Things you just don't "get".

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Dec 11, 2009
vid87 said:
Akichi Daikashima said:
vid87 said:
The more I think about it, the bigger a puzzle it seems to me - why is it in our generation of enlightened, strong, independent women are Twilight, 50 Shades, and Beautiful Creatures, stories that have female protagonists written by actual women who give them no respect or dignity, becoming not just successful but cultural phenomenons?
Because they're written by old, middle class women? Yes, I'm being a bit stereotypical, but the only way that I can rationalize the perversity of 50 shades as a manifestation of someone's imagination is either through boredom, or sexual repression, with Twilight, well, I presume that its self-insert fiction and beautiful creatures was written by a woman that was "rebelling" against her family's traditions by not marrying someone.
Actually, E.L. of 50 Shades is the only "old" woman at 50 years old - the others seem about in their 30's. Hell, one of the Beautiful Creatures authors worked for EA and Activision.

Yes, I get the self-insertion and living fantasies and all and I myself hypothesize that the main appeal of these books is having boys pay attention to you under any circumstance, but it's those circumstances that bother me - the abstinence moralizing, the terrible writing (at least from what I've heard - I read the intro for 50 Shades and was appalled), the self sabotage - fine, have the witches be forced into light or dark, but why is it the MEN get a choice and women don't? It makes no sense and could've avoided a really bizarre dynamic by just changing one little thing.

Like a lot of other things I don't get, I keep thinking I've missed something, like there's a well-hidden point or message that shows that the author is making some sort of brilliant satire or important statement on sexism but no one has ever pointed it out and I'm forced to conclude that both the authors and the fans just don't care. Fine, that's their choice, but is it because they legitimately like it or is it the hype machine and the lack of material available that makes them overlook the troubling things and only make them think they want it?

Not even just that, but other things like cosmetic surgery, the prevalent laxity on rape in politics and the honest-to-God comeback of the corset makes me think restricted gender roles and stereotyping are still heavily ingrained in our society and it's making for some disturbing trends that women, despite living in a supposed "enlightened" age, either can't break free from or won't.
It could also be because they were forced to conform into gender roles as children; this is them "passing off the knowledge".


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Apr 14, 2009
Organized religion
Strip clubs
The popularity of Monthy Python
Same for Dr. Who
Obsessing over celebrities/the royal family
Watching sports
Reality TV
America's gun fetish
WoW subscribers
People who like the cold
Harry Potter
Klingons Proud warrior race guys with bizarre moral codes
Seth McFarlane
Red Dwarf
Big Bang Theory hate
As someone mentioned before, status symbols, particularly expensive ones
Zombie fanaticism
Point and click games
The obsessive love for pixelated graphics


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Apr 24, 2008
I don't understand how to control my willpower and to set targets for myself. It seems I have a solution for every problem that I have, yet my mind won't move on to accomplishing anything. It is like I am stuck in a mental limbo or something. I just keep putting one imaginary foot in front of the other, but I don't ever seem to get anywhere. It is like I am subconsciously waiting for something to happen. A miracle or something like that.


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May 22, 2008
People who don't understand that other people are allowed to like things they don't, and vice versa.

Seriously, take any movie, music, tv show, video game, tabletop game, sport, franchise, material or immaterial thing which ultimately isn't hurting anyone. For this, there'll be people who like it and truly don't understand how people could dislike it, and there'll be people who dislike it and truly don't understand how people could like it.

I just... I really don't understand these people. There are many things in this world I don't "get", but these people top the list. The people who honestly can't understand how someone could hold an opinion on this thing, whatever it is, which doesn't match their own.

It boggles my mind.

People have differing opinions. It happens, it's okay. It's not the end of the world. ;>_>


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Apr 19, 2011
The appeal of being drunk - "I had such a good time last night! I don't remember any of it but I know I acted like an utter twat for all of it". Umm... good for you I guess.

Really heavy dubstep - I like melodic dubstep, where the music is what you're listening to, and the dubstep effects complement it in the background. Stuff like Blackmill or Lindsey Stirling. It's interesting and gives the music a different feel than it would have without it. What I really don't understand is the fact that the most popular kind of dubstep is the Skrillex kind. Listening to it genuinely gives me a headache. It's like someone went to the folder of "sounds that make people flinch" and mashed them all together into a cacophony of auditory pain.

Patriotism - This is the biggest one for me, because the two above are simply matters of opinion. Patriotism is nothing more than a means that people in positions of power use to get people without power to fight their wars for them.

I find the way people from the US are expected to "love their country" genuinely disturbing. I don't understand how anyone can state that their country is "the greatest country in the world" simply because they were born there, or because they were told it in school.

