Youtube personalities


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Jun 26, 2011
Well I watch Skweezy Jibbs on his channel 'skweezy'. He gives really great insights, such as HOW TO HAVE FUN IN THA RECESSION and even dating tips with HOW TO PICK UP WOMEN.

I also enjoy Masaokis on his channel 'masaoHF'. I learn a lot of great recipes, and how people can live in houses filled with black mold and garbage.

Doug Pound, the guy who edits a lot of the quality shows from Adult Swim has made a little series called 'Pound House'. It's good, if you're into that kind of comedy.


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Jun 9, 2012

I like watching Chris Stuckmann and The Flick Pick for my movie reviews and movie-related news.

Gaming news and tings - Super Bunnyhop(cannot recommend his channel enough), Angry Joe, Jim Sterling, Total Biscuit, Gaming Historian, Mav Attack, VaatiVidya, AVGN(absolutely love the boardjames stuff), Caddicarus, Epic Name Bro, Jordan Underneath, Brutal Moose, Jontron, boogie2988 and Xbox Ahoy.

Old games and about stuff I'll mostly never play - LGR, PushingUpRoses and Lord Karnage(something about his videos just makes me feel comfy ; his personality is super infectious).

News, science and other stuff - Vice and Vice News, Crash Course, Secular Talk, Vsauce, Copa90, All India Bakchod and Grantland.

As I was writing this, I just realized I watch a lot of youtube.

Andy Shandy

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Jun 7, 2010
NorthernLion [] - Most famous for his LP of the Binding Of Isaac/Binding Of Isaac Rebirth, but LPs a variety of other games, as well as short looks at even more. Also streams, the NorthernLion Live Super Show (NLSS for short) - a 3 hour variety games show - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday on Twitch. []
Jim Sterling [] - Ex-Escapist "not journalist". Main attraction for most (including myself) is the Jimquisition, but there's also Squirty Plays and Best Of Steam Grenlight Trailers too.
Miracle Of Sound [] - Ex-Escapist music man. Original music inspired mostly by games, occasionally film and TV.
LoadingReadyRun [] - Ex-Escapist (you may be sensing a theme here) Canadian sketch comedy troupe. They stream all manner of stuff on Twitch [] too! Which is archived (eventually =P) on the LoadingReadyLive [] channel.
Hot Pepper Gaming [] - Ex-Escapist People review video games whilst munching on some form of hot pepper. There is a regular trio of Jared, Vernon and Erin, but also includes guests such as Andrew W.K [] and ex-Escapist - hah, managed to fit it in somewhere! - Andrea Rene []
That One Video Gamer [] - AKA The Completionist. Plays games old and new to 100% completion and reviews them. Also streams on Twitch [].
Press Heart To Continue [] - AKA Dodger. Coffee drinkin', animu watchin' and occasionally, game playin'. You will probably not be all that surprised to find out, she also streams on Twitch. []


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Mar 2, 2009
Game Grumps were the first one I ever got really into, and I just stumbled upon them by watching them play Super Mario World at like 3am.

But through their stuff and other stuff like they did (mostly Table Flip) I started watching a bunch of other YouTube gamers, and now the list has spread quite a bit.

I'm currently subscribed to 20 channels (including Game Grumps) so I'll just organize them by category

Video Game Related Shows
Game Sack
Jimmy Whetzel
Jordan Underneath
That One Video Gamer (The Completionist)

Let's Plays
ProJared Plays!
Super Beard Bros.

TeamFourStar (because YouTube is better than the player on their website...)

Sooo...yeah, from the first category, you all probably have some idea what kinda YouTubers I like. I'm always looking for more shows to watch through if anyone has any suggestions (I've kinda been checking out Pat the NES Punk and Nerd3, but I dunno if I'm going to subscribe to them yet)


Aug 16, 2012
Off the top of my head Jim Sterling, Ashley Burch, Trump (if he counts), Sips, Geek and Sundry (mostly for Tabletop), Angry Joe, and TotalBiscuit from time to time. I basically find someone whose videos I like and then watch their entire back catalogue of videos.


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May 26, 2011
Am I actually the only one here who watches the Yogscast?

I'm kind of surprised. (I know Sips and Strippin were mentioned, but still.)


Is it narcissistic to say that I watch the videos I do with lacktheknack?

I am one of our three-five total watchers, so I think it bears mentioning. Though I don't think I'd watch the videos back if I did them solo.

