Worst game(s) you've ever completed


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Feb 20, 2008
If you count games I ALMOST completed, Half Minuite Hero. The utterly crippling tedium of it actually made me go off the rails at the person who was demanding I played it. During a Livestream. Yeah, my LS was a bit empty for a week after that one. Stopped a few levels from the end out of pure defiance.

But for the sake of the rules of the thread, Sonic 06. As if I need to go into much detail.

Yes. I grade Sonic 06 above Half Minuite Hero. I'll take bad, broken, glitchy, rage inducing and occasionally hilarious over Samey, bland, repetitive and boring any bloody day.

Capcha: Nose Bleed. Basically what I had during HMH.


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Oct 24, 2011
Well there was that game based on 'The Incredibles' on Gamecube that I received for a present so I felt obligated to play through. That was fairly boring.
Two others that come to mind I played basically with walkthroughs with me so I probably didn't give them a proper go:
-Metroid 2. Maze-like and unclear. I really only played it to understand the connection with the other games.
-Maniac Mansion. This game was just a chore. I played it only so I could move on to DotT, which I greatly enjoyed.


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Oct 11, 2008
wooty" post="9.819644.19765478 said:
a quicktime event boss

Dude, I'm not saying you're wrong. I personally thought the game was good, but I'm fine with people not liking it, but...what fucking quick-time event? Unless you're thinking of Halo 4, which even as a fan of the first three I can say was awful. But there were none in 3

As for games, Assassins Creed:Revelations and Assassins Creed 3 were fucking abysmal. Just solid copies of their predecessors, no improvements to combat, no real new weapons, especially in Revelations, where the only difference was a a little hook they put on the hidden blade. And in 3, they made the freerunning EASIER. Why is everyone making everything easier? It removes complete interactivity between the player and the game. "Hold this button to do all of the things!" is not an appealing feature. Not to mention the way Desmond's storyline ended was confusingly bad. He had two options, make a good world or doom everyone. Pretty obvious choices that weren't unclear, and what does he pick!? Nice one Desmond...dick.

And screw Black Flag. That just looks like the same monotonous shit we've seen the last 3 times.


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Jul 24, 2012
COD black ops campaign. Does that even count?

Uncharted 3 - I was just doing the motions (love UC2 though)

The games listed are only because I do stop playing games that are actually painful; Hitman:absolution, LA Noire,alpha protocol


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Jan 11, 2011
too human...just damn horrible.

final fantasy 13.... by the time i was done i hated myself for playing it. boring, convoluted, unlikeable.

evil dead (the resident evil type one on psx....fuck you game... just... fuck you. you took one of my childhood heros and butt raped him with this shitty game.. they should have called it Evil dead fanfic: the mushroom hunt.

OH and dead island, awesome trailer, fun resort section, then utter tripe. I'm a zombie lover from way back and even viagra barely got me through this game. By the end boss i was just angry, ANGRY. The whole strength of this game was suspension of disbelief. When it starts taking ten strikes with a sledgehammer or a full clip of a shotgun or assault rifle to the head just to stagger a zombie, you've lost me. I would have forgiven the bad driving if they got rid of the sewers, the lack of guns for some realism, and the lack of story for some decent character trees. not to mention the unfinished buggy assed game/locations

then they brought out riptide.. fixed one thing.. one! jackasses


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Jun 21, 2009
I've played plenty of stinkers to completion. Some because I was just a stupid kid and didn't know any better. Some I could forgive due to technical limitations at the time. Some had great potential but squandered it. But there is one that will always stay with me. A game so vile, so wretched, so unfathomably horrendous it will make even the most burly man's man cry like a 4-year old at the dentists.

Ultima IX

If you want to know why it's so horrible, go watch the three-parter Spoony did for his Ultima retrospective. Takes about two hours to watch and it's still only a short explanation of everything wrong with this game.


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Mar 2, 2009
Final fantasy 12. The reasons why I hate it is an entirely different rant, so let's just say I refused to leave in unfinished, and at the end I was so overpowered I beat the final boss without touching my controller.