I like my country (Britain), it's certainly better than a lot of them, but at the same time, there are a lot of places I would rather live. Scandinavian countries, for example, seem to top every list from average income to average happiness, and pretty much every country in the world is superior to Britain in terms of natural beauty.

I'm pretty sure there's a quote from Yahtzee, although I can't seem to find it, that goes along the lines of "I don't see how anyone can be in a position to declare their country the best until they have lived in them all."


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Feb 8, 2013
DoPo said:
What I don't get? Money, women, cars, zombies, giant robots on two legs, and theoretical mathematics just to name a few.
Concepts in theoretical mathematics often get applied in theoretical phsyics :)

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Nov 8, 2009
lizards said:
hazabaza1 said:
Agreed on the stripclubs.
Also furries.

It's like... either fuck animals or fuck humans. Don't mix dat shit together, yo.
that last one i agree, fuck whatever you want but please dont fuck reality
But I like M. Night Shyamalan...well, sometimes.

prophecy2514 said:
while I do love and get sport...curling ie ice sweeping
Think shuffleboard...the jumbo version, on a field of ice with none of those fancy little rods. Yes, some people do have too much time on their hands.

As far as what I cannot comprehend: A ditto to the whole strip club experience (you want me to pay you to dance naked in front of me while enduring incredibly loud music and drinking overpriced alcohol? Pass, thank you, and what is wrong with you?), necrophilia (you want an unresponsive partner? Fine. Please pick a breathing one and stop making my skin creep), and Keynsian economics (I...just...fuck


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May 23, 2008
vid87 said:
The more I think about it, the bigger a puzzle it seems to me - why is it in our generation of enlightened, strong, independent women are Twilight, 50 Shades, and Beautiful Creatures, stories that have female protagonists written by actual women who give them no respect or dignity, becoming not just successful but cultural phenomenons?
My best guess would be the authors' insecurities matching up with those of the target audience. Reading about a character who has the same self-esteem issues as you might make them more appealing, especially in cases where the character has very little in the way of other noticeable personality traits. This makes them a perfect-fitting template for the reader's emotional hang-ups about themselves, while providing a blank slate for said reader to project onto.


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Jul 20, 2009
People who listen to music because they think "OMG teh Lead Singer is so HAWT ROLFMAO!!!!11!1!", music is not a visual medium and therefore the looks of the artist should not be taken into consideration at all. Too many bands now are popular because of their looks than their actual music eg One Direction, Black Veil Brides, Attack Attack and almost every modern metalcore band essentially.


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Jun 10, 2009
Odgical said:
Well, I get strip clubs. Wander in, see a few ladies dancing, sit down with friends, ladies in scantily clad outfits come and talk to you...

You know, they're actually pretty smart. One of the girls I talked to was at Newcastle uni studying business and finance. That means she got better A-levels than I did. Another was a med student. There was also a girl studying performance art (Right?! Funny!). I was basically too stingy to pay for my own lapdance (£20?!) but one of the girls who'd convinced me to go paid for it. The girl she chose to do it was fairly damn robust, never before have I been a little concerned about being smothered to death whilst having my face crammed into a lady's chest and, to be quite frank, I was somewhat scared to move at all during the 'dance' on account of hearing stories about people who get thrown out with their teeth kicked in...

But in the end, as I saw a lone, crazy Chinese business man SURROUNDED by lapdancers, throwing £20s in the air whilst laughing his old arse off, I realised it was all about the experience of the thing. Alternatively, if you want to think about it a different way (you're wrong, you should think of it as an experience) then think of it as going into a restaurant with some fairly attractive waitresses and thinking, "Huh, I wonder what they'd look like naked. Man I wish I could be a little scared of asphyxiation with my head in her bosom."

There. Also, fun fact, we told the strippers that one of us was a virgin. We all motorboated and saw our girls naked but that guy, with whom the girl never fully stripped or smothered with her boobies.

Ahem. I don't get the hate with lawyers. I've never been screwed over by a lawyer, but I have been by a delivery guy. Or a plumber. Or a carpenter, especially a carpenter. Then again, said carpenter paid for a starbuck's coffee for me to make up for it. But people should complain about them more, dammit!
At first I was going to chime in on the strip clubs, but now that you mention it... Boobs are nice.

You feel as nervous and as awkward as fuck (I'm reminded of that scene from 'The Girl Next Door' where the main guy is given a private lapdance with his teach, and they're just like 'nothings weird, just tits in my face. Hows the weather').


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Aug 30, 2012
JemothSkarii said:
(NSFW-ish) Vore: I just don't get it, is it tied in with masochism or sadism? With the pleasure of food (which I can understand, enjoying a meal, no matter how simple is always great). But arousal over eating/being eaten? It's something I generally see as a Furry (No, I don't like to fuck animals or anything, it ties win with a love of RP, Writing and some form of Escapism personally) and even I think it's freakin weird.
The only answer I have is that fetishes are not suppose to be comprehended. The only thing I can comprehend about them is that they express things that are not 'normal' in terms as what is accepted as arousing. That is pretty much all I 'get' about any of them.

