. TEH END TIMEZ IZ NEER!! Sheesh...

I might end up taking a hiatus around the time my next few awaited titles come around. I don't know if I can take it without wading into the discussions and dropping the hammer about how pointless it is. But.. dropping the hammer would involve a liberal dose of ad hominems... so perhaps its safer to just avoid them to not get infractions.


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Jun 24, 2013
I hate PC and "X" Console fanboys. I encounter the PC fanboys online, and a few of my friends are Xbox fanboys who will spout the awful nature of PC just because 'reasons'.

I know PC is superior, I just prefer the simpler nature of Consoles, but this is apparently a sin.

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Mar 13, 2013
Whenever people whine about how nerds are persecuted or belittled or whatever, I can't really sympathize because the majority of game nerds I have met weren't really pleasant people to talk to. They tend to lack perspective, knowledge outside of their subculture, or self-awareness. This comic [http://www.bogleech.com/comics/comic106-videogames.htm] sums up what I think of when I think "gamer culture". There's this childish sense of "I'm AWESOME because I did something in a game", and it's obnoxious to listen to.

And before you accuse me of hypocrisy, yeah, I'm a lot like that too. I used to be a lot worse, and it nearly destroyed my social life. Video games are a hobby. Don't let them define you.


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Mar 18, 2012
harryhenry said:
Ok, i've waited for a thread like this for awhile, so hear it goes... ahem. the kind of gamers who hate people who play on any difficulty that isn't hard mode. the reason why i hate these kinds of people is because they're such elitists! and they call people who don't play on hard mode "Pussies" "Faggots" "Stupid casuals" and "not true gamers"! listen, not everyone wants to play on hard mode, ok? are people like me (who plays almost every game on the easist mode) not "true" gamers? is anyone else bothered by these kinds of people?
Yes. I'm a busy man. I don't have time to retread though parts of a game that I can't finish cause I suck so usually play on easy mode. People keep telling me I should try Dark Souls and I have friends who tell me there's so much more to the game than the difficulty and I would play it if it had an easy mode, but do you know what I see online? "I don't see why they should have an easy mode just so n00bs can get the satisfaction of winning". Lol wut? Its not a sport. I don't need to "win" at a game in order have fun. I grew up with Sega Genesis for Christ's sake. I beat the fucking Elephant Graveyard level of the Lion King video game when I was 8, I deserve the right to use walk-thoughs and easy mode when I'm short on time god damn it


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Oct 1, 2012
Azure23 said:
Tryhard gankers in Dark Souls. Now I've run into some awesome gankers too, I had one amazing match where I ran into three people cospvping as three of Gwyn's four knights (Ornstein, Artorias, Ciaran, if anybody cares) and you could tell they were having lots of fun and using the ineffective (but insanely cool) special attacks, the diversity in play styles was a blast to fight against. No, those guys were awesome, I'm talking about try hard giant dads who use the hornet ring and zaphanders. Fuck those guys, is it really that fun just pressing R1 over and over?
Did those giant dads meet you with the obligatory "Well What is It?" and "Point down" gestures? Yeah, thank god for patch 1.06. The days of Lordran before that were truly that Age of Dark the plot kept going on about... Flipping... Flipping! FLIPPING WIMPY COCKY ASS FOREST SPAWN CAMPING GIANT DADS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!

Still love this game though, those planned creative ganks are loads of fun.

OT: Kids that play COD or just any M rated game in general. It really pains me to know that parents complain about violence in video games towards their precious children when they're the ones that buy the damn things for them. Tip: ESRB. Look it up, or GTFO. And take your racists kids with you, I wanna play with team mates, not a bunch of whinny scrubs.

And the one and only DSPGaming, (Aka DarkSidePhil).
He is this forum with all its legitimate concerns in a nutshell. I. am. not. kidding.
Look him up on youtube at your own discretion, you might lose several hundred brain cells.


