The most famous person from your town/city

Andy Shandy

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Jun 7, 2010
Relatively simple but interesting thread that I saw on another forum. Who is the most famous person born in your hometown/city?

Unless I'm missing someone obvious, mine's is fairly easy. The actor Brian Cox.

Oddly enough, I'm even met him whilst he was filming a TV show outside my house. After years of watching him in various media, it was still weird to hear him in his Dundonian accent.

The only other one I would perhaps consider would be video game developer David Jones. However, I'd say that it's his creations (Lemmings, Crackdown and the big one, Grand Theft Auto) that are certainly more famous than the man himself, so it didn't feel right mentioning him.


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Mar 17, 2011
Well... I'm from Philly. So, let's go with 1) America, bringing you 2) Freedom, courtesy of the 3) USMC.

Oh... Actual people? There's a fuckton, but I'll go with Kevin Bacon for now, because I'm loving The Following.

Albino Boo

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Jun 14, 2010
Andrew Lincoln, Rick Grimes in waking the dead (I actually went to school with him). Indra Varma, Ellaria Sand in game of thrones, Niobe in Rome and the voice of Vivienne in Dragon Age Inquestion ( I vaguely knew her from school days). Harry Patch, was the last British soldier alive to have fought in WW1. Bill Bailey, comedian. Jeremy Guscott, Bath and England Rugby (I used to live 5 doors along from him).Ann Widdecombe and Chris Patten, both former cabinet ministers. Edgar the Peaceful, King of England. Jason Gardener, former world indoor 50m sprint champion( I knew his older brother). Henry Cole, the inventor of the Christmas card

Eddie the head

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Feb 22, 2012
Form my home town? Sarah Palin. Not something I'm exactly proud of, but I think I've got the most famous person so far.

Edit. Or rather infamous.

Space Butterfly

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May 7, 2014
I was born in London but that is unfair so I will go with where I live now.
not sure if these two were born here but they both live close when they not away acting
Patrick Stewart
Ben Kingsley (was actually at my house once)

This lot of semi-famous people were all born close
David Cameron lives in the next village and stands for MP in my local area
Jeremy Clarkson is in the nearest town
Rowan Atkinson


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Jun 26, 2008
Dude, I get the one and only.

[HEADING=3]Motha fuckin Sean Bean![/HEADING]

He's from South Yorkshire, which is the county I live in. :D

Scarim Coral

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Oct 29, 2010
Awh, he or she had to be born in the town?
Otherwise I would had mention the Alice in Wonderland creator had some involvement in this town (it was his holiday destination and remour claim that he worked part of the story over here).

OT- Ok on some quick research, I got-

Neville Southall, Fred Jones and Joey Jones (Footballers)

Ben Johnson (artist)

Sylvia Sleigh (Realistic painter)

Tortilla the Hun

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May 7, 2011
As a Seattleite, we've got a few that were born here. Bill Gates, Jimi Hendrix, Rainn Wilson...


Michael Tabbut

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May 22, 2013
I live around Boston so there are a fair amount. But I can name 3 of note on the top of my head.


Eclipse Dragon

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Jan 23, 2009
United States
There's a lot of famous people living here or have lived here, but born here is another story...

There's Nik Wallenda, he's the guy who walked across the grand canyon on a tightrope.


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Oct 9, 2014
I live in Wülfrath a giant 21000 people metropolis. A City like this surely has its fair share of important and famous people.
Let's take a look at Wikipedia.

Wow they list 11 people. So I guess I will go with the one that has a statue here..
Carl Schmachtenberg. I mean who doesn't know good old Schmachti as the people used to call him ...

Am I allowed to go to the next town for famous people?
I mean Wuppertal at least has more than 100000 people and is actually big and people might even know the name. Admittedly still only Germans. But at least not only people that can drive there in 30 minutes.

And Wuppertal REALLY has a few sort of famous sons.
A few Comedians come from there. And it makes sense. If you're from Wuppertal you either get depression or become mad and people laugh at you. But I highly doubt that they are known outside of Germany.

But let's talk about the big one: Friedrich Engels
"Who is Friedrich Engels?" You ask. Well my son he is the person who is always forgotten when people talk about the origins of Marxism. Since he and Marx worked together in the "development" of their economical theory. But I guess Engelsism doesn't sound as good as Marxism.


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Sep 11, 2009
I live in a small town, so I don't think anyone famous came from here (If I'm allowed to mention it, the last big thing that happened in my hometown was that the movie "Signs" had scenes filmed there. No, really.)

So I'm just gonna mention a few names from Philadelphia, the closest big city to my small town:

David Borenaz
Seth Green
Will Smith
Bradley Cooper
John de Lancie

Albino Boo

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Jun 14, 2010
OmniscientOstrich said:
Probably Bill Bailey, as seen here...doing a thing:

On a tangential note Nicolas Cage owns a house here.
No he sold the one in the Circus to that guy that made the fake bomb detectors


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May 27, 2009
I live in Springfield, Missouri where Brad Pitt hails from, and John Goodman attended the university here and was a part of the Sigma Nu fraternity which my fiancé is a part of.


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Jan 6, 2011
albino boo said:
No he sold the one in the Circus to that guy that made the fake bomb detectors
Ah, well he used to then, doesn't surprise me as he's terrible with money/taxes and sold quite a few homes he's bought already.
Dec 10, 2012
Well, my actual hometown is a small suburb outside Detroit and, according to Wikipedia, has 1 notable person in its history, and I've never heard of him. So I'm gonna go with my current hometown, Livonia Michigan.

We've got quite a few professional hockey players, the most successful of them being Ryan Kesler and Mike Modano. We have Chuck Behler, the drummer for Megadeth in the late '80s. But the most famous definitely is the actress Judy Greer, of Arrested Development and Archer fame. She's really cool.

There are also a couple of girls I went to high school with who moved to New York City and are having a lot of success in off-Broadway shows. Not that anyone's heard of them, but if you live in NYC you may have seen them on stage in the last few years.