Rather, they exist, but given how dynamic the human sexual experience is, it is nigh impossible to 'get' it unless you have the fetish in the first place.


May 27, 2020
Starik20X6 said:
I don't get how some people seem capable of going through life completely oblivious to the world around them. For an example of what I'm talking about, this is an honest to god conversation I had the other day:

Friend 1: What're you doing?

Me: Just listening to Mel Brooks.

F1: *blank stare*

Me: You know who Mel Brooks is, right?

F1: Yeah...

Me: Ok, what has he done?

F1: ... Movies?

Me: Jesus. *I turn to another friend* Do you know who Mel Brooks is?

Friend 2: *blank stare*

Me: *turning to yet another friend* Please tell me you know who he is!

Friend 3: *pause* ... Braveheart, right?
I swear that happened. And that's by far not the only example I have of this sort of thing. I mean, I can understand not knowing who, say, Bo Burnham [] is, but this is comedy god Mel freakin' Brooks we're talking about. Honestly.
Well seeing as Mel Brooks hasn't done anything of note in years I'd say it's actually not that surprising at all that people might not have heard of him

OT:Excessive displays of emotion when a high profile celebrity like Micheal Jackson or Princess Diana dies.I'm talking about the people out bawling crying in public making sure the world knows how upset they are.Why?Chances are you didn't know that person.Makes no sense to me at all but then the whole celebrity worship thing baffles me anyway

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Dec 30, 2011
CrunkParty said:
He's a fantastic singer. You're just shallow.

I don't get people who can't listen to alternative forms of singing/vocalisation.

Did I not just say that as far as I'm concerned he's one of the best songwriters ever??? I listen to him all the time, and am a huge fan of nearly all his music. As for not listening to alternative singing or vocals, if you saw my music collection you wouldn't say that.
Me saying he is not a good singer is not an attack on him, it is a statement of what is a fairly common opinion. If I were to get on stage and sing like him, I'd be booed off, what saves him is that his song writing is practically beyond compare.

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Sep 12, 2010
I agree with certain things and disagree with certain things in this thread. However, in response to certain things, I'll say you can make anything sound stupid and pointless.

For example:

"Gaming. I don't get games. It's just moving someone around in a really awful looking approximation of a world, for no real world gain. You could even get stuck and never see the entirety of the product".

I am actually a gamer. Just playing Devil's Advocate.

As for strip clubs, I get it. I mean, I do enjoy sex, but I also enjoy other stuff. Being of the heterosexual persuasion, I take genuine enjoyment from being able to observe breasts, and the like. More so to be able to touch them. I mean the people not understanding it refer to pornography as a preferable choice, but I prefer to actually be able to interact with the woman rather than just watch her on a screen, if not someone I'm dating, then the next best alternative, I suppose.

The other argument against it is one I really don't get: That it's just blue balls and you can't exactly get yourself off non-offensively in that environment. I don't get that, I mean I'm not overwhelmed with the desire to masturbate every time I see nudity and suchlike. As said above, I enjoy the other aspects of sexual interaction.
Daystar Clarion said:
I'm with you on the strip club front.

Paying money for blue balls? Yeah, pass on that one.
See, that's another thing: I'd say strip clubs are more attractive to single people. You've been consistently in a relationship since you were fifteen(?)

I don't get stretcher earrings. I was laughing so hard when a girl I knew was posting on Facebook that some time previously she'd decided to take hers out, and she was freaking out because the holes had stopped getting smaller and she was stuck looking disgusting, and with what can only be described as two massive safety hazards on the side of her head.


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Aug 18, 2009
Can I say Pew-Die Pie?
As far as I can tell, he's just an irritating guy who plays video games, and squeals and swears while doing so.
Plus his voice is near unintelligible.
Yet he's one of the most popular people on Youtube...

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Aug 19, 2011
I don't get people who fall in love with someone they don't know,like celebrities,when you like someone you don't know,you don't like them,you like the idea of them that you have in your head,the worst part is that it happened to me,there's this girl ive known for 6 years,and started liking about 3 years ago,but we barely talk,there are people with whom ive talked more in an hour than with her in my life,damn you subconscious!

I also don't get black and white stories,even the most evil of men have virtues,friends,and family,fighting these men believing that you are right without a doubt makes you as evil as them
thesilentman said:
I don't understand society. Do I win the thread now? I'm legit serious as I've never understood the need to interact with people optionally. I guess th better way of saying that would be "I hate dickish people who think they're all superior and such". -.-
I didn't particularly get your post,but i also don't get society and its rules,in my classroom,about 90% of students are talking ALL THE FUCKING TIME,and they get angry when the teacher shuts them up,or takes away the phone they were playing with during the class.