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Sep 11, 2009
The Angry Wolf said:
Glover on N64. I never could finish it when I was younger, recently went back to it, completed it, and now I want all the time I wasted during my childhood back.
I had that game! Never completed it though. The ball mechanics were broken, being so unpredictable that it was a matter of luck more than skill which determined whether you finished a level or not. Strangely, I enjoyed it to start with, but the boss fights were IMPOSSIBLE without using cheats.

Worst game I ever completed though? That's a tough one. I will say either:

X Men 3: The Official Game - was fun for the first 10 minutes as each of the three characters, but then after that, it was just dull, tedious and awful.

GoldenEye Rogue Agent - the Hoover Dam level nearly made me rage quit entirely, but I didn't because the premise (a guy with a magic eye that had killed James Bond on a mission of some sort, forget whether it was a VR mission or a real one, joins the villains). How the hell could that have gone so badly?! That has the recipe for an AMAZING James Bond game!

Halo 3 - I just didn't find it fun. I hadn't played the others, but I understood what was going on. Really didn't like it. The trailers made it out to be the amazing finale to a trilogy that was the flagship title of its company's games consoles, but it amounted to fights across random terrain with a handful of AI soldiers who couldn't do anything right, and one of my least favourite levels in any game ever - Cortana. It was awfully designed, with the Flood thrown in, which was a recipe for disaster. I have been told that I'd like Halo 3 more if I'd played the first two, but I doubt that. However, my girlfriend did buy me Halo Anniversary for Christmas and it is my favourite next to 4...doubt I'd enjoy Halo 3 any more than I did, though.

BioShock 2 - THE FIRST ONE ENDED...well, IT ENDED! WE DID NOT NEED A SEQUEL! If anything, a prequel should have been the first thing 2K Marin should have thought about, but no. They go and create a story about a rival of Andrew Ryan's who isn't even mentioned in the first game and make her this big threat with Big Daddy-esque female henchmen. This game did sound pretty good when it was revealed that the Big Sister was just one enemy that hunted you throughout the game, being an enemy akin to Nemesis from Resident Evil. That would have been pretty great, but they changed that to a Big Sister being more like a Big Daddy encounter (and we had those too) albeit more powerful and more threatening. Having us as a Big Daddy was cool and all, and I will say this - the gameplay was much improved over the original, but for that to mean anything to me in any game under the BioShock brand, it has to have a good story, which sadly, BioShock 2 did not have. It was unnecessary, it scrapped its good ideas during production (Big Sister should have been like Nemesis, dammit...) and Sofia Lamb was not Andrew Ryan. We already had an opponent of Andrew Ryan, and his name was Frank Fontaine. Fontaine provided one of the best twists in gaming I've seen (I didn't play System Shock 2 so it was great for me), and also one of the stupidest boss battles in gaming which kinda marred the work of art that was BioShock. I wouldn't have even dared touch this game if it hadn't been for my friend saying it was better than the first one (which he later confessed to be a statement of one in denial for buying the sequel at full price on release), but I did, and regretted it.

And also, BioShock didn't need multiplayer. Like Dead Space, the atmosphere kinda disappears once more than one person is sharing it.


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Jun 9, 2013
Fable III, the plotline was thin, the creators put too much effort into creating the world, interface and making the quests exciting (though not difficult, every quest was unique and fun to play). But it was easy, and you could only win the game with a negative ending, if you didn't win, the ending would be positive.(it sounds contrary,but it makes sense when you play it though) The only way too win with the positive ending was so unnecessarily difficult, and not in the good way, making the game boring and repetitive. I have played part 1 and 2 countless times, but never did part 3 again.
Lionhead studios announced a part 4, I hope they keep the quality of the interface, world, graphics and the originality of the quests of part 3, but make the storyline as awesome like in part 1, the lost chapters.