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Oct 22, 2008
00slash00 said:
floppylobster said:
I hate everyone who complained about Wind Waker before and after it came out and killed any chance of a proper sequel. And I hate anyone at Nintendo who couldn't recognize they were on to something great and prove all those detractors wrong with by creating an even better sequel.
wind waker was great up until the end when you had to go all over the map scavenging for fragments or something. thats when i completely lost interest. i felt the same way with jet force gemini. i loved that game up until the end when you had to rescue captured npcs from every level, all in one sitting, in order to gain access to the final level. it felt like needless padding
Absolutely it had its flaws. But after the backlash Nintendo relegated the Wind Waker style only to DS games, when they were clearly on to a winner (taking in to consideration the love it's given in retrospect and its impending HD re-release - which is a little pointless because the visuals of the original are pretty timeless anyway). They should have kept working with that style and created a sequel that didn't have the needless padding and other faults that the original has.

Wind Waker Link, with his huge cartoon face and expressive eyes, was a perfect tool for storytelling using a silent character. Since going back to a more realistic style they've had to rely more on NPC dialogue to tell the story and the games, (Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword), have suffered because of it. Both those games lack charm and a connection to the character (other than exploiting to usual 'you're the player playing them, so you identify with them most').


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Mar 5, 2012
IllumInaTIma said:
DoPo said:
OT(??): I'd agree with TehCookie - I too don't like gamers complaining too much. We've got enough threads to complain about everything, raging about stuff happens all the time, I don't think a specific thread was either needed or helps.
Not gonna lie, I've created that topic just to vent about Russian gamers because I was about to reach a boiling point. But, I didn't want it to be just me ranting so I kinda invited everyone else.
But yeah, you're right, I think we have enough negativity in gaming, and I do nothing but contribute to it...

shrekfan246 said:
Maybe I just need to stop looking at Gaming Discussion around here
NO! Don't go dude, your posts are one of the best around here.
Ya know ... a better way to do this might be to say one complaint, but then also have everyone say one thing like like or admire about gamers in general as well.

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Jul 1, 2011
Anything that has/is a controversy in gaming today. DRM, Xbox One, Anti-Consumerism, etc., these buzz words crop up all the god damned time in some form of online debate about anything relating to video games. It is tiring to read the same shit all the time, and it makes it hard for anybody (namely me) to take anything anybody says when you have literally heard a thousand times before.

Also, the hate train. You guys know what I mean, COD, EA, consoles, PC gamers, Mass Effect 3 ending, casual gamers, DMC, and recently the Xbox One. All these topics have one thing in common, there are numerous debates, threads, explanations on why all of these are shit in some way. It has gotten to the point were I can't even bring myself to call myself a gamer because of all the vitrol out there simply because someone doesn't like something and decides to yell out with everyone else why it is shit and anyone else with an opinion is also shit.


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Jul 8, 2011
shrekfan246 said:
I just hope we don't get another event like Mass Effect 3. I can handle all the little complaints that float around nowadays, another massive outburst on that scale would just completely burn me out. I'm already jaded to all of the cynicism as it is.
Your hopes will be shattered, and that will bring a smile to my face.


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Jun 17, 2013
Zachary Amaranth said:
The Comedian said:
we don't identify as hard core readers or hardcore movie watchers
We do, we merely identify them by different terminology.
It's pretty easy to reproduce the sentiments found here with those two:

Books: You like Twilight, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, etc.? You are a casual reader that only reads thoughtless garbage advocated to you by groupthink. Get out of here and take your terrible books with you!

Movies: You don't like Casablanca, The Fifth Element, Titanic, Star Wars (Originals), Citizen Kane? You are a casual moviegoer that only watches thoughtless garbage advocated to you by groupthink. Get out of here and go back to watching Avatar, Twilight, etc.!

What constantly confounds me with games, movies, music, art, and books is that no matter how strong your feelings are or how much effort was put into the piece, utltimately there is no universal judge for these things. They are subjective by their very nature. No matter what you say, people are wholly within their rights to say Call of Duty is a deep and entertaining game, The Last of Us is bad, Kristen Stewart is the next greatest actor of our time and Dubstep is legitimate music.