I follow loads of other people, most of whom have been mentioned. I'll just namedrop Retsupurae and Chip & Ironicus, as they're the two pairs who led me down the rabbit hole in the first place.

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May 1, 2009
shrekfan246 said:
Am I actually the only one here who watches the Yogscast?
I watched them in the very early days but there is only so much minecraft one man can stand and I reached saturation about 2 months after it launched. So, the past couple of years have been barrels of fun!

On topic. As somebody else has said, northernlion. He does Issac runs and talks over them, they can be mini or VERY long podcasts.... he often just goes off on tangents about really random subjects.

Makes loads of references and jokes, mainly about about bad pop music from the 90's.

NLSS his is more typical podcast thing, that he always does with an indie gamer called nick/rockleesmile. He sometimes has guests on called baertaffy (that is spelledcorrectly) and alpcacontrol.

All of them are pretty cool guys, all quite funny. Absolutely no ego's or soap boxing.


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Jun 26, 2012
rdaleric said:
I watch:

Total Biscuit
Jim Sterling
Laura K Buzz
extra credits
Hat films
emcee prophit
Yeah, emcee's alright I guess. He needs to loose some weight.


I'm addicted to PBG, especially his hardcores. Best let's playish show on the internet.

STAR_ and Jerma985 are my favorite gaming duo. I wish they just had a standard LP channel at this point. I'd pay for that.

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Feb 22, 2012
Mostly I've just been watching a lot of "The Bible Reloaded" lately. It's kind of like MST3K meets religion. They also have a non-bible related channel about TV Movies and Video games named "Unpopular Culture."


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Jul 28, 2008
-Used to watch Game Grumps, I gave the new format about 6 months after Jontron left but I just found Dan to be the most boring person I have ever heard do a LP and I'm afraid Arin just let the inter-fame get to his head and he turned into a smug git.

-Accursed farms whenever Ross makes a video (the guy behind Freemans mind)

-I used to watch Angry Joe but then stopped watching after I heard about the stuff he was doing behind the scenes, the same could be said for most of the Channel Awesome stuff as well, their indigogo funded Quiz show was just fraud and I couldn't support that any longer.

-NerdCubed I tend to pick and choose from, generally it's his "hell" and "play" episodes I go for.

-Ashens tends to produce some fun videos like 95% of the time and it's amazing to see some of the shit people try to pass off as gaming devices.

-Jontron should really be on everyone's subscribe list but then I don't think I need to tell you guys that.

-Total biscuit as well even if his PC master race bit gets a bit old at times.

-And Jim Stering of course.

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Mar 19, 2014
I'm subscribed to ~200 channels, but these are my faves:

AdamTheWoo - Urban exploration (Urbex - abandoned places and such)
Boogie2988 - Gaming and awesomeness
BrutalMoose - Gaming
Caddicarus - Gaming
Collative Learning and Rob Ager - Film analysis (One guy, two channels)
Danger Dolan - All kinds of cool
Fine Brothers and React - Both channels with the React series... great stuff
Glove and Boots - Comedy with puppets, and hilarious product reviews []
Horrible Reviews - Everything horror-related
JackSepticEye - Gaming (my fave of the BIG gaming YouTubers)
Jim Sterling - Because of course
Katy Morton - Mental health
Lazy Game Reviews - Old games and hardware
OutsideXBox - Gaming, and Jane is SO hawt []
Rob Dyke - Always hated his first shows, but Seriously Strange is fantastic
SCPReadings - Stories from the SCP creepypasta
Secular Talk - Liberal political commentary
ShayeSaintJohn - Indescribable, freaks a lot of people out
SomeOrdinaryGamers - Gaming, creepypastas, and deep web
SteveCash83 - The hysterically funnyTalking Kitty [] series
Super Bunnyhop - Gaming
The Game Theorists - Gaming
The Young Turks - Even more liberal political commentary
TheUnknownCameraman - Urbex
Thoughty2 - Cool random facts
UnsolicitedProject - Lesbian topics
Wiremux - Electro swing and dark cabaret music


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Dec 6, 2010
Roboshi said:
-I used to watch Angry Joe but then stopped watching after I heard about the stuff he was doing behind the scenes, the same could be said for most of the Channel Awesome stuff as well, their indigogo funded Quiz show was just fraud and I couldn't support that any longer.
Got a link to the stuff Angry Joe is doing? I've never heard anything about it and would be curious to learn more.