If he who talks all the time truly has nothing to say,these guys are fucking stones,and just how can they maintain a conversation for such a long amount of time without repeating themselves?

I also don't get people who ask you obvious questions when there are much better alternatives,my mom says that these kinds of people want to talk all the time,and talking for some reason makes them feel nervous,if it makes you feel nervous,then why do you talk all the fucking time?
When we are on recess,i stay in the classroom playing videogames,when a class ends,i play videogames waiting for the next class to start,sometimes when i finish during class and the teacher allows it,i play videogames
And yet people constantly ask me "Do you like videogames?"
My mom also says these people aren't really saying "Do you like videogames?",but "i see you like videogames",if they mean that,then why don't they just say it?

I also don't get people who get angry you have different taste than them,i don't criticize them when they don't know what Tales of Vesperia or Guilty Gear is,so why do they get angry when i tell them i don't like Halo?

I also don't get people who think that they will get the affection of others by acting like they are on a pedestal,or by pretending they like/know something they don't,it doesn't make you look smart,it makes you look like an idiot
For instance,this one guy said he had played the game i was playing at the moment(Guilty Gear),so i asked him who his main was,he said it was Samus,this same guy also said he knew more about videogames than me,despite the fact that just a few days back i had to explain to him what metroid was

Holy crap that was long

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May 19, 2010
Daystar Clarion said:
I'm with you on the strip club front.

Paying money for blue balls? Yeah, pass on that one.

I just don't 'get' smoking.

I mean, you know the risks, you know they're addictive, you know they're expensive, so why do it?

'It relieves stress'. Well, no. Smoking relieves the withdrawel symptoms of smoking.

Both my parents smoke, yet they used to lecture me on 'wasting money' on video games.

After I pointed that out, they haven't said anything since :D
That's pretty much what I do. My parents constantly nag me about spending my money on "nothing." Confronting them about their smoking, how they're knowingly and willingly spending $5/pack on poison at least once a day or every two days, shuts them up pretty well. At least games aren't going to turn my lungs black, give me breathing issues and slowly kill my body.

But drinking is what I don't get. Why do people drink? Why do people want to get drunk? It causes you to do stupid shit that you're not even aware you're doing and when you finally drag your inebriated ass out of your wicked stupor, you end up regretting what you did. And let's not ignore the bloody hangovers you get. Sure, drinking water will help mitigate or even negate a hangover, but when you're shit-faced drunk, the last thing you're going to think about is drinking water. Especially when your brain is basically unconscious.

But that might be me. I think alcohol in general tastes awful and I can't stand the burning sensation you get while it goes down your throat. I get enough of that without alcohol. Too many negatives for little to no positives.


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May 17, 2010
JemothSkarii said:
Big Bang Theory:...But when I watch it or hear about it, people talk like it's the funniest shit since George Carlin.
I'm a fan of the show and believe Jim Parsons (Sheldon) deserves all his accolades, but even I think that's overstating it. Yeah, it's cute, it references stuff I know, the actors do great jobs, but I really wouldn't consider it the bench-mark of our culture. I've heard it touted as "this generation's 'Friends'" though, which I feel is a bit more accurate.

Which makes me think of another thing I don't get coupled with this bizarre confusion about WHY I don't get it:

That Superbowl commercial with the geek kissing the supermodel has completely change the life of the actor, Jesse Heiman, who's actually done some pretty high-profile stuff, albeit mainly as an extra.

Now, while I understand guys being jealous, it's the thing about him being inundated with women wanting to date him. I'm not saying he's probably not a nice guy and, especially with those credits, deserves to finally catch a break but...this?

He's actually had lines and done real work, but it's having the geeky face and a long, loud kiss that suddenly makes him not only successful but irresistibly attractive? Is that like a defense mechanism women have where they need to be with someone they consider like an alpha-male because they've demonstrated they can pick up hot women?

Also, something more confusing for me: when I first saw this, I, as a kind of identifier with outcasts and geek culture, somehow found it offensive. Maybe it was the stereotypical idea the commercial was implying: "Look! This guy's an unattractive nerd but he's scoring with a hot model. That never happens! LAUGH!" Yet, I've seen that happen all the time, most often on, yep, Big Bang Theory, but that's never really bothered me. And that's something I REALLY don't get.


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Jul 6, 2012
Cigarettes, Drugs, Alcohol.

I need to be in complete control of my mental and physical states. Nor do I get why they're "cool" in the first place.

The positives (if there are any) just simply do not outweigh the negatives.