Oh No! You're Going to be Executed! What is your Last Request?

A Raging Emo

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Apr 14, 2009
Searchbar'd, and inspired by multiple topics, including the current "Your Last Meal" Thread.

Well that was silly of you, commiting all of those horrific crimes and terrifying the general population. You should have known this would lead to your execution!

However, as you are going to die, you may aswell be granted one final wish; the only problem is, you need to tell us what it is.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen,my question to you is "What is your last request before execution"?

Mine would have to be, that I am the one who is allowed to say "Ready, Aim, Fire!" to the Firing Squad, effectivvely ordering them to kill me.

EDIT: Not being executed is hardly an option now, is it, children?

EDIT 2:You can also be executed in anyway you see fit, other than ageing.


Op's Favorites

Space Cowgirl said:
Ask the guards escorting me to my death to skip along with me singingloudly and off-key "We're off to see the wizard..." but not before we have some Cotton Candy flavored pudding whilst listening and dancing to "Candyman" by Christina Aguilera.
The DSM said:
The firing squad only have potato guns.

Lets see them try and kill me with small bits of vegetables.
Bernzz said:
I would request to have the execution as a difficult quick time event, and if I pass it I am allowed to walk free.

Basically, press X to not die.
BrynThomas said:
Well if I'd want the electric chair and as my last meal I'd eat 3 kilos of unpopped pop corn, washed down with corn oil and butter.

Hopefully what happens next is as awesome as I imagine.
De Ronneman said:
I want 2 wishes.

Get shot by a clown. At least I'll get killed by my nemesis.

What the clown doesn't know is that my other wish is a pressure sensitive "Saw the game"-style shotgun trap that goes off when I fall down.

At least that way my death was usefull to the world, I took out a clown.
Honorable Mentions

danielsharpe1634 said:
clone me. have my clone mature to adulthood very fast [some how]. then let me be my own executioner.

also, move my memories over to my clone so i can continue on after executing myself
Magnalian said:
As for me, I'd like my execution to be in the form of some kind of science experiment. That way I have a chance of not-dying and becoming a superhero at the same time!
MattRooney06 said:
ask for 30 bottles of coco cola and a large bag of crushed mentoes.....drink the cola and swallow the bag whole.....then ask to be stabbed in the stomach.....when the sword punctures the bag........well just imagine that for a while
Vrex360 said:
If it's the electric chair then I demand to be killed by solar power, that way at least I'm being eco friendly.
(This is because I laughed more than anything, well done, Vrex =-])

Insomniactk said:
Get Michael Atkinson to shoot me.
Ahh, the irony.
Wasder said:
The people who are going to execute me must eat Mt.Everest, before they kill me.

Good luck, chaps, I'll be back in a few hundred years to see how you've gotten with that. Oh! sorry, I'll have died from natural causes by then! Shame.


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May 28, 2009
I'd either wish for something good to eat or request a quick and painless form of execution, like the needle.


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Mar 2, 2010
Get me to my Execution Tank [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3PccLX_pa0]!

So I would crush my enemies who try to execute me :)


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Sep 26, 2009
In an electric chair:

To the executioner: "Will you hold my hand?"

But what I want to do: "Do it coward! I could've killed five men in the time it took you to kill one!"


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Jan 12, 2010
I would request that a Vocaloid be made using my voice as the base. Just because I think that would be pretty cool.


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Aug 8, 2008
My request? Execute me somewhere cold, so I can see my last breaths. That or to be the Pope for a day.


Ravenous Gormandizer
Oct 23, 2008
My last request would probably be something ridiculous, like requiring my executioner(s) to run a marathon before they kill me.


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Apr 17, 2009
My last request? hurry up I don't have all day. These younguns wasting my time with silly executions, I?m my day we use to just have a stiff upper lip if someone killed your family you shot him and then bought him a beer, now days I can?t even shoot my own son without being called a murder.


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May 9, 2009
I would request the ability to become a lich. Therefore, after I am executed I'll come back. I may have to live for eternity in a cave, but hey, me and my undead minions will have some EPIC games of Risk & Monopoly.

As for method of death, I'd say... well, there really is no better option: Snu snu.