Where is the justice?

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Apr 14, 2009

extra points for anyone who knows why.

And yes I had to make that image myself.

Also: gateway drugs. Whilst a form of the slippery slope argument, I think in this case it's justified, drawings of little girls being abused and photos of little girls being abused are too similar for comfort, and one may well lead to the other.


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Nov 2, 2008
GotMalkAvian said:
Aby_Z said:
"That much aggression" as in a single cuss word. Fancy definition you got there.
Well, a single cuss word and a post basically claiming that I have no reason to be concerned about something unless the police are actively banging on my door. Also, I'm not entirely surprised that this particular issue is making its way through a court system somewhere, but I'm also not willing to settle for humanity being judgemental and our misguided attempts to fix problems.
Now, my biggest problem is with the way you're defining the issue here. You're saying that we should just expect for anything considered abnormal or taboo by society to be persecuted, and that the best solution is to keep it all under wraps. Please, share this opinion with gays, people who don't belong to the majority religion in their area, and especially gamers. We engage in a hobby that a large portion of society still considers abnormal. We play games where sadistically harming and killing human beings- sometimes innocent humans, by the way- is completely normal, and that's not even touching games that deal with issues like slavery, prostitution, black magic, drug abuse, and a whole bunch of other topics that are considered "taboo."
What happens when American politicians- some of whom are currently working on legislation for government regulation of M-rated video games- take a case like the one in Sweden and start waving it around as a precedent to claim that fictional representations of things are equal to the real thing? Suddenly, it's my problem.
My main point is that it's easy to look at the small picture here; someone in Sweden is being fined because the courts believe that manga depicting children in sexual situations counts as child pornography. However, and I'll gladly repeat myself, this issue has the potential to blow up quickly and spread into areas that do affect all of us.
It's both my personal view and my attempt to play the Devil's Advocate in one.

The personal part is the fact that the greater whole cannot be changed for the better. The entirety of society and the human race in general is a doomed existence that will only either kill itself or pollute, corrupt, and destroy the universe. In realizing this, I stop caring about many things and just do as I please, trying to enjoy myself, and I do what I must to keep being able to do that. That point of view is neither here nor there, though.

I'm not talking about other taboos. If you want to get into other things, I'll just bring out the timeline; homosexuality was a lot more common in the past, as was everything else you listed. Things changed as society changed, creating and decrying more taboos, and once again society has started to change and get rid of some of those taboos.

When it comes to child pornography, or just general sex with, "underage girls," that used to be a rather common practice, and hell it's still fairly common and upheld by some Islamic countries[footnote]I'm sure other countries have also upheld such practices, but they are not foremost on my mind currently.[/footnote]. For the most part, however, society as a whole has come together to say that sex with a young girl is wrong. There's a nice amount of reason behind this which may or may not be relevant to the case at hand, but that's what turned CP into an overall social taboo.I don't see CP ever truly becoming justifiable again unless we start going backwards socially. For every person who can clearly understand the difference between reality and fiction, there are those who can't, or those who don't want to see that difference or otherwise just complain, whether their reasons be for religion, "the common good," or what have you.

Now, this case is in Sweden. Their laws are rather different than other places, for instance the US. They wouldn't have the same ability to easily convict someone over here as they do over there, granted a super conservative jury isn't purposely created. Depending on the material you've been caught with, the easier it will be to get out of a fine or whatever. If you're just watching something like a schoolgirl anime, lets just say Azumanga Daioh, then you can easily make your case; there's nothing even remotely sexual about it, so it can't be CP. If you've been reading some hentai, however, it'll be a tad harder. That's something for you to worry about though, not me.

When it comes to that bill Tokyo decided to pass, for one everyone is against it. Isihara is a hypocrite and a bigot, and he's blind to the consequences. I won't be surprised when the bill is repealed soon. In either case, it's not an "anti-loli bill" as was so clearly misinterpreted on these boards oh-so long ago, but a bill that makes any manga that depicts an illegal act 18+, and moves it to the porn isle. You could go to stores now and see the most innocent stuff - manga absolutely devoid of any erotic material - in the porn aisle.

When it comes to games, it's a rather similar situation, and if they were ever to be outlawed in such a way there'd certainly be an outcry.

My point is that it's useless to get worried, pissed off, or otherwise upset about things like this - things that don't actually affect you. Why waste your time - waste your life - worrying about something so small and easily remedied given the right amount of time?

Also, paragraph spacing is rather nice. I suggest you do it too.


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Aug 20, 2010
Kind of hard to care about someone who gets off on drawings of little kids. But in the end its just artwork no one's rights were violated. There's room for criticism but not legal prosecution.