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Feb 18, 2008
I will agree with the people who said Bioshock Infinite. The best part of the game was the setting. Columbia was cool. But at no point did I really feel that the game itself capitalized or took advantage of the setting. The story was mediocre - utterly mundane if you've ever read/watched any other media that uses multi-dimension theory to better effect. The gameplay was bland and outdated. I kept feeling like I was playing Halo 2 (regenerating shields, 2 weapon system, overpowered melee). The 'boss fight' outside of Comstock Manor was painful, as was the forced stealth section right after it, and the final fight aboard the airship was just awful. And then then ending slaps you in the face. You put up with all this crap, gameplay wise and then the story, which was why you kept on playing, slaps you in the face.

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Jun 3, 2013
I love Kirby games, but Kirby Tilt n' Tumble was so bad. It had an interesting gimmick of being able to control it by tilting your Gameboy, but it was frustrating and just lousy. There are probably worse games I've played but, this was one game Kirby couldn't save.

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Jan 24, 2012
Shocksplicer said:
Halo 2 was the rushed one, not 3.
Both where actually, in H2 it reflected it in it's glitches and in 3 lot's of promised things didn't make it due to time constraints.


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Aug 31, 2009
I admit that I didn't beat it but I made it to the credits screen so fuck it: I'm not ever going back to it: SONIC AND THE BLACK KNIGHT! I defeated King Arthur and gave the Scabbard to the witch who definitely isn't evil. I got a credits screen and seriously SCREW that game. Secret Rings too; I didn't get any credits screen but I'm fucking done with that game too...

Quick Question to Sonic fans...Is Sonic Colors worth it? I wanted to wait until I beat Secret Rings and, Black Knights but I just can't...Generations is one that I have hope in since it doesn't come on a console with mandated motion controls.

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Mar 13, 2013
Another awful one: Robots, the game based on the 2005 Blue Skies Studios movie. How awful is it? Well, imagine playing a fairly mediocre platformer for an hour, and then being thrown into a vicious, painfully obtuse mini-game in which you roll a giant hamster ball to grab objects. The first time isn't so hard, but the second time is pure hell in collectathon form. The ball controls like crap; you have to build up and lose acceleration gradually on a flat surface, and turning is unbelievably difficult. Not only that, but IIRC, there were bottomless pits that you could fall into while you were busy trying to get the damn thing to move. You were also timed, which made it even more hellish.

It's so bad, even the movie is better.

WaitWHAT said:
Toxic Sniper said:
I played that game too. I'm surprised I've suppressed the memories. The worst part is that they took my favorite Toa, Pohatu, a guy with super speed and immense strength, and threw him into a mine cart. What the hell? He lives in the desert, not underground, so why did they put him in a freaking mine cart? And why does he shoot lasers from his hands instead of kicking rocks or throwing climbing claws?
Oh dear God. The fucking minecart section. That had to be the worst section of that entire game. You were on a constant timer for the level, and if you make a single mistake, you would die and have to re-start the level. And the worst part? The trailer showed him doing some cooling jumping around and climbing over rocks, which you only do for about 1 minute at the very start of the level. Ugh. Talk about terrible game design.
The only Bionicle games that I ever liked were the Gameboy Advance game, which had terrible controls for the grappling hook and was horribly difficult but was still pretty fun, and the free online flash Myst-style game, which had pretty interesting world building, nice-looking graphics, and some fun (If simple) mini-games.

Hey, you know what both games didn't have? A fucking minecart ride!


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Aug 3, 2011
Both Ironman movie games. I completed them both. lol. An if you think those are bad, try Thor movie game, such a piece of crap that i stopped playing after the 1st level. I just couldnt force myself to play through it. Thought the captain america game was a good game.

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Apr 1, 2009
morovon349 said:
Assassins Creed:Revelations
I actually really liked the Portal-esque sections that went through Desmond's history and the Lost Archives DLC. The main game was just too samey after playing through 1,2 and Brotherhood.

