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    Help me make a videogame music playlist

    Klonoa 2, for something upbeat Edit: fixed
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    Commercially Sold Jewel Case Demo Discs

    Game collectors are usually on the look out for promo copies. Not sure if they'd give you much for that one, but might be worth posting in a collectors group on facebook or whatever.
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    Beat up Square Enix President in Final Fantasy XV DLC

    I hope Konami follows this line of thought, I'm sure they'll find it their best selling DLC ever
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    South Park: The Fractured But Whole Delayed to Next Year

    Making room for The Last Guardian at least. They must really need the extra time if they're willing to forgo the Christmas market, since when does anything but shovelware get released Q1?
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    one thing the previous generation did right that the current gen doesn't

    Actually, you only need a connection to play free PSN+ games, anything you bought should be accessable all the time, unless they removed that over the past two months. That you can't access your trophies without being online is crap though.
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    Dead Rising 4 Revealed, Frank West Returns

    Seconded, I genuinely don't understand the problem with the save system, it worked exactly as intended and enabled a great sense of progression, while still allowing you to "complete" the game with a bad ending if you so wished.
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    Poll: You ever take a day off in one form or another for a video game?

    Booked time off for Skyrim back in the day, and as soon as The Last Guardian has a street date, I'm going to book a couple of days off for that as well.
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    Mighty No. 9 Release Date "Is Set in Stone"

    Might pick it up pre-owned, but there's no way I'm giving this asshat a penny after the way he's presented himself over the past year. Like everyone else has said, I hope the game is good for the backers' sake, but watching it flop would be great karma.
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    Niantic Releases Screenshots, Details For Pokemon GO

    In other words, the game will only play in pre-determined countries/locations, and if you live somewhere not well known, you are out of luck. The future of videogaming is super-region-locked.
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    Manhunt and Bully Landing on PS4 as HD Re-Releases

    I hope Manhunt HD hasn't done the Silent Hill HD thing of making all the messy textures all clean and sterile; it'd really kill the atmosphere.
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    Readers Choice - Top 10 The Legend of Zelda Games

    Have to question the methodology of asking for just your favorite game rather than either weighting them or having several rounds one-on-one, but it does seem to vaguely line up with what most people seem to be saying on various forums. Have to say I'm a little surprised TP bested WW though.
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    Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6 are Making Their Way to PS4 and Xbox One

    They're going to remake 6, watch nobody buy it, then cancel 4 and 5, because they are experts on how-to-business. I still don't understand how they keep surviving.
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    Go Postal With This HD Remake of The Original Game

    I wonder if they'll consider a remake of the second game if this makes enough money. Not from scratch necessarily, just transfer it over to a new engine and add some better textures, maybe go for some new character models if they're feeling especially brave. Basically, make it look a little less...
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    The slowest game beginnings ever?

    Metal Gear Ac!d 2 tops the list for me. I spent a whole hour watching, then skipping, cutscenes in desperate search of the game, then my PSP's battery died. Fuck that.
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    Zero Punctuation: The Witness & Bombshell

    I have to disagree with pretty much all of this (although you do kinda have a point with the puzzles-that-move-platforms thing). The hints in the environment are rarely abstract and worked really well, and I never found myself brute-forcing a puzzle. If I didn't get it, I either went to another...