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Jul 28, 2008
Elfgore said:
Roboshi said:
-I used to watch Angry Joe but then stopped watching after I heard about the stuff he was doing behind the scenes, the same could be said for most of the Channel Awesome stuff as well, their indigogo funded Quiz show was just fraud and I couldn't support that any longer.
Got a link to the stuff Angry Joe is doing? I've never heard anything about it and would be curious to learn more.
There's been a few Ex-CA guys who have been leaking their inner workings, But I think the biggest thing was the fact Angry Joe put Ads on his tribute to "Jew Wario" (A man who rather tragicly took his own life a year or so ago) effectively profiting off his death (he took them down later, denied he did it, but the Youtube records don't lie). This was also made worse by the fact a good number of people who knew him better said that AJ and JW only met once.

If you'd like more info though, check out podcasts/tweets/blogs etc from; LordKat, Jesotaku, obscurus lupa and Phaulus (probably spelling those wrong but that's what you get with internet names)

Even worse perhaps was "Todd in the shadows" who used JewWario as his own personal mouthpiece to bash Gamergate. Now no matter what your affiliation with GG etc. Using a dead man as your leverage just to push your own ideas is just sick.


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Jun 6, 2013
I like Matt/Patt the most, they're great for a quick laugh.

The Bible Reloaded is always a hoot... if you consider dumb bible humor a hoot I guess.

My favorite channel is either Douchbeagchocolate for his humor, or Goat Jesus for his intelligent anime analysis.


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Jun 27, 2011
The biggest ones for me are almost all not gaming!
Apart from JonTron and MatPat/Game Theory

But other than that, Rhett and Link, Cinema Sins and associated channels are usually my go to.


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Jul 10, 2013
Well, besides Yahtzee and the Loading Ready Run gang...PurpleeyesWTF: Random as shit, but it still makes sense...
Jeremy Jahns: Reviews movies mostly... Even when reviewing a movie he doesn't like still makes me smile...
RebelTaxi: A reviewer of animation... and a podcast of a host...
Angry Black Nerd: Name speaks for itself...
Angry Joe: Name also speaks for itself...
The Fine Bros.: The entire cast is great... Even met some of them in person...
JonTron: On the doorway to paradise...
CinemaSins: Jeremy can sin me any day... Oh wait... *ding*
Ross Scott: The one true Gordon... Freeman, that is...
NeoGameSpark: Vlogger of sorts... Sometimes on Twitch...Other than that, I would say myself... but, he hasn't really done anything lately on his YouTube channel...


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Sep 26, 2010
I wouldn't really call her a "youtube" personality as such but Lindsay Elis is someone whom I've been following for years now (both as Nostalga Chick and her more recent branching out) she's someone for whom I have a lot of respect for and her videos make my day that much brighter

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Feb 15, 2011
CrossCounterTV - I play a lot of fighting games, so watching Gootecks and Mike Ross in their Excellent Adventures is always a quick watch for me when episodes show up.

Game Grumps - Watched at least one episode daily since its inception. No surprise considering I like just about everybody involved. Danny is a huge inspiration, maybe even as far as just life in general goes.

Helloween4545 - British horror and niche game playthroughs. Wheeeeeee.

DouchebagChocolat - I'm a weeaboo who is doing nothing with his life currently. Par for the course.

Northernlion - I've had a resurgence in playing Binding of Isaac: Rebirth recently, in part sparked by this guy's bi-daily Isaac runs.


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Jun 28, 2014
TheRunawayGuys, versus and the members' respective channels.
PeanutButterGamer and his Let's Play channel. (Hardcore is one of the best game series on Youtube, in my opinion. And I love Dean, no matter what others think)
The rest of the NormalBoots crew (Continue? in particular. God I love these guys)
Jimmy Whetzel (Did I spell it right?)

Cooking With Dog
Cookies, Cupcakes & Cardio
Kitchen Tigress KT
Nerdy Nummies

Other Stuff
Eltorro64Rus(Like surreal and weird TF2 G-Mod videos akin to RubberFruit? Then you'll like his content)
That Gray Cartoon Pony (Same deal, if you can handle that he uploads pony content sometimes)


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Apr 12, 2011
I go obscure British channels like Louis Weston TV because I enjoy watching really cheap stuff. I like the podcast he churns out from time to time, their sound is fucked but it's kinda interesting.

But outside that, I'm pretty standard. Red Letter, Game Grumps, Buzzfeed, Ashens, Retsupurae, Game Grumps, Yahrzee, Jim, Testtube, Cracked...