It's really incomprehensible how people are so zealous, so impassioned to be bigots and trash on other people enjoying themselves because they are so jaded and grumpy that they are no longer capable of the same joy because they've permanently corroded themselves due to trying to be 'edgy', cynical, and elitists. They must constantly compare anything new they experience to overblown memories of things that get blurrier by the day.

It's just sad really, it seems everything is getting worse.
What do I know though? George Washington just murdered Genghis Khan and said I wasn't to be trusted.


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Jan 19, 2009
And here I was, learning Russian, and I was going to use Russian gaming forums to help me practice.

Thanks for the heads up, I guess?


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Jun 2, 2011
Brand loyalty. After the Xbox One event, almost everyone I knew went "Well, getting a PS4 now." or "Fuck dis shit, going PC", and then as soon as they drop the DRM bullshit, they all preorder one, even if it's still garbage compared to the other choices. But what REALLY bugged me, was all the people that were still going to buy an Xbox One while it was still going to use the DRM and internet check ins, simply because it was an Xbox.


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Jun 24, 2013
Roxor said:
SeventhSigil said:
This doesn't necessarily apply solely to gamers, but I just can't stand fanboys who somehow manage to assume that fanboyism/unreasonable behavior applies to only themselves and nobody else. Speaking as someone who's gone from 360 to PS3, and dabbled in computer gameplay, I can safely say there are jerks in the Interwebs. Might be Sony jerks, might be Microsoft jerks, might be neutral jerks, but everyone has them, and everyone has fanboys. And yet there are people who have decided that their side simply can do no wrong, that everything it says or does is reasonable and right, and the opponent is where all the idiots lurk.

Then there was the denial. Before Microsoft reversed its decision, I was spending a lot of time on the Xbox forums; the atmosphere there was very hostile, with anyone expressing serious doubts or complaints about the policies basically being told 'Shut up, go away, future of gaming, yada yada.' The thing is, I knew that if Microsoft's policies were going to savagely, insanely cut down its potential install base, even if people hadn't been leaving in droves out of outrage alone. If these pompous idiots rambling about how Xbox One was going to 'Change gaming forever,' the console would launch with so few sales it wouldn't be able to do much of anything future-y. So I tried to convince them things were grim for the console, that every customer was needed.

Nope. Talking to a brick #*$&$% wall. I showed them a half dozen polls, showed them that the One trailed behind in every single pre-order market's overall 2013 sales (In the Amazon U.K. list, the PS4 was at slot four. The One was at slot SEVENTY.) I explained that they had taken a global market, shrunk it to twenty-one countries, shrunk it down to those with Internet access, shrunk it FURTHER to those with GOOD Internet access, and ticked off half of what was left. The company, the community, needed their money if the console was going to stay afloat. (Should mention, was only doing this because I didn't want Sony to get a monopoly; wouldn't want either company to have one.)

"Oh, Sony fanboys posted in that poll. Pffft, pre-orders mean nothing."

Now, I can understand that not everything on the Internet is true, and all things should be taken with a grain of salt, but when every poll in existence, every pre-order list, every scrap of evidence points to something, you'd have to be insanely self-absorbed not to examine the possibility.

One woman outright mocked me for 'wasting my time looking at stupid pre-orders.' This was the day before Microsoft reversed its policies. Boy, did I GLOAT at her after that happened.
Your experience with that gaming forum sounds uncannily like dealing with religious fundamentalists or climate change deniers.
You have NO idea. I was literally starting to see some of them write like some sort of cult. 'This shall be the Future of Gamers, and the unwise shall be left behind in our wake. We know not to be sad, for in time they will see the error of their ways and join us in the Future, but we must pay no attention to those who betray us, for the herd needs thinning.' Just got creepy. ._.


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Jun 24, 2013
i'm sooooo tired of fanboys, they should really get a life and stop bitching cause "what if i told you each person has a different taste" and there are billions of different ppl out there so fanboys dont expect everyone to agree with you and when someone disagrees dont hate them, i also dont like when someone says everytime that he is the best pro player of all time and when he loses its the cotroller's fault because its impossible for him to loose OMG !!!