On topic:

Hands down the worst game I have ever completed would be X-Blades. I wasn't too long after playing Too Human (another bad game though much better than X-Blades, just far too short) and thought I could handle another mindless hack'n'slash game and enjoy it.

Fuck. No.

X-Blades was clearly a carry over from the previous gaming generation that had languished in development hell for a few years. The story literally didn't make sense, the main character is so, so irritating, the supporting character left me wondering who the fuck he was, the combat sucked as your weapons were never powerful enough to kill an enemy quickly and there were lots of enemies to not-kill-quickly. The second half of the game consists of literally playing the first half again but backwards. You start at what was the end of last first-half level and run BACK through the level, then proceed to do it again up until you reach the start point of the game again. It's so damn terrible.


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Nov 17, 2008
Metroid Other M, that game was pretty much bad in every way and it was excessively disappointing for it.
Irritating combat controlled in 3D with the Dpad, no exploring, everything was totally linear, crap story, crap reasons for powerups to be activated.

There wasn't much good about the game, it was playable sure but just not something that I would ever recommend even to a Metroid fan.

Xenogears, HOLD IT......let me speak! ....Okay, it started out really good, had a lot going for it but quickly things got convoluted and suddenly the budget ran out leaving the game to reuse many songs, loss in variety in things then out right cutting gameplay out for huge text dumps where the player is suddenly dropped into a plot point with little motivation. It had MANY cool ideas but over ambition and lack of full funding just murdered the game.

Legend of Dragoon, lots of really pretty visuals, a cool concept in theory ruined by repetitious combat where there's no real option for variety. Human? Attack with button timing. Dragoon mode? Hammer the button to increase power of spells. Only ever bother with dragoon in boss battles..........except for the ones where you instantly die by doing so from the dragon slayer.

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Dec 7, 2011
Gears of War 3 - I have ranted way to much about why I hate this game so I got nothing left really.
I'll just sum it up like this.
I hate this game with every fiber of my being.

Mortal Kombat Armageddon - People think they got played when it came to Mass Effect 3? Hah! go back and fallow all the PR that was done for this game and you might understand why this game was such a heart breaking disappointment to someone who was idiotically passionate about a story for a fighting game. Oh well it was just the slap on the wrist I needed.

Fable 2 - Ffffffuck this game. sequels are supposed to build upon the foundation that the first game laid out not fucking strip away what's already there! Especially not the things that worked! >.<


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Sep 29, 2011
The worst game I can think of that I've finished would be a tie between:

Crackdown 2 - Absolutely no plot. repetitive objectives. Dull weapons (aside from the UV Shotgun and Flocket Launcher) Horrible driving controls. leaping around the city collecting agility orbs so you could leap higher and farther was kinda fun but got old fast. I never played the first one and heard it was better but I doubt I'll ever touch anything with this title again. Played it out of boredom. I'm still bored.

Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows - I loved the old gauntlet games despite their simplicity and repetitiveness. I'm still not quite sure why but they were fun. I was really excited about Seven Sorrows when I first heard about it. They were adding a real plot, a new graphical style, and two new playable characters. It sounded and looked awesome. Then it released so far under my radar I thought it had been cancelled. When I finally played it I found bland graphics with some ugly textures, gameplay that somehow felt even simpler than the old ones. The two new characters were nowhere to be seen and the plot was glossed over so quickly that it had even less impact on anything than before. To top it all off it was maybe 6 hours long at most. Thank god this was a rental in the days when Blockbuster was still a thing cuz at least i can say I didn't buy it.


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Mar 17, 2010
Cranky said:
I try not to remember any but...
when I was a kid I played many movie adaptation games, 9 out of 10 were horrible but I finished it to the letter, not knowing it sucked ass.
Yep, same here.
Iron Man
Transformers 2
Eragon (which I bought for the 360 and DS)

Oh man, I don't know what I was thinking.
To be fair, Iron Man got kind of hilarious when the tanks AI would drive themselves clean off a cliff and bounce around the walls like the tank was made of rubber.